Spiced Carrots? Not-so-much…

Some days you win, and some days not-so-much.

The Spiced Carrots recipe I got from my Bon Appetit magazine yesterday didn’t quite do it for us.

Oh they were spiced, all right, and they definitely were “carrots” but the two together were just about more than one mouth could handle. At least a mouth that is not accustomed to the many wonders of Indian cuisine yet. Maybe at a later date we will revisit them, maybe use a little less of this or that spice, but at least I didn’t make a huge batch and wind up with leftovers – no we finished the small amount I made like good doo-bies and cleaned our plates.

That one spice I mentioned yesterday that was called for (optionally) in this recipe, “ras-el-hanout,” of course was not in my spice cupboard so I substituted some garam masala for that. The description of the former sounded a lot like garam masala and I have a ton of that latter spice. Maybe that’s where I went wrong. But whatever, there is no picture of it because I was not in love with it at all. We like our carrots cooked in a little water with some brown sugar added to the water.

I told Paul I would not be subjecting him to Indian food 7 nights a week, so I need to pull back a bit and cook him something plain tonight – like those frozen shrimps we have in the freezer, over some nice rice maybe.

I have to say he didn’t complain once during supper last night but my mouth was on fire the whole time! I lucked out with him. Paul finished his portions and smiled and said thanks.

He had to stop at a food store earlier on his way home from lobstering to pick up his Wall Street Journal and he ran into a bunch of Girl Scouts selling cookies at the door there, so he came home with one little box of Girl Scout “Thin Mints” cookies for me (he won’t eat chocolate but these are my favorites!). Awww….

Cheers for the Good Husbands of the World!


Paul at Farmer's Market

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Life is not a continuum of pleasant choices, but of inevitable problems that call for strength, determination, and hard work.”

[Indian Proverb]

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7 Responses to Spiced Carrots? Not-so-much…

  1. Joan says:

    Sorry I grossed everyone out today!!


  2. Bex says:

    I asked Paul about this. He occasionally will catch a fish and bring it home for dinner and he said that he knows about the worms. He says he very RARELY ever finds any but he does look every time he cleans and fillets them. I never heard of them before but he says they are quite rare. Apparently, if there are any and the fish gets cooked, they are totally harmless. Still.

    I once bit into a dill pickle from a jar one time and when I went to look at the pickle, there were the remnants of a pink-ish colored worm going down thru it, part of which I’d already swallowed. My (first) husband Bill and I ran it up to the store where I bought it and complained but all they would do for me was give me a coupon for another jar!


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    You’re such a lucky woman to have a sweetie like Paul in your life, Bex. And I know you appreciate him like crazy.

    All the same, I’m a little sorry I opened this thread after reading about worms on fish. Ugh.

    Honestly, I’ve never seen a worm on a fish. Not in 54 years. But the one thing that article made me think of was, were these fish from some outdoor market and could they be fly larva instead?


  4. Bex says:

    I’ve never heard that fish is full of worms, Joan. My god! I hope that doesn’t get out! Paul would be out of business. He actually only catches lobsters but now and then a fish will be in his trap, and we will have fish for supper that night, but I have NEVER heard about fish & worms. I think worms need air, don’t they? How could they live underwater? This needs to be googled!

    Addendum: Well, kiss my GRITS! I googled and I found out about the worms. Oh my. Read this page all the way through, it’s quite informative:

    Chowhound article on fish with worms.

    The fish we eat, for the most part, comes right out of the ocean to our kitchen, so from now on, let me tell you, there is going to be some kind of inspection taking place on those thar fishies!!!


  5. Joan says:

    I’m going to have to start eating more seafood. Years ago someone told me that fish is full of worms – that freaked me out so much that I rarely eat seafood anymore- just lobster. Do you know if that’s true?


  6. I’m beaming at your handsome and good hubby, Bex! You sure got a “keeper,” there!


  7. sandy from iowa says:

    Well dear friend…you cant win them all but you sure are batting a good lots of them being great that you give us.
    BTW…Your Paul is still such a handsome guy ..he never ages…must be the sea air


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