My New Board: Cream of the Crop

This is a real entry. I won’t delete it, I promise.

It’s all about the board. The “cutting” board, that is. I have never owned a really good one, and yesterday the UPS man came to my door with a very heavy box, warned me that it was “quite heavy” so I wouldn’t drop it on my toe or anything, and I was not really sure what was in the box. I’d forgotten about my new cutting board I’d ordered recently.

So now, at the ripe old age of 64, I have my first really good cutting board. A teak cutting board.


Isn’t she a beauty? Of course, this is in its “raw” state.

Above is the side with the groove in it for cutting meats. Flip it over and it’s all smooth, for cutting everything else.


She doesn’t have her make-up on, or “board cream” as its called. The instructions on the Boos Block Board Cream say to lather the bees waxy cream all over the raw board, smoothing it into all the corners of the board, front, back, sides, etc., and then to leave it on like that overnight.

I just squirt out some of this elixir…




…rub it all in, like so…


And here she is, all creamed up for the day/night:


I put her out in the dining room, out of the way of stray furs and bumps.


So, that’s another project out of the way. Tomorrow I may take another picture after I wipe away the excess cream to reveal the beautiful new face of my new teak cutting board. And this thing is heavy, too. It should stay put while I am cutting food on it, unlike the flimsy warped board I’ve been using for so many years now. In fact, it’s so warped that it flays up on both sides now so it’s history.

(The next day: Here’s the finished board, all cream-waxed up and ready for use):


Before (left) and After (right):

CuttingBoard-Creamed0001 ~ ~ CuttingBoardFinished0001

~ ~ ~

Soon I’ll be attacking the project with the tea towels. I have to be in a “sewing frame of mind” to do that one, though. And a cooler day than this is required.

Cheers for now,


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5 Responses to My New Board: Cream of the Crop

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    With or without the cream, that is one beautiful cutting board.

    Honestly, I have to smile at your happiness and enthusiasm as you add in these new thing into your kitchen. Enjoy! šŸ™‚


  2. That board sure looks good! You will get a lot of pleasure out of using it, I’m very sure.


  3. Smartiplants says:

    What a beautiful cutting board! It will last forever and I am sure you will get much enjoyment and use from it! I am going back now to look at the webcam again. I just took a quick peek. Very cool!


  4. Nina says:

    You’re so young!!!!! šŸ™‚
    Anyway, it looks beautiful! For cutting up all your best newest baking projects!


  5. mz. em says:

    What a lovely teak cutting board. I don’t believe I’ve had one that nice. I go between my little hard plastic one which is good for fruit and small veggies. Then the other one – wood – is what came with the cabinets in the apartment. You are certainly lucky.


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