“Our entry to it is naked and bare…”

I had a visit from the UPS man the other day.

It’s here!


Yes, my new pressure cooker is here. I am taking it slow so haven’t tried it out yet. I want to read up on it first. I still have to wash it with warm soapy water, including taking the rubber gasket off and washing that, too. I think I may aim for Sunday for the first pressure cooker meal. Since tomorrow is my B-day, the only thing I ever want on that day for supper is fried clams, so Paul is going to get them to take home at my favourite clam place, Dube’s, and we’ll chow down on a clam plate tomorrow.

But Sunday I think will be a good first trial day for the P.cooker.

I have two pressure cooker cookbooks plus the little one that came with it. It’s the 6 quart size. I have the “Pressure Cooker For Dummies” book and also one by Cinda Chavich called “200 Best Pressure Cooker Recipes.” Actually, with all these recipes in both books, there is no actual recipe for plain rice! There is rice with other stuff, but I want to make a batch of plain rice in this thing. I went to YouTube and found some how-to videos, and there was one guy who showed how to make the plain rice (he made brown rice but I want to make Jasmine rice which is white). It seems you don’t just dump the rice and liquid into the pot, but you put a metal mixing bowl into the pot and put the rice in the bowl covered with water that goes a half-inch above the rice. Then you run the pressure cooker and the rice ends up being cooked perfectly in the bowl and you don’t even get the cooker pot dirty! I like that idea. The only trouble is that I have no metal mixing bowls. It’s always one more thing I need to purchase, but I’ve been wanting a set of stainless steel mixing bowls anyway.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yesterday the dogs had exactly one homemade biscuit to split between them, and they weren’t happy about that. So it was urgent that I get out of my chair and into the kitchen to whip up some homemade yummibles for them.


(Note: You can see in the photo above on the countertop that I am growing a celery heart to be planted later outside. I just cut the heart and put it in a (white) dish held suspended by toothpicks, and already it’s sprouting little celery stalks – see below).


These are just the plain old peanut butter cookies I like to make for them using whole wheat flour, molasses, baking powder, oats, milk, etc.

Rather than lug out the cooling racks, I just flip the cookies over on the sheets to cool off and harden up.


So they have a good week’s supply of new biscuits. They are happy, I am happy, and life is good.

As for the p.cooker fiasco, I’ll report back on that once the deed has been done. Meanwhile, I think I need to see about some chores around this place. It’s mad-windy here today and Paul is home which makes me happy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

You will note I’ve added a new quote below, by Jack Rosenthal, who was an English playwrite. We have two DVD’s, one called “Jack Rosenthal at the ITV” and “Jack Rosenthal at the BBC.” Each DVD contains several wonderful plays that were made into TV shows in the mid-20th century in Britain, a lot of which are in black and white, and they are all quite different and quite fabulous. In the one we watched last night, called “Bar Mitzvah Boy,” the grandfather of the Bar Mitzvah boy, Eliott, uttered this quote during the show, and it just hit me as being quite good. I like it. Of course, the thick Jewish accent that the grandfather had while uttering it helped, but you’ll have to supply the accent in your own imaginations! (More about Jack Rosenthal here.)


Bex & Co.

One more note – The Red Sox have now won 4 games in a row, are 8-10, and have scored 43 runs in their last 5 games. Last night Kevin Youkilis hit a grand slam which, if you follow Kevin, is a really good thing indeed!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Our entry to it is naked and bare;

Our journey through it is trouble and care;

Our exit from it is who-knows-where;

So if we’re all right here, we’re all right there.”

[Jack Rosenthal]

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

[Anatole France]

“There are only two seasons – winter and baseball.”

[Bill Veeck]

Jazz & Bex

Big Jazzy Hugs

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9 Responses to “Our entry to it is naked and bare…”

  1. Bex says:

    The Red Sox came through last night for me – ANOTHER WIN – Red Sox 10, White Sox 3. That’s as good a birthday present as I could ever want. Go Sox (Red, that is, not White!)


  2. Michael says:

    Happy birthday, Bex. I hope the Red Sox get you another win.


  3. Bex says:

    I figure at half-the-cooking time required by the pressure cooker, it should save energy a little for us, rather than using both the stove and the oven together which I do a lot. We’ll see how things go.


  4. sue says:

    When we lived in Cheyenne Wyo. I got a pressure cooker.

    At that altitude (6000ft.) water boiled at something like 180F, and that left a lot of food virtually raw.

    I seldom use the pressure cooker any more. For one thing, I’m at sea level again, and for another I’m cooking (preparing food) for only one.

    But I used it a lot when we were in Wyoming, and almost as much when we moved back to lower altitudes.

    And the family consisted of more than just me and the cats.


  5. crochetlady says:

    Happy birthday Twin (by 10 years!!)


  6. Betty Lou says:

    Have a happy & healthy birthday, Bex, and many, many more to come.


  7. Bex says:

    Thanks guys. Normally I don’t really dwell on my birthday but since we have developed this practice of having fried clams on my birthday, I really look forward to it because it’s the only time of the year I get them. Spoke like a true food-a-holic!

    I think my pressure cooker will work fine. I am reading the P.C. For Dummies right now and it’s very good. Will let you know how it goes…


  8. Nina says:

    So much of this post made me smile, quote included.

    Here’s to your birthday! May the clams be perfect, your dogs well behaved, your husband — there by your side, and the sky outside — dazzling. And all that and more for the year ahead! Happy birthday!



  9. Karen says:

    Happy Birthday Bex! I bought my pressure cooker to make pet food but it came with a CD and that scared me off. Hope you do better.


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