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Of Tables, Links and Mugs

So, as you can see above, I have exchanged the old round table in the breakfast room… (old table below) for the rectangular table that I thought would be a better fit for my new citrus-y tablecloth. (Hi Mary and … Continue reading

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Paul in the News…

The Marblehead Reporter’s interview of my Paul was published this week and can be seen here: “Local Lobstermen Face Plummeting Prices” And here’s another article about the lobster prices falling: “Falling Lobster Prices Delight Customers but Worry Local Lobstermen” In … Continue reading

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The fruit, the whole fruit, and nothing BUT the fruit…

So, Mom…. what are we going to make this morning? Anything for me? Huh, huh, huh? Well, my darling Kippie, let’s see. We are almost out of fruit, and, no, this isn’t for you… but will you help me just … Continue reading

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Watch this space…

The “interview” was conducted on Saturday while Paul was selling lobsters in Marblehead. A woman (apparently “Amy”) and her photographer showed up down at The Landing where Paul was rushing around getting bugs for his customers and she asked all … Continue reading

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The butcher, the baker, the tablecloth maker

I’m working on it. No, it’s not “done” yet. It’s a rectangle on a round table. So no matter how I put the cloth on the table, long side in front or long side on the sides, it’s not ideal. … Continue reading

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