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Plodding along through time and space…

Hi, Going thru a dry period. Not weather-wise, but word-wise. Idea-wise. Nothing is happening in the gray matter with me. It may be the heat that usually throws me for a loop every year. The blood needs to thin out … Continue reading

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Going on the Low Iodine Diet, Oh My…

In preparation for Paul’s annual or biannual scanning for any possible errant thyroid cancer cells (he had his thyroid completely removed when they found some cancer there several years ago), we are about to begin the most horrible part of … Continue reading

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Life on the Bounding Main, or My Old Man and the Sea

The other day, while Paul was selling lobsters down near the harbor in Marblehead… …he was talking with a customer who lives right on the water in Town and who very often can see Paul lobstering in his boat from … Continue reading

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What is it they say? Dirty Hands=Clean Heart?

You probably thought, since you haven’t heard from me for a little while, that all was going along swimmingly here. The boat was rescued and all was right with the world? Well, then you’d probably be wrong. Here, then, is … Continue reading

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Prize-Winning Moist Apple Cinnamon Cake, Oh Yeah!

I’m baking again. This time it was to find a recipe using Organic Coconut Oil in it. This recipe happens to have won the author $100 and it’s called MOIST APPLE CINNAMON CAKE (For the recipe, click the name above) … Continue reading

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