Eleven Cherry Cake Jam-boree

By special request from Nina, another “birthday” cake has been made. If anyone’s having a birthday, please cut yourself a piece with my compliments and wishes for a fabulous birthday. The cake I made today very much resembles the one I made only a little while ago, the recipe for which is here:

Esther Foskett’s Fabulous Birthday Cake

Remember that one? I made it while Paul was on the low-iodine diet and he couldn’t have any. Yeah. Well. Besides Friend Mary coming over here one day and having a piece with me, basically that entire cake, over a period of time, of course, was consumed by yours truly. Guiltily but happily.

Today, now that there is no such diet going on in this house, not for another 3 years anyway, I wanted to get back to this little gem and make one especially for my darling Paul. It’s closing in on 100 degrees here today and tomorrow and he’s outside working on the ocean, as usual. I have the house all cooled down for when he gets home and he’ll have the added pleasure tonight of this cake, just for him.


First I start out with two layers of the white cake, made from scratch. I thought that this time I’d put 4 different jams/preserves in the center, so the next thing I did was frost the top of the bottom layer with my cream cheese frosting (I added a little orange extract as well as vanilla to the frosting so it’s slightly different and also it’s made mostly with cream cheese and confectioner’s sugar this time. Much less sweet and very good, from the tiny bit I tested.) Recipe for this can be found anywhere online, I used this recipe from Simply Recipes dot Com.


The next thing I did was to score an X on top so I can see where the jam goes.


Then I plop 4 different jams, in this case they were orange marmalade, apricot jam, strawberry jam, and the strawberry-rhubarb jam from the last time. Looks kind of like a painting, huh?


Then I carefully lay the top layer of cake on top of the jam and press down a bit.


Next comes the frosting. I am not artistic when it comes to baking. Not at all. I admire people who can frost a cake neatly and have it looking good. I purposely didn’t want to frost the edges of the bottom layer so I just dabbed it up here and there and this was what came out.


There is just a hint of jam peeking out…


Sometimes less is better, but I got carried away and thought I’d dress up the top with some cherries… I wanted to get rid of them anyway, they’ve been in the fridge for a long time and we don’t normally eat them.


My helpers were there, as usual, giving me moral support, all the while hoping I’d spill something which, miraculously today, I didn’t.


I still had a few more cherries in the jar so I got even more carried away…


…and just threw them all on top. Like candles.

I think I’ll call this my Eleven Cherry Cake Jam-boree.

So, cut a piece and I’ll get the kettle going.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

[Anatole France]

“There are only two seasons – winter and baseball.”

[Bill Veeck]


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5 Responses to Eleven Cherry Cake Jam-boree

  1. Nina says:

    My birthday is… well, a long ways away. But thank you so much for baking a general audience cake anyway1


  2. Bex says:

    Absolutely, TT. I just had my first piece and it was good. Paul had to do food shopping for his folks so he hasn’t gotten back from that yet, but he’ll have his piece then.


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    My birthday is in 5 days, is that close enough to get a piece of cake? 😉


  4. Bex says:

    OK, S-plants, I’ll cut you off a strawberry jam piece, that is, if I can remember where in the cake the strawberry is!!!

    Happy Birthday, BTW, a bit late, but better late…

    Yes, my helpers are my boon companions. Life wouldn’t be worth living without them here with me.


  5. Smartiplants says:

    I would like to stake a claim to a slice of cake with some of the strawberry jelly since I had a birthday last month and didn’t get any cake. It looks so yummy! You are so fortunate to have such dedicated helpers! 🙂


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