Chips Off The Old Block…

I got a new toy. It was not expensive, it is simple, and it did the job as advertised! Three good things.

It’s a Mastrad potato/vegetable chip maker, here’s the box it came in:

click to enlarge

I got this idea the other day when Paul came home with 2 large bags of Lays potato chips. He’d gone food shopping for his folks, and they always get a large bag of these chips. When he was at the store, these chips were on sale 2-for-the-price-of-1, so he got 2. He told me he didn’t want to bring both bags over there so he was leaving one here and would take it over there next week.

Now…the thing is that I love potato chips. Potatoes have to be my favorite of all veggies on the earth, in fact. So I told him that I could not be held responsible if that bag of chips disappeared during the next week. I’m just sayin….

And it did.

Disappear, that is. Over a week I ate all of them. Paul doesn’t like chips (figures, huh?). I felt so guilty but I could not control myself. This is one of my worst weaknesses.

So, I thought that if I could really learn how to make homemade potato chips here, they might not be quite so bad for me. I went looking and immediately found this baby for about $20 or so. It came last night while we were having supper. I opened it in front of Paul and he looked quizzical. I said that it would save a lot of money, and I asked him how much that bag of Lays was, and he said, “where is it?” and I said “Oh it’s long gone….” He was not too happy about that.

So today was the day I tried out my new toy. And it worked great. Here is how it went. I used one Idaho russet potato, and I did NOT peel it. I like chips with the peel on the edge. I had a really cheap plastic mandoline that I’d never used before and I cut the tip off the potato and ran it over it, and it made the perfect really thin potato slice ever!

You can get this product WITH the mandoline but I didn’t. I just got the two rubber cooking “plates”.

Microwave chip cooker:

click to enlarge

This is what the potatoes looked like once they were sliced up:

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Chips cooking in microwave.

click to enlarge

The directions say cook one level for 3 minutes. You can stack these things but I didn’t. I’d read reviews by previous buyers that they cook better singly, so I cooked them for 3 minutes but they needed a bit more so I went to 4 minutes. That was perfect.

Finished potato chips:

click to enlarge

I tried spraying some with Pam and a little fine salt added. But to tell the truth, these chips taste fine without anything on them! But you can jazz them up however you like. Spicy chips, salty, vinegar-y chips, whatever floats your boat.

click to enlarge

First batch is done here:

click to enlarge

This is three batches done:

click to enlarge

You can see they are very thin and very crispy:

click to enlarge

* * * * *

So there we go. I will never buy potato chips again. In the instructions it says you can make potato, carrot, sweet potato, apple, pear, or mango chips. Haven’t tried fruit yet but I will one day soon. Apple chips could be interesting.

I’d say that one potato (which was medium and not large) made a total of about 80 chips if you go by the booklet that says you can fit about 20 chips at once on the rubber plate (it’s called “TopChips”). The brand name is Mastrad and I found this on amazon, natch.

I think carrot chips might really be interesting next. I have a large bag of carrots lying around doing nothing at the mo….

Cheers for veggies!


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4 Responses to Chips Off The Old Block…

  1. mz. em says:

    You love chips and I love pretzels. I’ve made my own potato chips but I lightly fried them in oil. I think your new method just may be easier.


  2. Bex says:

    There is no oil involved (except if you want to spray on Pam to make the salt stick) but you don’t fry these, you only microwave them.

    And TT, they taste surprisingly delicious. Much better, IMO, than store-bought. Much more wholesome tasting. You could also soak the slices in cold water for 30 minutes go get a lot of the starch out. I will try doing that next time and report back. The chips were very thin and crispy. I tried the last batch at 3.5 minutes and they weren’t quite there yet, so at least 4 minutes. Just for a two-or-three person serving for a meal,one russet potato does the trick. I actually put a tiny bit of salt on one batch before microwaving them and that was plenty.

    The instructions say to only use the veggies/fruits I mentioned…nothing about bananas – and it did say that “this is not a dehydrator” so I don’t think bananas would work.


  3. l'empress says:

    Root vegetables like sweet potatoes and even beets make great chips. I didn’t buy them, they were served at a party I attended, so I don’t know a brand — if there was one.

    I have tried to find similar chips in the stores, but nothing copared. I have always said that if the vegetables and the oil were good, you don’t even need salt. (We used to buy Charles’ chips for my dad — most expensive but definitely worth it.)


  4. TopsyTurvy says:

    Sounds interesting! But how do they taste compared to store-bought potato chips?

    Me, I don’t do potato chips anyhow because potatoes are so carby. But I’d think about doing other fruits and vegetables. I love sweet potato fries and chips.

    I’m surprised they didn’t say anything about bananas in your instructions.


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