Going back home for a visit

Winter/Spring Jobs of a Lobsterman

Spring Work for a Fisherman

Recently, in fact yesterday, when trying to enter a comment into a blog I read regularly, the page asked me to sign in to my Google account in order to comment.

Well, I have just divested myself of all things Google, at least those that I have to be signed in for, so I couldn’t do that. The other option was to use another ID and they gave four options, one of which was WordPress, but none of which was Journalscape. So today I decided that in order to comment on this person’s blog, I would have to comply and log in to my WordPress account so my comment would go through.

Before I made my blog-home here at Journalscape, I lived at WordPress at Crow Cottage, Actually, and after I went over there to log in so I could make my comment, I thought I’d do a little entry there since I hadn’t made one since last November.

Not sure that keeping two blogs going at the same time is a good idea for me. In fact, I really have several blogs that are still alive, one of which is on the left-hand link column here called Today At Crow Cottage. I haven’t checked to see if that blog is still working but I suppose it is. There are quite a few words and thoughts in both places, before I started this one, and I would hate to lose all those tangible memories, so I keep them.

Freshly painted lobster buoys

The line-up

Anyway, it’s Sunday morning here and I’m just trying to decide what project I will do today.

Yesterday I made chili.

I was going to do an entry about it, with accompanying photos, etc., but changed my mind. I am wondering if you are getting sick of my recipe entries. I mean, anyone can get any recipe that was ever written online now, so you don’t need me giving you mine really. But this chili turned out so darn good, I might. Maybe later. We had it for supper last night. It was easy to make. Very easy. And it was just about the best chili I’ve ever had. Weird how those dishes happen when you least expect them to.

We have enough for probably two more meals out of that chili that is leftover. I love having leftovers. Means I don’t have to start cooking from scratch.

~ ~ ~

I see where that moron radio commenter apologized for his remarks yesterday. Yeah, right. He only is sorry he said certain words, not that he said what was on his mind. He’s not sorry at all I think. I hope you signed the petition I put in yesterday. I am not usually a political activist, in fact, I’ve softened a lot over the years, but this guy is so vile that I just can’t stand that he is there, pulling in gazillions of dollars for spewing his poison and that some people in this country who listen to him actually believe his crap. It irks me no end.

So, rant over.

I need to decide on a project for today.

Oh, I almost forgot, yesterday I ALSO made a batch of dog cookies for my honey-pies. Yum. Peanut-butter crunchy cookies basted with chicken broth on the top. I’m their best friend today!



Roseberry Topping - Our Goal - 1993

Spring at Roseberry Topping, North Yorkshire, England

Looking back down from Roseberry Topping

Standing near the top of Roseberry Topping and looking back down from whence we came

Roseberry Topping - Bluebells

Bluebells on the ascent down from Roseberry Topping

Enjoy a short video of Roseberry Topping here

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12 Responses to Going back home for a visit

  1. Bex says:

    Thanks Em, here is a page about your Elfin Forest:

    Elfin Forest

    Thanks for telling me/us about it. It’s fabulous!


  2. mz. em says:

    Here I am late to the party.

    I for one, love your recipes. In fact, I am going to do your broccoli soup today.

    A lobsterman’s work is never done.

    As for Rush, he’s had his hands slapped for now but it won’t be long before he is at it again, I’m sure.

    I love your photos today, but this one: Bluebells on the ascent down from Roseberry Topping

    reminds me of the elfin forest here in our little burg. I will try to find a link for you to see them.


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Rhu, maybe I’m hopelessly naive but I don’t think all men would admire a man who sleeps around. I don’t think my DH would. I think he’d be disgusted. But then he had circumstances that built him that way, since his now-ex slept around on him from quite early in their marriage.


  4. Rhubarb says:

    Commentator? He’s just jealous because, with birth control, women have the same freedom to choose sex (or not) as men, without consequences of pregnancy. Men have been able to have unencumbered sex as their exclusive domain, while women were tied down to the children produced.

    They hate it that the playing field has been leveled. Would they call a man who slept around a lecher? No, secretly (or even openly) they would admire his manly prowess. Other rules for women, now abrogated by contraceptives. They hate it. We can love ’em and leave ’em too.


  5. Bex says:

    Paul spends the winter months, into early spring, painting buoys (each needs 3 coats of 3 different colors and takes a long time) as well as sort out all the rope from each trap, cleaning each buoy and trap of all the growth from the sea, rebuilding each trap, sometimes building totally new traps from kits, etc. etc. It is a long tedious job to pull in 350 traps from the ocean,(only about 25 traps will fit on one boatload), lug them multiple times from boat to landing to truck to driveway to basement and back all that again, and do all the work that needs doing for every one. A lobsterman does not get the “winter off” as some people think.


  6. TopsyTurvy says:

    Is Paul really painting his buoys already? Wow, I thought things were getting pretty spring-like here (even though we have a little snow right now), but you’re even ahead of us.


  7. Nina says:

    I found you!

    I want someone to bring home lobsters almost every day! (Admittedly a difficult task as I live in the Midwest.)

    On the subject of Rush — the man has made millions saying what he says. He’ll never stop. There’s always a demand for fear-generating people hating rants. Were he the only one out there!

    Finally — what a lovely place you live in!


  8. Neva Williams says:

    I’d love to have your recipes, Bex.

    Also, I quite agree with you about Limbaugh. Don’t even get me started on that one. :-/


  9. l'empress says:

    I won’t sign in to anything with a Google account either. I will sign in with an email occasionally, but most often with a URL.

    I lost track of you when my computer crashed last year. Thank goodness for mutual friends!


  10. sandy from iowa says:

    I FOR ONE LIKE YOUR RECIPES…they are simple and you give good ways to do them so they turn out good.
    I like all the photos today ..Paul does good work on painting.


  11. Bex says:

    Thanks, Wendy. OK. I’ll do a couple of more recipe soon. The chili and also the shrimp pasta primavera. Both turned out great for me.


  12. WendyNC says:

    I love reading the recipes–and results–from folks I know online. I find it to be very different information from what I get looking at a bare recipe found using a search engine. I hope you’ll continue to share as time and opportunity permit.


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