A deck with a view, or two

When I stand on my back deck (which is up 1-1/2 stories from the ground because our house is built on a slope, and the first story is almost at ground level out front, but in back it’s up about 1-1/2 stories), and if I look to my right, into the neighboring back yard, this is what I see:


And then I turn my head 180 degrees and look to the left at our back yard, this is what I see:


Two totally different scenes, no? Our garden is just growing along at its own speed, sometimes too fast for us to keep up with it. Paul does a decent job of trying to keep some of the bushes under control, but he’s not a gardener at heart and he only gets out there to tame the wild gardens occasionally.

On the other hand, looking off to the right, into the neighboring back yard, there is an official “garden” where they grow food. Very economical, very prudent to grow your own food. But what a sight! I think I’d rather buy my food at the store and have my back gardens to gaze upon than the one in the neighboring property. It’s just such a jumble of stuff. Tools, implements, and oh the noise when the rototiller is going! Ooof! My poor ears! Not conducive to a quietude that I yearn for here. I have to admit that the noise level coming from that yard has diminished slightly over the last year. When that big square vegetable garden was being made, the rototilling was interminable. I don’t know how the plants had any nutrients left after that poor dirt got rototilled for hours and hours on end. Over and over again. I’ve read you are only supposed to till the land a litle bit, to leave the living organisms intact so the plants will have nutrients from which to grow. I can’t believe the soil over there is alive anymore after all the tilling that has gone on.

But that’s just me. I used to be the gardener here until it got so I just couldn’t physically do it any more. Now Paul tries his best, with the little free time he has, to keep up with the growth of things in the garden, trimming tree branches and shrubs, weeding a little bit at a time but not nearly enough. That’s OK. I don’t mind weeds. They are God’s living creatures, too. Just like the flowering trees we admire and love, the weeds have their own beauty.


This corner garden out front just grows at its own pace. It needs serious tending to but Paul just never seems to get around to it. I don’t mind, though. I like things growing up willy-nilly like this. That plant above with little flowers just appeared there one year and I think it’s mint or catnip or something like that. We don’t have a cat so can’t test it out. It may be a mint plant. I probably should harvest some of its leaves and use them for tea!


Above is that same corner garden taken from farther away. The large bushes that outline it are burning bushes that we planted maybe 10 or more years ago. We never thought they’d grow that big! Paul really needs to prune them down quite a bit. You can’t even see our porch because of those monsters.

Angel Garden

Above is what it looked like several years ago, when it had more structure and was a lot younger. You can see those burning bushes as small plants then, and now look how big they have gotten.

And over along the property line, I especially love the various bushes we’ve planted there to obscure the neighboring property from sight.



Holly bushes, barberry bushes, some azaleas near the front by the street, and a few other things along our property line keep the garden a little more secluded. We used to have 3 pine trees that we planted out in the far front left-hand corner by the street and those things grew so tall so fast that we finally cut them down. I kind of miss them now but they ruined the lawn out there with their root system so I guess we’re better off without them now. I have a picture of them somewhere, maybe I’ll go look for it.

So that’s about it. Just trying to stay cool in this heat wave we’ve been having. It’s not overwhelming right now but I have my trusty A/C’s going and am very comfortable inside. I think I’ll take the dogs out front now, to stretch their legs, do their business, and just sit in my chair out there and groove on the loveliness of summer.



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15 Responses to A deck with a view, or two

  1. Bex says:

    Hi Kenny, My comments have been working fine, thank you very much. Why? Is someone having trouble with theirs?


  2. Hello! Just testing to make sure comments are working properly!


  3. mz. em says:

    It is always amazing what we begin with in our yards. Let years pass and what beautiful things we have created whether we chose to help or let Mother Nature take Her choice.

    I feel your yard is so peaceful. I have found when I let the garden/yard do what it wants to do, I have the best luck.


  4. TopsyTurvy says:

    Bex, we don’t have a roof either, but I’m seriously considering putting up some bars along the sides of the deck and maybe a crosspiece just to hang the curtains from.


  5. t.s. says:

    I have a science project/messy garden in my front yard that I’m getting tired of look at too. Plastic boxes of dirt growing a few veggies…Maybe this will be the last year…Hardly seems worth the bother when food is so cheap in the summer time…


  6. Bex says:

    This is the URL for the Dunoon Mugs:


    Or try clicking HERE.

    Hope it works. My mugs are on their way across the pond to me. I actually went back and got 2 more so 4 in total. Paul will kill me. Just what we don’t need here are more cups!


  7. Bex says:

    We have a deck only, no roof. So curtains would have no place to hang from, TT.


  8. TopsyTurvy says:

    I tried the mug site but at 1AM our time it still wouldn’t load for me. 😦

    I’ve been looking into outdoor curtains for one side of our deck where it runs along the sidewalk. You might find those useful too. Something about outdoor curtains just makes things seem so breezy and fresh!


  9. Bex says:

    We are not gardeners here, so I have no idea if our soil is acidic or what. We don’t do anything to the soil. In fact, our philosophy is that we plant things and if they die, they die. If they grow, we leave them alone to do their thing, pruning only when necessary. No fertilizers, pesticides or anything is added here. It’s not the plushest of lawns but it’s green now. Many summers when we’ve had little rain, the whole front lawn will be brown. Even with all the dogs’ stuff that’s deposited out there, it does pretty well. I just like a natural garden.


  10. Smartiplants says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the stroll around your yard! So lovely! I noticed that your soil must be acidic, judging from the plants and trees you named. Ours is kind of neutral to alkaline here.


  11. Bex says:

    Actually, Harriet, our cellar is at ground level in the back but underground at the front just due to the slope of the property. Nice for you that you have wonderful views ALL around out there!


  12. l'empress says:

    I also have a deck that’s up high, because our cellar is at ground level. Almost all wild, green views from three sides.


  13. Bex says:

    Do any of you remember a few years ago when I did a blog (at WordPress) about a sheepdog mug (coffee cup) that was my favorite mug and which I’d broken, and I was trying to find another one like it (made in England)?

    Well, check out this site, DUNOON MUGS.

    My mug was made by Jane Brookshaw and I tried to get a replacement of the exact one, but she said it was discontinued and she didn’t have any more. I found this site where they sell these same mugs, wow, and I’ve ordered two for myself – similar sheepie mugs but not exactly like my old one. Still, it’s an extensive site so have fun looking around in there. The mugs are high quality but of course if you drop them onto a stone surface from 10 feet, they WILL break! They are made in the UK and are bone china. I love them to pieces.


  14. Rhubarb says:

    The lawn and garden are green and beautiful. I agree: I like some “wildness” about things, too. As I walk, I see some yards pruned and trimmed and cut to within an inch of their lives. Seems too artificial. And other yards, like your neighbors’, just a little too helter-skelter. Yours is perfect!


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