With Three You Get Eggroll

A lot of you may know Kenny Wyland. He invented JounalScape where some of you and I now happily reside in journal-land. Well, for a while now I’ve been reading some of Kenny’s personal journal entries and I have to say, he does a yeoman’s job at presenting a fair review of current events and topics.

Recently, Kenny presented us with three journal entries that I thought were worthy of spreading around, so I hereby am linking them to my page in hopes that you will take a few minutes and read all three of them. They are not long at all but have some important information in them. You may already know this information, or you may not, and if not, I hope these three entries will be of interest and enlightening.

Three Recent Blog Entries by Kenny Wyland

An Elegant Explanation of Romney’s 47% Failure

* * * *

The RNC and the Lie of “You Didn’t Build It.”

* * * *

Why Am I Voting for Barack Obama?

* * * *

I want to hereby thank Kenny Wyland for building this JournalScape site. It’s not fancy with bells and whistles like some others are, but it’s clean, neat, and simple but more importantly, to me anyway, it’s simple and easy to use. Thank you, Kenny, and good luck with your new blog

Oh, and as the title of this blog says, here’s your eggroll, please take one and enjoy!



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5 Responses to With Three You Get Eggroll

  1. mz. em says:

    Thank you for sharing Bex. Kenny is right on and I hope he keeps writing.


  2. t.s. says:

    Thanks for posting! Wondered who started journalscape…


  3. Michael says:

    Republican politicians “want Obama to lose more than they want America to recover.” That’s the dichotomy in one elegant nutshell.


  4. Bex says:

    You’re welcome, Harriet. I wrote to Ken and he said it was fine that I’ve linked to his entries. There are more good entries of his at his blog, too.


  5. l'empress says:

    You’re right; he’s good. I may yet borrow some of that to give me the words I need. Thank you!


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