Labels Front? or Labels Rear?

This theme of my new storage jars is almost over, you can rest assured. Just this and maybe one more to go. But I want your input on something.

To show labels or NOT to show labels. That is the question.

But first, here a progress report on the shelves and their utility in the kitchen.

Originally, the new shelving unit was bought to house big things that were living out their lives here in inappropriate places. My two new pressure cookers were sitting on the stovetop all the time, and I like a cleaned-off stovetop. So the shelves were the perfect spot for them as well as a few other items.


The (second) new pressure cooker…


…which I just love also. A braiser and a pan that can be used for one-pot meals with or without the pressure cover. I have a plain glass cover that fits this pot perfectly.


Then a few more things got added:


I am never happy. I over-analyze things and am always in a constant state of flux where this kitchen is concerned.

And then I found these storage jars. Ah, life was simple when I just had these 5. No labels on them yet. But I wasn’t done.


If I could get these 5 items out of my big deep drawer, then why not more items? Why not clear out my big deep drawer and maybe keep my pressure cookers in there? Not to mention my large white container of coconut oil.


Yes. That’s just the trick. Now I have much less stuff in opened boxes, in zip-lock bags, and my pressure cookers (the second one is underneath that white towel in the middle next to the larger Presto one) have a home of their own, away from the air and flying furs, etc. They feel more protected in there. I like this.


So I got the labels in the mail (Avery) and used my printer to make the labels for the jars yesterday. They aren’t too glaring, craft paper brown, and I like them OK, but you know what? I know what’s in these jars but Paul doesn’t. He doesn’t use this stuff all that often, but in the off chance that he will use some of it, I want him to feel comfortable knowing he isn’t switching ingredients for look-alikes. (You know, baking soda for sugar or vice versa). I’m not sure it would occur to a man to actually taste the stuff before adding it). So here are the labels on the jars that I have so far.


And here are the jars turned around, with the labels pointing toward the wall… which is kind of how I am liking them.

What do you think?


Does it junk up the kitchen a bit with the labels showing in front or do I turn them all around and have a nice clean sleek look?

I’ve told Paul all about this. If he needs to use something he is to check to see what is IN the jar to be sure.

I know this is a silly thing. But isn’t that what having a blog is all about? Getting to talk about what’s on your mind? And that’s what’s on mine these days. Beside Wimbledon, with which I won’t bore you now.

Oh, I should mention… that one clear shelf in the middle? That’s awaiting the last 4 large storage jars that I’ve ordered. They should come tomorrow. Just a few more things I need to put there and then I’m done with the jars already!

Thanks for your help. The tea-towel tablecloth caper is about to start up again, so once that is in progress, I’ll keep you updated. I know you’re just dying to know…



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6 Responses to Labels Front? or Labels Rear?

  1. Miss Rachel says:

    What a beautiful and well-organized kitchen, satisfying to both my foodie and librarian inclinations. I would definitely leave the labels facing out; they’re there to be read. Also, it will make it easier on the dogs. You know, if they’re home alone and want to cook something they’ll be able to remember what’s what.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    I like your new labels! I think they should be shown.


  3. Smartiplants says:

    I think the labels are nice looking and would leave them where they can be seen. I know what you mean though about over analyzing that is something that I tend to do a lot as well.


  4. Bex says:

    When I wrote this entry, I was all for “labels in the back” but I just got the last 4 large jars in the post today, filled them all, and now I find I want the labels showing because there are just too many jars to be remembering what is in each of them. My memory is losing it lately so I’ve turned the jars around to show the labels for now. I will do a final show-and-tell tomorrow. Thanks, your opinions are important to me.


  5. WendyNC says:

    I’d leave the labels facing out in my own kitchen, but that’s because labels add to my sense of order, rather than detracting from it. But it’s your kitchen, not mine, and it has to work for you.


  6. l'empress says:

    Remember, you asked. I like to be able to see labels. It annoys me when someone puts away spices with the labels inward. (It’s the librarian experience, I guess.) Your labels match, and they don’t look like big splashy ads. I’d leave them outward.


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