With Orange Marmalade Cookies you get a Sports Wrap-Up!


I am not professing to having invented this cookie recipe. I won’t reprint it here either, but just will tell you that it’s the


I was looking for a new cookie to make for Paul as he just ran out of his oatmeal raisin cookies. I’ve been wanting to make a cookie with orange in it but never had thought of using marmalade before. As it happens, Paul had gotten me a new jar of orange marmalade not long ago at the food store and I hadn’t even opened it yet. Turns out it was just right for this recipe.

So these are still warm out of the oven. The only drawback is that they are a tiny bit sticky, what with all that marmalade in them. I don’t know if putting them in our cookie tin will work. Maybe I should think about refrigerating them. I hate it when the cookies get stuck to each other in the tin.

The ingredients are all things I had anyway, oh, and I added about a whole cup of slice almonds to the recipe, as well. I like a crunch in a cookie. And even though these are technically Paul’s cookies, I have one now and then. And I like crunch. But for the most part they are soft and chewy and orange-y, and very, very good, indeed.

~ ~ ~ ~

As for the ballgames this weekend, we are hosting the New York Yankees and we lost the first game hands down, 6-3. But that wasn’t nearly as bad as what was to follow, on Saturday afternoon into evening.

I was having a lovely day watching the whole game. We came out swinging the bat and by the 6th inning, we had 9 runs on the scoreboard and the Y’s had a big fat ZERO.

Then a Yank got a solo home run. OK. 9-1. I’ll go with that.

Then, as we were having supper with the ballgame on the little TV, happily watching our team WIN for a change, the national station that was airing the program switched over to the baseball game going on in Seattle where pitcher Humber of the Chicago White Sox was almost at the end of a PERFECT GAME. No hits, no runs, no one even on base. It was the 9th inning. So the station stayed with that and we lost our local ballgame for a bit.

Just long enough to miss the whole of our 7th inning and part of our 8th.

By the time we had cleaned up dishes and gone in to the living room to finish watching our game, to our horror we looked at the score and it was now 9-8 Red Sox. What? They have 8 runs? How did THAT happen?

Neither of us likes to dwell on the negative, and we could tell this was going negative really fast. So we put our British show on that we are currently watching (“North Square” – a legal TV show from England), and watched for a bit. But the suspense was killing me.

I flipped the radio on that was carrying the play-by-play and pretty soon we realized things were bad. It was 10-9 Yankees and it was still the 8th inning.

To make a long sad story shorter, they got another 5 runs after that and beat us good, 15-9 in the end.

Bobby Valentine, you can KISS MY GRITS!!!!

He (Valentine, our new less-than-illustrious manager) took our perfectly good pitcher, Dubrount, out of the game in the 6th inning and put in those less-than-stellar relief pitchers, and thereby lost us the game.

As Paul once told me, and oh he was so right, it’s all about the pitching.

When you’ve got a good pitcher that goes 6 innings and the other team only has 1 run, you KEEP HIM IN, YOU DON’T TAKE HIM OUT!

That’s all I have to say on that subject. Case closed.

We are supposed to be playing them AGAIN tonight, but not until 8 p.m. Stupid time to start a ballgame. Plus we are expecting lots and lots of rain, and it’s actually started raining already, so that game will surely be cancelled. Only to be scheuled at a later date, probably as a double-header some day.

Over. No more baseball talk.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Back to the cookies, I did not make the Orange Icing that the recipe called for. It would be yummy, but do we really need all that extra sugar? I think not. Cookies have enough in them. And they are fine just like they are.

I will leave you with a photo I just took after Paul had mown the front lawns. It may not look different, but to me, up close and personal, the shorter grass makes all the difference. Those brown pee-spots will fill in soon once all the grass grows in there. They always do.

After mowing


After mowing




~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

[Anatole France]

“There are only two seasons – winter and baseball.”

[Bill Veeck]

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5 Responses to With Orange Marmalade Cookies you get a Sports Wrap-Up!

  1. Bex says:

    I never liked baseball before about 10 years ago. My husband has been a fan all his life but he never encouraged me to get into it at all. All of a sudden I just couldn’t get enough of it and I would ask him a million questions about the game every night. Finally, after learning a lot about the game, and watching faithfully and getting to know the players, it was more interesting to me. I had a stake in the games. AND, my (previous) collie-girl, Whitby (rest her soul) would help me in cheering my team on…whenever we got a run, I would clap like mad and Whitby would come running over to me and bark-bark-bark for our team.

    When we won the World Series twice it made it all the better. Now that the team is struggling, it is really getting me down and I almost wish I weren’t so involved in it. Oh well…


  2. Nina says:

    You make baseball seem… exciting — and that’s saying a lot (coming from me)!


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    They’re threatening a 2-5 inches of snow here tomorrow! Your rain is backing up in our direction and it’s supposed to change over to a late spring snow. Oh no!


  4. Michael says:

    I like a crunch in a cookie, too, but I also like them slightly underbaked.

    Both your team and mine got rained out on Sunday. After how things ended for both of them Saturday, maybe it’s just as well. Unfortunately, the Giants are stuck in New York for a Monday double header against the Mets (unless it keeps raining).


  5. l'empress says:

    Since I was in Massachusetts yesterday, I was definitely in the minority. Bobby Valentine is from my hometown, but down there we rooted for the New York teams. Red Sox fans were few and far between.


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