Of Tables, Links and Mugs


So, as you can see above, I have exchanged the old round table in the breakfast room…

(old table below)


for the rectangular table that I thought would be a better fit for my new citrus-y tablecloth.

(Hi Mary and Nina, both of whom made this tablecloth possible for me!)


What do you think?

I ask that half-laughing because no matter what you think, there is no way I could convince Paul to disassemble that round table again or to move that larger rectangular table back down into the basement. It can’t be disassembled easily, too many screws are holding the leg system on, and so he would have to lift it and walk it out the back (side) porch door, down the steps, around to the back, in the cellar door, and over near the washer and dryer from whence it came.

And I can safely say that he will be a very old man before he agrees to do that little job for me again – judging from his demeanor yesterday when the job was done.

That table is staying put.

But nonetheless, I still like to hear opinions, one way or the other.

I know the little round table looks more “cozy,” however, this larger table gives us both lots more room to eat our meals, it gives Kip lots more under-the-table room because that is where he plants himself while we are eating every night, and it fits my new tablecloth just right.

Now I can go ahead and make up the other two tea-towel-table-cloths, the one with yellow/orange pears and then the bright green-with-colored-stripes ones.


I was really sweating having to make these into “round” tablecloths anyway.

~ ~ ~

On to the second subject of this entry. My new LINKS page. I have put it over to the left in my list of links, near the top, just under PAUL’S LOBSTER PRICES… it’s called…


You see, here at JournalScape we are only allowed to have a total of 50 links in the links section. I usually get close or up to that 50 limit and have to go in regularly and pare down my list, thereby saying goodbye to some links I really like to have here. So this way, with a separate page for my newly found links, I can add as many as I want to it, and you can just click on it anytime and see what’s there. Be my guest.

~ ~ ~

And now to the third and final subject of this entry — my new (and the last of the) Dunoon mugs that arrived in the post the other day.


and turned a little…


and turned more…


Wow. I am so in love with these mugs. I really like the seaside themed one, with the seagulls and lobster boats… so appropriate for our home.

As for the mug rack situation, they are all hung up on the less-than-sturdy wood rack still but I got word that my new system has been shipped and that I should receive it in a few days’ time. When that happens and I have it all installed (another thing Paul will be doing but in his own good time!) I will update here.

So that’s about it. Just really wanted to let you know about the Links page I made. I’m still swooning over the Yorkshire cottage that I linked to today…such a pretty little place. We can dream…



“What we ardently love, we learn to imitate.”

~ R. Waldo Emerson ~

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5 Responses to Of Tables, Links and Mugs

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    Love the tablecloth on the rectangular table! Can’t wait to see how the others turn out!


  2. Good job well done! Kudos to you and to Paul, too! Kip will love having the extra room to relax in, as well. Looking forward to your next tablecloths. It’s such a clever idea. 🙂


  3. Nina says:

    Beautiful! Job well done! Don’t change a thing!


  4. Bex says:

    Yeah, well, those lime green teatowels will definitely liven up the room, we may have to wear sunglasses while we eat!


  5. Rhubarb says:

    I love the rectanglar table and it looks just perfect right where it is (I can hear Paul saying, “Thank you.”) And the striped towels are a blast. I just have to see that one when it’s done!


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