I Need a Drink

I got a new toy. Well, it’s not so much a toy, although it IS fun, as it is a workhorse.

My new NutriBullet.

Here goes. We went from this:


to this:


In about 5 minutes.

Most of the time is spent assembling what you will put into the NutriBullet. I discovered frozen spinach in place of fresh just because I didn’t have any fresh here. It works fine. I use frozen strawberries that I’d gotten fresh and froze the day they came home, ditto with the blueberries. I also have fresh pineapple that I cut up every week and keep in the fridge. I usually put in a whole banana cut up but today I used about 3/4ths of it just due to space considerationsl. I also put in nuts (walnuts and sliced almonds) today for the first time (this is my 4th time using my NB) and I like the nuts in there. So here is a blow by blow of what happens:

Fill the container up with what you want. Add some water (now I have to say I have on order a supply of Coconut Water which I will be using instead of tap water in the future – ADDENDUM: The coconut water w/pineapple I use is fabulous in this drink rather than plain water. I just use a little, about a half-container which is about 1/2 cup).


Take the bottom (with blades) piece and screw it onto the top of the container (bullet) like so:


Screw that in place good and tight and place it onto the base of the NB. Line up the notches and press down and it will start going. You can let go after it has been whizzing for a couple of seconds:

Once all was whizzed, I added the nuts and ran it again:


Then you turn it right side up and remove the blade unit and screw on the handle unit.


Then you just wash the blade unit under running water and you’re done!


Easy Peasy.

I drink right out of the bullet container with the handle. You also get other pieces, like 2 smaller containers with handles and another blade unit that will make things into flour. Amazing! Like almonds maybe. And you get a very substantial recipe book that I haven’t had time to look through yet with all kinds of tips and recipes, etc.

Anyway, I’m loving mine, and if anyone is interested in getting one, you have my 5-star recommendation that it works as advertised, very well indeed.

So that’s my sales pitch for today. No I am not being paid to say nice things about this thing. I just love it. Plain and simple.

I have one of these smoothies a day now. Usually I have it around lunchtime because I can’t get into eating early in the day for some reason. But it would make a great early breakfast, too. Maybe drink half of it then and the other half at lunchtime. The containers come with screw on tops that make storage easy-peasy too.

(I’ll bet some nice Greek yogurt added to this would be yummilicious!)




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7 Responses to I Need a Drink

  1. Michael says:

    Ooh! I think I fell in love with this gadget from your description and the video. I’ll definitely be looking into it. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Rhubarb says:

    I just looked at the price. Sorry, but it’s more expensive than I can afford as an old white retired lady.


  3. Bex says:

    I should have noted that this costs anywhere from $99 to what I paid which was about $120, but I got it on easy-pay so only $19.99/mo for 5 months.

    It really is just a glorified blender, but it apparently is a bit more powerful. It will take the fruits that are frozen solid and make liquid out of them instantly, not to mention the pulverizing aspect of making flour out of things. I also have some flax seeds coming to put in these drinks. I am so replete now from that whole one this morning, I’m thinking I should cut the ingredients in half next time.


  4. Rhubarb says:

    I love the look of this one! I’m trying not to buy more “stuff” but may have to make an exception in this case.


  5. mz. em says:

    I like your new gadget Bex. When I do my smoothies, I do them in the blender. But, your NutriBullet looks much cooler.


  6. Bex says:

    Reenie, I read somewhere that WalMart carries these NutriBullets, too. I’m sure they are other places, as well (I do not shop at WM because of their unfair personnel practices) like maybe Target. Not sure.


  7. Reenie says:

    Very Kool! When I’m in Nashville, I’m going to take a better look at this. I drink homemade fruit smoothies on and off. Later!


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