Putting this project to bed

The last four of the storage jars (from Oxo) arrived yesterday, and I filled them with what I had on hand in the baking drawer, mainly pasta in various shapes and sizes. And there’s one with different bags of beans/peas that are for making soup.


That blank spot where there is a small cutting board only is where Paul puts his lunchbox. It’s one of those small cooler lunchboxes and it’s pretty yucky looking. I wanted a spot kind of out of the way for it so that seems to be the best spot, see below when it was in residence:


It spends the days out on the boat where stuff is flying left, right, and center, but every now and then it does get washed up – but not often enough. It’s gone obviously during the day but it lives there in that empty spot every night.

You will note I have not labeled the pasta jars. They are so obvious that I thought even Paul wouldn’t get those wrong (or even the dogs if they are cooking up a snack while I’m out!). So no labels on the pasta jars.


And the spaghetti and lasagna noodles live in those tall thin jars at the top of the unit as seen above.

I hadn’t measured those tall jars before I bought them and they didn’t fit on any of the interior shelves, so they had to go up top like that.

All the rest of the labels are showing as was the unanimous consensus here. I thank you all for commenting. I am in complete agreement with you about the labels showing, too, and realize it will make for less confusion in the kitchen, and if you could see me in action in the kitchen, you’d know that less confusion is a really good thing…

On the countertop under the windows are the following:


Over here, on the wall leading into the dining room, is the old shelving unit that used to be where the big one is now. I’ve put most of my cookbooks in it with some overflow into the little bookshelf on the countertop.


So ends this project, for the time being. I have many more projects around this place that need doing, not the least of which is a clean-out and reorganization of my linen closet in the hall near the bathroom. That has really gotten out of control, and lately, whenever I open the louvered doors to that closet, things tend to jump out at me and onto the floor – get the picture?

Why do we save so much stuff, anyway? I go through my linen closet about every other year and I always throw away a ton of stuff, but it never seems to stay organized and is always crammed with things in the end. I don’t know what gives. It’s like there’s a gnome living in there secretly ordering things from Amazon while I’m not looking, and each time I go in there for something it seems more and more crowded with stuff.

So that is on the menu one of these days. I know I must get my head around the sewing project with the tea towels, but Wimbledon is still on this week and I don’t like to be out of the TV room for long periods while the tennis is on.

And now that it’s almost the 4th of July, I will wish you a Happy Birthday, America, and I hope you, my friends, have a happy, safe, and fun day off, if you are taking the day off. I know some people have to work on holidays, including Paul, and I thank you all for doing that if you do.

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY everyone!


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5 Responses to Putting this project to bed

  1. Betty Lou says:

    Actually, Bex, each member of our family are off & doing their own thing this year, so Michael will be on his own, too. But that doesn’t mean that he can’t write – if I can talk him into it – and I will try.


  2. Bex says:

    Thanks, Rhu, and have a very nice 4th!


  3. Rhubarb says:

    Everything is so beautiful, shiny, and well-ordered. Congratulations!


  4. Bex says:

    Thanks BL, and tell that son of yours that we are hoping this holiday will prompt some journal entries from him – I’m sure he will be celebrating with the family and will have some stories to impart to his faithful (but lonely) readers!


  5. Betty Lou says:

    Everything looks good in the kitchen now, Bex – good job. Happy Independence Day to you & Paul.


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