Prize-Winning Moist Apple Cinnamon Cake, Oh Yeah!


I’m baking again. This time it was to find a recipe using Organic Coconut Oil in it. This recipe happens to have won the author $100 and it’s called


(For the recipe, click the name above)

(And BTW, just look at my celery plants…


…growing in the photo above. I’ve just started a second one in the same dish of water. Isn’t that the coolest thing you’ve ever seen?)

Just for the record, I have to say this cake is worth every cent of that $100 prize money. Wow. In the first photo above, it had just come out of the oven. It cooks for a hefty 1 hour 10 minutes but let me say it again, it’s worth it.


Cooled off a little now, spring-form pan released, and now sitting waiting to be cut into. Tick, tick, tick…


The smell is heavenly. Sprinkled on top before baking is a little sugar mixed with cinnamon. I put a tiny bit too much on top as you can see – some of it didn’t really melt in. But that is what makes this cake so great, it’s like a coffee cake. The apples inside are fabulous, as well.


You can see the apples in there. I only used two granny smith apples, and I did NOT peel them, either. I wanted the extra fiber from the skins as well as the nutrients there, so I left them on and chopped the apples up into small pieces. Cooked perfectly fine.


As you can see, I had company. I have to admit that although sugar isn’t really good for dogs, they did gobble up the crumbs from my dish when I was done.


It’s gone. Slurp.

And was it EVER good! Paul is going to freak out when he bites into this cake tonight after supper. Positively freak out.

Well, he doesn’t really freak out over much these days, except when he gets word his boat is “on the rocks” or something along those lines. But you mark my word, he will smile… I know he’ll do that much.

And so will you when you make this easy Prize Winning Moist Apple Cinnamon Cake.

Unfortunately, I do not have “Nature’s Approved Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil,” but I did use the “Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil” that I got the other day for the popping corn.

And I have to say, that’s another way to “get your coconut oil” daily, make some popcorn with it and it’s GOOD FOR YOU. You can get a good tablespoonful of coconut oil on a bowl of popcorn!

So that’s it from Bex’s Cafe. I need a nice hot cuppa coffee right about now to wash down the cake…I’ll even put a dollop of coconut oil in my cup, just for added benefit!



~ ~ ~ ~ ~


“Our entry to it is naked and bare;

Our journey through it is trouble and care;

Our exit from it is who-knows-where;

So if we’re all right here, we’re all right there.”

[Jack Rosenthal]

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

[Anatole France]

“There are only two seasons – winter and baseball.”

[Bill Veeck]


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4 Responses to Prize-Winning Moist Apple Cinnamon Cake, Oh Yeah!

  1. Neva Williams says:

    Thanks for this recipe, Bex … the cake looks scrumptious! I can’t wait to make it. Your celery plants are a great idea… sure beats trying to grow avocado seeds. I never have any success with those.


  2. Thanks so much for the link to coconut oil health benefits. I shall hunt for it at the health food store.


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Rhu, look up Carbalose flour. The stuff works great!

    Bex, I had to put in some comments from previous posts that I was behind on. Oh My Gosh! I just about died when I saw that Bertinis pizza! I’m telling you, no one makes pizzas like they do in that part of New England! It wasn’t my favorite area to live in when I was there as I missed Seattle too much – but they still have the best pizzas in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD!

    And also a comment on coconut oil. I seem to have an odd allergy. I can eat coconut with no problem – but I can’t put it on my skin. I tried it after hearing how good it can be for your skin and I started breaking out in all kinds of rashes. 😦


  4. Rhubarb says:

    The sugar and the flour are just the kinds of foods I’m learning to avoid as much as possible. I suppose I could substitute whole grain flour and some very sweet, ripe fruit instead of the sugar. For me, it’s not only the carb count, but the kinds of carbs, I have to watch out for. Looking always for low glycemic ratings. ::sigh::


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