Too much of a good thing?


Remembering the souls lost in Nine-Eleven and their families and loved ones on this, the 11th day of September, 2012, eleven years later.

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Today’s Entry:

The dog gods are going to get me now.

I hope I’m not, but I may be, in trouble here today. Concerning the dogs.

You see it all began the other day, when Emma didn’t eat her breakfast.

No, it all began with the fact that Paul always feeds the dogs their breakfasts. He gets up at 4-bloody-15-o’clock in the morning and by 5 a.m. the dogs have had their kibble, Paul has had his giant bowl of homemade granola, etc., and he is off into the world for his day of lobstering. Sometimes he even leaves here earlier if he has to drive down to Gloucester for bait first.

So, the other day Em didn’t eat breakfast. Sometimes that happens, however, I came down (at my usual late hour of around 8 or 8:30) and saw the bowl of kibble, all mushy having soaked up the little water we put in with it, and there was no note anywhere. Usually, if something odd happens in the early a.m., Paul will scribble me a note on paper or on the message board on the fridge. But no note was found. So I assumed it was Emmalee’s breakfast because she is more likely to not eat it than Kip-the-wolfer-down-of-food.

I added a little cottage cheese to the mushy kibble and mixed it all up and in a few minutes I gave it to her and she nibbled at it til it was almost gone. I gave the remainder to Kip.

OK. I started thinking about how I cannot eat any solid food til way into the morning, usually not til after 11 or so (just my one cup of coffee is all I have early), and I thought well, maybe Emma doesn’t like to eat a whole meal that early, as well. So I asked Paul if he would let ME feed them in the mornings (I am also the feeder-of-nighttime-dinners), and he thought about it and finally agreed.

Yesterday was the first day of this new regime. I was hoping, when I came down in the morning, that Paul hadn’t fed them, not remembering our deal. So I fed them and they ate perfectly normally. When Paul came home, I asked him if he’d fed them and he said “No, you said you were going to do it.” Fine.

So yesterday came, and went. Oh, BTW, Andy Murray, formally of Great Britain but really of Scotland, won the U.S. Open Tennis Championship yesterday. I am not a Murray fan but between the two men playing, he was my favorite of them. So Yay!

This morning I was lying in bed as I usually do now that I’m retired, just enjoying various thoughts, when it dawned on me that my poor little puppies might be hungry. It was after 8 o’clock and they were used to eating at around 5, so I got up quickly (for me), dressed, did a few things on the computer upstairs, and came down and happily prepared them their bowls of delights – kibble, a spoonful of cottage cheese, and a big spoonful of the special rice with turmeric that I make for them. Yum. They both dug into their respective dishes and in a flash, they were members of the clean-plate-club.

You remember that club, don’t you?

Personally, I was never a member. I hated to eat as a child and my brother and I would sit for hours at the table after the parents were long gone, staring at our plates of cold yucky food until we finally got sick of that and just stuffed it down our throats and swallowed real hard.

Anyway, today after feeding the dogs, I was getting my cup of coffee prepared, cleaning up a little in the kitchen when I glanced over to the side of the fridge where, on the message board in big black letters was “I FED THE DOGS.”


Panic. I am in full panic mode now. I rush over to the dogs and they are just licking up all the juice with not a morsel of food left in either dish.


Two breakfasts. All I can think of is “torsion of the intestines,” or “bloat” when a dog eats too much and it all expands inside the belly. That is not good. It’s never happened to us with any of our dogs. I don’t know what I should do. There is no way I can manage to get them down to the vet, who never has a quick opening in the schedule anyway, even if I wanted to. Paul is out on the ocean with no phone.

OK. Calm down. I mean, it’s been 3 hours, after all, in between meals. Maybe the first meal was good and digested by the time they ate the second meal? This is what I’m going with. They also are both quite sprite and active this morning, neither one seems weighed down or too full.

There. I’ve admitted my crime, and now, when that man of mine comes home, oh he will get a good talking to. In the future he needs to physically wake me up and TELL ME if he has fed the dogs, not rely on my seeing a note written on a board when I am still groggy with sleep myself!

Ee-gads. Now I will worry all day long. They are both over on the sofa now, having just bark-bark-barked at someone going by in the street. Wish me luck here today with them and pray for a swift digestion in both bellies!

(I think I may ask Paul to go back to doing the breakfast prep from now on, too. Maybe I was too hasty in making such a big change…)

This photo was not taken today. They were just napping by the front door the other day when I caught them like this, keeping a watchful eye on the world going by.

Cheers and gulps,


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11 Responses to Too much of a good thing?

  1. Joan says:

    I just love that pic of them snuggling!!!


  2. mz. em says:

    I, the late comer, will share that in our house, generally I’m first up and Bailey and I have a ritual. First the living room where I shut off the outside light and open the mini’s for some light. Bailey escorts through the kitchen and into the dining room. He’s real cute, ‘cus he high steps and his tail is straight up. The back light is shut off, the blinds pushed back, and if the weather is good, I open the back slider. After that, Bailey hops up to his place on the counter and watches me prepare his food and give him fresh water. Now he is a happy kitty.

    Around noon, Bailey comes along and begins his antics for lunch. This meal is given by me or Michael. Then at 6 p.m. we do it all over again.

    The only thing I have to check on if Michael should arise before me is if he changed out the water bowl. Usually not, so I do that.

    Morning, noon, and night, Bailey gets one-quarter of a can of canned food. Since we refrigerate it, the meal goes into the microwave for 10 seconds. The rest of the day Bailey can nosh on a bowl of dry food.

    So far, the only time we have a problem, is when Bailey eats to fast. Then we find his meal somewhere in the apartment. Ugh!


  3. Bex says:

    UPDATE: Not to worry. The double-decker breakfasts the dogs had yesterday have done no harm. Of course, when 4 o’clock rolled around, who was harping at me for dinner-Mummy? Yep, Kippie the wonder dog. I could not just ignore dinnertime or they would never have left me alone, so they each got a little water in the dish and 2 TBSP of that turmeric rice that I made for them. Rice and water! They seemed happy enough with that and gobbled it all down. Now today we are back on our regular program, Paul does breakfast and I do suppers. The way it should be!

    Just out of curiosity, several people have thought that I live in Maine, and I’m wondering if that’s because our state (Massachusetts) is abbreviated MA whereas Maine is ME, and maybe they thought MA meant Maine? Just curious. I wish we lived in Maine but we don’t. Not too far from it though.


  4. TopsyTurvy says:

    I’m guessing your pups have weathered the day well and are about ready for a long night’s snooze?



  5. Bex says:

    We are in Salem, MA, Eric. About an hour from Portsmouth, NH and I have no idea how far from Tenants Harbor, but many, many hours of driving, I can assure you.


  6. Ericmayer says:

    Oops. I guess I misunderstood where you are. Maine, I know, has a long long coastline. The Pennsylvania mountains are beautiful but I was impressed by the Maine coast. One day Mary and drove to a little cover where the shore was all rocks, surrounded by pines. It was cold and windy, black clouds scudding across the sky, the waves frothing. And, there, unbelievably, all alone, was a fellow playing bagpipes. He treated us to a few selections.


  7. Bex says:

    Eric, I had never heard of Tenants Harbor before so I googled it and found this site all about it. It’s way “down Maine.” That would be quite a little drive from there to Paul’s Lobsters, though. But it sure looks wonderful, and you know I have a soft spot in my heart for Maine, wouldn’t mind living there one little bit! And I join you in wondering why anyone would leave that bit of paradise to go back to PA? Although I have to admit, the little bit I’ve seen of PA was very very beautiful, all along Amish country. It’s a gorgeous state, but give me the coast of Maine any day!


  8. Ericmayer says:

    Here I always thought dogs were designed to eat gluttonously. Hope they’re okay. Also, you’d better hope they don’t expect two breakfasts now.

    I’m like you, I have to be good and awake before I can face solid food. When I worked I never ate breakfast because I had to be at work too early. Now we often eat at 11 am or later,

    Twenty years ago I could’ve directed my parents to Paul’s lobsters. For about ten years they lived in Tenants Harbor. Alas I only visited them once and so don’t know the area at all but just based on the glimpse I got why they decided to return to Pennsylvania is beyond me.


  9. Bex says:

    Oh yes, they will eat themselves sick if we let them. They don’t know about “bloat” which, any vet will tell you, is real and is very dangerous. We give hard kibble in about 1/2 to 1 cup of water but once it sits in the tummy, those nuggets of hard kibble will soften and expand, as witnessed by the dish of food that Em didn’t eat, 3 hours later, much expanded and looking larger than it was.

    Our dogs have always eaten on a time schedule. In fact, they both have clocks in their brains, and every day, no matter what is going on, Kip will begin with me, telling me it’s 4 o’clock and time for food. If I don’t get up right away, Em will come over and give assistance. They will pace and nudge and even “talk” to me until I give in and get them their suppers.


  10. Reenie says:

    It’s odd that some pets are on a feeding schedule, while others eat on demand. I used to have a pet sitting business called Purrs & Wags. One of my assignments was to take care of a kennel of Boykins and they all ate on demand and never over ate and got sick. It’s a mystery! My cat, Roger, ate on demand too and it was never a problem – yet I know some dogs will eat themselves sick… like us humans. 🙂


  11. l'empress says:

    Your dogs are so much like people you’ve forgotten they’re dogs. If it’s there, they’ll eat it. If they didn’t throw it back, you don’t have to worry.


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