Paul in the News…

The Marblehead Reporter’s interview of my Paul was published this week and can be seen here:

“Local Lobstermen Face Plummeting Prices”

And here’s another article about the lobster prices falling:

“Falling Lobster Prices Delight Customers but Worry Local Lobstermen”

In the article on Paul, they have their photos protected and I would have to pay money to get them, so forget that. There are several photos in that article you can click on to see enlarged. Some are quite good of my lobsterman. The shirt he is wearing I gave to him a few weeks ago, it’s a batik shirt with colorful lobsters hand-printed all over it. I got it at Rum Reggae in CA. He tries to wear it whenever he sells on the weekends.

Anyway, just thought you’d like to see the outcome of the interview and newspaper article.

Oh, and BTW, Paul is NOT 72. He is almost 67. The reporter got his age wrong. I wrote a comment to that effect at the bottom of that article. But it will probably not be changed as the paper was printed already.

P.S. I got an email from the reporter today saying that she had changed his age in the on-line version and that her paper would print a blurb next week in the print version to that effect. I thanked her. She also said that she didn’t think Paul looked a day over 60!



“What we ardently love, we learn to imitate.”

~ R. Waldo Emerson ~

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9 Responses to Paul in the News…

  1. Bex says:

    I agree with you, TT, about the pink. While I think her use of pink is extraordinarily tasteful, still if there are men in the house it must be a bit “feminine” for them. Who knows? Pale blue would be a good choice too, or pale gray-green. I do notice that the British, when they decorate, tend to use a background of white, cream or off-white a lot more than we do over here in the States. Not sure why that is, but I love their style.

    When I find a great little page like that Yorkshire cottage renovation (I have “Yorkshire Life” magazine linked on my side-links all the time and I just happened to click on it today) I never know where to post it for you, readers. I know most readers maybe don’t go back and re-read comments, but I didn’t want to just waste a whole entry with a little link. I should have a special site just for “site recommendations” when I do find something special. Hmmm, will have to think on that.

    I now know, at least, that I can have two (or more) sites here at JS with one email addy, as evidenced by the site I made for Paul. So I may just do one for that purpose. We’ll see.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    Gorgeous! Except for it being all in pink, that could pretty much be my dream home, too. But I’d be more likely to do it in pale blue.

    Funny you should post about that cottage, though. Just a few days ago I spent the better part of an hour looking up sales and rentals of Cotswold Cottages. Found some really nice ones.

    Yep, I dream in that direction, too. šŸ™‚

    BTW, love your new, sunny color!


  3. Bex says:

    Click here, Yorkshire Life article to see a delightful renovation of a cottage in Yorkshire. At the bottom are photos that you can enlarge and read how the owner, Christine, has decorated her stunningly sweet Yorkshire cottage. This could be my dream house!


  4. Bex says:

    Here’s where I got his shirt


    I actually got it for him for his birthday which isn’t til the middle of August but I gave it to him early so he could make use of it selling lobsters. He’s always getting comments on that shirt, it’s such an appropriate one with all those batik’d lobsters all over it. The company makes all sorts of designs. And they are hand made. I’ve spoken with the woman from their company and they are very nice.


  5. Rhubarb says:

    Good article. Hope the prices improve. It’s important that small businesses thrive.


  6. TopsyTurvy says:

    Great article, Bex! And they did change Paul’s age in the online version.

    Paul sure doesn’t look like he’s going on 67! He looks great, especially considering he makes his living outdoors and in most kinds of weather.

    I think my DH would love to have his shirt. DH is a fan of Hawaiian-style shirts and wears them often.

    Over here in lower Ontario Canada, the lowest sale price we get for lobster is $8.99/lb at the grocery stores. And that’s for canners that are no bigger than 1 to 1.25 lbs.


  7. Bex says:

    Actually the guys will throw back really big lobsters and if they are “eggers” they will get a reprieve, also. That is the law. You cannot take a lobster that has eggs, and you have to notch the tail so the next person who catches it will not keep it. Buyers know to not buy a notched lobster.


  8. l'empress says:

    Somehow, no retailer has lowered prices. Lobsters are also harvested from Long Island Sound, but Connecticut lobstermen have fewer lobsters each year. But they threw one back yesterday. It was so big they figured it must be eighteen years old and deserved to live.


  9. Karen says:

    Well, the restaurants in the midwest have certainly not lowered their lobster prices.
    I haven’t checked the supermarket but bet they are not lowering prices either.

    This situation is just so unfair to the lobsterman.


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