Hope and Change In Many Ways

I don’t have any photos for you today, just some thoughts.

The other day I ran into a problem with a favorite web site, The Other Side of the Ocean, in that Nina’s last few entries were not showing up as usual, so I contacted her to let her know, and after a long circuitous route, she and Ed finally figured out what had gone wrong and fixed the problem. In the meantime, the browser “Firefox” was mentioned, and since I had been interested in changing over from my Internet Explorer (IE) at some point, I thought it would be a good time to try out Firefox (FF), so I did.

I put FF on my laptop and later that night I put it on my desktop computer upstairs. It’s a little different, but I wasn’t averse to learning a new browsing set-up. It wasn’t THAT different but a little.

I spent that day fiddling and diddling with it on both computers. After I’d changed to FF, I was having trouble entering comments at Nina’s blog, and she helped me tweak this and twaddle that in my system until I finally was able to successfully enter my comments into her blog.

There was the opportunity to switch back and forth between these two browsers for me (IE and FF), and I found that if I was planning on going to Nina’s blog, I would use IE where I never had any problems before, rather than risk encountering another problem with FF.

On my Laptop, it’s easy to switch back and forth because I have a pop-up box that comes on to say “FF is your default browser, do you want to keep it that way?” or something similar. If I wanted to change over to IE, I’d just click on “no” and poof, I was using IE. But on my computer upstairs, I don’t ever get that pop-up question box.

While I was in the FF mode earlier in the day, I was exploring some of the add-ons they have, and one was the AdBlock option. The Simple AdBlock as opposed to the more complex one I guess. This, if enabled, lets you visit web sites and NOT see any of those irritating ads. I tried it and it was great! I loved it. Sites like newspapers and magazines, which are loaded with aggravating ads flashing at you, some even talking at you, now just showed a blank space where the ads once were. Ahhh… quietude! No Ads has my vote.

However, since I was switching back to IE sometimes, I thought today I’d see if there’s the possibility that IE has an AdBlock similar to FF, and sure enough it does!

Here is the site if anyone has IE and wants to block all those irritationg ads.

I downloaded it for free and followed all the obvious clicks and directions, and away we go! No more ads now.

I just wonder what I’ve had to give up for this pleasure of surfing the internet ad-free. I hope nothing, but I expect something as things are just not that easy for me usually. There is no free lunch, and I’ve always found that axiom to be so true!

~ ~ ~ ~

As for the home front, the dogs are napping, I am typing and watching TV with the mute button on (the best way to watch most shows I’ve found), and an Indian Summer type of breeze is wafting through the open slider doors next to my chair. We’ve been having cooler temps lately and they’ve been so fantastic, especially for sleeping. I just love it when my feet are a little cold in bed, I can always fall asleep faster if I’m a little chilly. But today seems warmer for some reason, so I’m opening all windows for a while today.

Friend Mz. Em tells me that the Autumn Equinox is coming up this weekend, so a change of seasons is right around the corner. That can’t mean we have to change the clocks, can it? I’ll have to go look that up. I am not as in tune with the earth’s cycles as Emily is, so thanks, Em, for the reminder of this.

I’m feeling especially chipper today only because the Red Sox won a ballgame last night against Tampa Bay. My baseball team is down in the dumps this year so winning a game is a really big deal for me. Paul doesn’t seem to care about them anymore. I hope next year’s season will be a lot better!

Hope and Change. I’ll be voting for that, for sure, in more ways than one!




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8 Responses to Hope and Change In Many Ways

  1. mz. em says:

    Gee, I haven’t been on IE in so long I wouldn’t know what to do with it.

    At the moment, I am going between Firefox and Chrome. It took a long time to wean me over to FF and now I’m in the same place with Chrome. I tend to like FF better but then there are times when Chrome is the one to use. Michael likes Chrome best.

    I’m with Rhu in that I wish they would leave the time changing alone. Since I don’t live by the clock, it takes me about a week for my body to adjust to the change. We are still getting the same amount of daylight a day whether we leap forward or fall back.

    I like the new look Bex!


  2. Michael says:

    I’ve used AdBlock for Chrome for so long now that I’ve almost forgotten what banner ads look like. For Facebook users, it also blocks the annoying ads that can ruin that experience.

    If the Red Sox are going to be better next year, they have a lot of work to do this winter. They have the money behind them, so it’s more a matter of making smart choices. By the way, Liverpool is having the same kinds of problems.


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    When sleeping, I like my bedroom to be cool and my feet to be warm. If my feet are cold, I can’t sleep.

    Thanks for the AdBlock info, Bex. I’ll have to take a look at that…


  4. t.s. says:

    Sounds like life is on a steady and upbeat roll at Crow’s Cottage. Clocks and time are some bothersome. I don’t know how the working class can keep up with it all!


  5. Bex says:

    Actually, I don’t run my life anymore by the clock. I very rarely have to be anywhere at a special time, so a lot of my clocks here never even get changed. Paul never changes the clock in his truck either, nor do I change the one in my car. The digital clocks can whistle for the right time in this house because we just don’t care about it.

    Beanie, that AdBlock I am using is the Simple AdBlock, and they have more but the simple one does the trick… simply.


  6. Beanie says:

    The thing I like best about Firefox is the “xmarks” feature, that saves your preferences and passwords between computers. I am definitely going to check out the adblock option!


  7. l'empress says:

    When you’re checking on changing the clocks, be sure you use an American website. I have a “solar clock,” controlled by a satellite; I had it for a couple of years before I figured out that its satellite is a European one; I usually have a week or two in the spring or fall when my clock is off by one hour.


  8. Rhubarb says:

    Clocks change November 4th this year. I wish they’d just leave it alone. The farce that somehow we’re “saving electricity” always annoys me, and it’s a pain running around changing all the clocks. (grumble)

    I love your technical terms: fiddling and diddling, tweak and twaddle. I’ll have to remember them when explaining things to my techie friend. 😉


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