Husbands and Puppers

Husbands are so funny.

They are, at least mine is, also an essential item around a house where there are jobs that are now beyond my skills, like lifting a very heavy bag of kibble and pouring it into the empty kibble jar. The other day the kibble jar, which sits on our kitchen counter, was almost empty and I asked Paul to please fill it for me. I could do that myself if the bag were only half-full, but it was a new 25 lb. bag and oooof, too much for me, weakling that I am, to lift up to the counter.

So he did it.

The next morning when I came down and was looking in the dog cookie jar for their morning treat, I came across this:

(Note: picture no longer available thanks to webshots! But it was a picture of a full kibble jar with the metal scoop firmly located down at the bottom of the kibble, in the jar, so that to get the scoop out it would have taken pouring all the kibble out first!)

Can you spot the problem here?

Oh, yes. I’ve done that myself. I had to laugh. So I didn’t say anything and just found another metal scoop in the baking drawer and put it nearby for use that night at supper-time-for-dogs.

At least I had a good laugh over it. It took Paul a while to realize what was “wrong with that picture” when I pointed in the direction of the kibble jar… and then went about sticking his arm down through all the kibble til he retrieved the errant metal scoop.

Good husband.

And here is something from long ago, probably late 1990’s/early 2000’s, of Paul relaxing at home with our two precious (former) collie-doggers, Muffin Collie-Flower (the “beauty queen” as we called her), and Jasmine Rose, the white collie with sable head, also known as Jazzy Girl.


We miss them now, so much. Both of them. Muff (who was called “Muffin” when we got her from the Collie Rescue Association), was our first collie as a married couple.

Paul had had a collie, “Lassie” (how original, Paul!) when he was in school, and my family had had a sheltie called “Lady Luck” or “Lady” for short.

But once our Great Pyrenese dogs had passed over, we thought we’d go with collies and have never looked back.

When I married Paul, I married his dogs too, above Nicodemus (left) and Esmeralda (right) the best Great Pyrenees in the world (God rest their sweet souls). This photo was taken in the back yard on the morning of our wedding.

Nicodemus & Esmeralda, on our Wedding Day in 1986

Collie dogs, as well as Great Pyrenes, are the best dogs on the planet, in our humble opinions. The furs gets a bit much, but we can overlook that because of the incredible companionship these doggers offer on a daily basis.

We didn’t have long enough with our Muff, either. She was 5-1/2 when we got her. She had been a show dog who had had all kinds of litters of pups for the kennel she lived at and it was time for her to “retire” so she was offered to the Collie Rescue Association for adoption. We adopted her sight unseen, too, and the day she showed up here at Crow Cottage…

Muffin Collie-Flower - the "glamour girl"

… we couldn’t believe our eyes or our luck at having such a wonderful and beautiful dog in our midst. Once we’d had her for about 4 months, we felt she needed a pal, and we adopted Jazzy from a place in Tennessee. They bonded instantly and were best buddies for the rest of their lives.

We miss you Muff and Jazz.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

[Anatole France]

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7 Responses to Husbands and Puppers

  1. mz. em says:

    Wonderful photos. Our fur kids are so adorable and are an important part of the family. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Neva Williams says:

    That gave me such a great big smile when I saw that, Bex… yes, been there and done that. šŸ™‚ We are one big happy family here in my house … two dogs and a cat included, and equally important. I agree with you on all that you said. My Heeler has two Mom’s, if anything happens to me, my daughter (her other Mom) will take her. That is a relief to me.


  3. JohnSherck says:

    Before we had our first child, our dog WAS our first child. She had some problems with her back that required two expensive surgeries and put us in fear that we might lose her, and it’s still a little amazing to me just how emotionally wrenching that was for both of us. I can’t imagine what it will be like when we finally do lose her, especially as our two-legged daughters will probably still be pretty young whenever it finally happens.

    Like anything else in this world, we appreciate the fleeting time we have, but oh, is it hard to say goodbye.

    On the other hand, I laughed out loud when I saw the picture with the scoop buried deep! Been there, done that!


  4. Bex says:

    I agree, Karen…pets are such a great addition to a family, big or small. We are four souls living under the same roof here. We don’t think of ourselves as masters and pets, but we have always called Paul “brother” and me “sister” to the dogs. I swear, some of the neighbors must wonder about us because when I call the dogs in from the front yard, I yell at them “C’mon Kip… come see brother!” or “Brother’s home! Come!” Rather than calling him “Dad” like a lot of wives do, we never had children, so it’s always been “brother” and “sister” – and we consider their needs and feelings completely and equally important to our own.

    I don’t know how anyone can abandon a home in bad weather and leave the “animals” behind to fend for themselves. Here it would be dogs first, then us. Crazy to some, but it is what it is.


  5. Karen says:

    Collies are the best and Shelties too. I have a little short haired chihuahua since I became disabled and larger dogs are too hard for me now, but I have had all kinds, mixes, large, small, and they are the most wonderful gift one can give to their family. My cats too.


  6. Sandy from Iowa says:

    I did that once with my huge coffee jar…left the scoop thing in bottom and had to use a spoon till I could get it out ok .
    Love seeing the fuzzie that have been a part of your life:-)…I too miss the ones I knew.


  7. TopsyTurvy says:

    Aw! Nice pics. And I love the names Nicodemus and Esmeralda!


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