Blessed are the Meek…

Now and then I will be doing an entry on something I’ve found somewhere that piqued my interest in some way.

This is the first one.

Read in the Salem News, Saturday, May 5, 2012:

Under the North Shore Religion Calendar, for Sunday, May 6:

Blessing of the Pets, 1 to 2 p.m., Temple Beth Shalom, 489 Lowell St., Peabody. Pets will receive a blessing from Rabbi Emily Mathis and goody bags. Snacks for owners also provided. Free. All pets must be on leashes or in carriers, cages, or bowls. Register at 978-xxx-xxxx.”

I especially loved the part about the “bowls”.


I remember once, in an All Creatures Great and Small episode…

…the now-famous vet, James Herriot, was fairly new to the practice, and it came time for him to take over the reigns of being the “duty vet” at the “Darroby Show.” This also meant he would be judging the Best Pet contest. This was in a rural area of England, in Yorkshire, and pets varied greatly in size, from very large to very small. In the end, and not knowing much about the identities of any of the pet owners, James interviewed each and every entrant and his/her pet, and finally, without hesitation, gave the grand prize to the boy with the goldfish.

The crowd went wild – with anger! It turns out that the President of the group was the father of the boy with the goldfish, and everyone suspected favoritism was afoot. They booed poor James Herriot right out of the tent. But he swore up and down that that goldfish was the best taken-care-of pet in the whole contest, that the boy knew all about goldfish and was very attentive to his pet. But no one was buying it. Poor James….

That scene in that episode always cracked me up. When I picture the Blessing of the Pets in Peabody tomorrow, I wonder if there will be goldfish in bowls presented to be blessed?

One of the best series ever made, in my humble opinion, for anyone who loves animals and loves the countryside, you, too, can own this wonderful TV series by going here.



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4 Responses to Blessed are the Meek…

  1. Beanie says:

    I think we all agree then.. that was an great set of books, and a well made series on TV. I loved it!


  2. Rhubarb says:

    I agree wholeheartedly. I read the books, watched the tv series, more than once. They chose the perfect actors for the parts. I love the story about the dog with a sense of humor, who would lurk behind a stone wall, then jump up and bark giving the passersby a good scare, just for the fun of it.

    We haven’t had a blessing of the pets for a few years. It’s time.

    I, too, grew up in a rural countryside with stone fences. Watching the program (including the opening credits) always makes me nostalgic.


  3. sandy from iowa says:

    I have all the movies of him …watched them over and over and you was the one to tell me to buy them.
    I also have all his books.
    great journal fuzzies in the garden.


  4. mz. em says:

    I absolutely adored the book. We have a blessing of the animals here in our county. It is always well attended. Another blessing that happened two weeks ago was the blessing of the fishing fleet. The Reverend of the church I attend was at that event and said it was very much fun. I loved your entry.


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