Naan, Manjula, and Cooking Adventures


This was the last of my delicious broccoli cheddar soup. As you can see, I accompanied it with a piece of naan. Onion naan, to be precise. And this is what I want to talk about here.

Indian cooking.

I discovered a web site that I want to introduce to you all.


This particular page of it, linked above, has a video where she makes naan, which is an Indian bread. I’ve learned that some people call it “naan bread” but because “naan” in Indian means “bread,” that would be “bread bread,” which of course would be redundant. So naan it is.

I recently ordered some naan online and got the two packages with 10 naans in each in the mail the other day. One is plain naan (which I have frozen for now) and the other is onion naan (pictured here). We have used two of the onion naans one night last week for homemade pizzas and wow! they were so delicious. So much better than the Boboli that I have always used for my homemade pizzas. So much more flavor and wonderful consistency.

I am in love with naan now!

So I went looking online for a recipe for naan. That is when I found Manjula’s Kitchen. She even has a blog on this site which is fun to read. I have just begun it myself and have commented in her most recent entry. She just returned from a big trip back to India and she talks about that trip to her home country. She is amazing! I love to watch her videos of making the recipes.

I know nothing about Indian cooking other than that I like to eat it. But since I am retired now, I want to try something different.

Manjula is vegetarian and also does not use onions or garlic in her cooking. Just her preference, she says. I have used onion my whole life, and a lot of garlic, as well, but I read somewhere once that there are certain foods that are not friendly to arthritics, like myself, and that onion, garlic, and green peppers were some of those foods. I’ve always been afraid to NOT have onions in the house because I use them to flavor EVERYthing. But actually, Paul has never liked onions. He eats them because I use them all the time, so this might just give me the opportunity to learn to flavor foods the Indian way, with spices and herbs, so I won’t need to use onion.

Anyway, I just wanted you to “meet” Manjula, see her beautiful and extensive website, and maybe even try a recipe or two. She does a video on how to make her recipes so just find something that sounds good and click on it. She speaks slowly and can be understood very easily, I found.

Manjula is my new Martha Stewart! I just love her.


Happy cooking, and eating!



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Life is not a continuum of pleasant choices but of inevitable problems that call for strength, determination, and hard work.”

[Indian Proverb]

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6 Responses to Naan, Manjula, and Cooking Adventures

  1. Kaveri says:

    I read your comment on Manjula’s site. Her site list excellent Indian Vegetarian dishes. If you want any recipes with Lobster look for Indian sites of Kerala or Andhra or Goa(nese) cooking. These are the states of India who cook fabulous sea-food dishes.
    Loved your comment about BreadBread. It’s so true.

    Have fun cooking,


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    Thanks for the link! I found a great recipe on there for a new way to make asparagus. We’re going to try it really soon.

    Most of the spices you can find in your regular grocery store: cardamom, coriander, tumeric, and the like. But you will need to go to an specialty shop – usually – for things like Garam Masala.


  3. Bex says:

    It may look like a lot of work, Em, however, if you watch the video for a particlar recipe you will see how simple they are. Getting all the ingredients out and in little dishes is important, I think. Also BUYING them helps, too, and when your husband does all the shopping, this could be tricky. I am going to go with my friend Mary to a West Indian shop here in Salem in the near future where I hear they carry Indian spices so I can stock up on the most important ones. I will only attempt one recipe at a time and do it maybe twice to get it just right. Slow and steady wins the race!


  4. mz. em says:

    Ah, you make me hungry. I noticed I have three of the cookbooks you have in your photo: Joy of Cooking, the bible of the kitchen; Better Homes and Garden Cookbook, this was my first cookbook, which I consider cooking 101; and, The Silver Palate, I love this cookbook. It is as much fun to read as it is to cook out of it. I did find the recipes good but a lot of work. Thank you for all these cooking resources.


  5. sandy from iowa says:

    WOW…you can use for pizzas bottoms…
    Her site is great…thanks


  6. WendyNC says:

    Thanks so much for this and for the link!


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