It’s All About the Eggs

In The Telegraph recently, it is reported that “using sophisticated maths and a process known as data mining, scientists have uncovered a statistical relationship between a person’s character, lifestyle and social class and whether they like their eggs boiled, fried, scrambled or as an omelette.

In the new study, the research team found that

– “poached egg eaters are outgoing, listen to upbeat music and are happier

– boiled egg consumers are disorganised

– fried egg fans have a high sex drive

– scrambled egg aficionados are guarded, and

– omelette eaters are self-disciplined.”

Also,it was discovered that:

– “the average poached egg-eater is likely to have two children and no more than one sibling and is more likely to be a woman than a man

– boiled egg-eaters have a tendency to be careless and impulsive

– fried egg-eaters are most likely to be younger and male and most frequently found among the skilled working classes

– scrambled egg-eaters are more likely than other types to be in managerial or senior-level jobs and also to own their own home, and

– omelette eaters are likely to have a tidy home.”

~ ~ ~ ~

So which are you?

I didn’t see anything about microwaving your egg in a little butter til it’s just barely done and a little fluffy. I think they need to go back to their study and add some parameters. I do boil eggs now and then to have for egg salad and to add a cooked egg to an otherwise boring plain salad. Careless and impulsive? Impulsive yes. But I do care about stuff. Sometimes too much.



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12 Responses to It’s All About the Eggs

  1. Nina says:

    Love, love love eggs and the total simplicity that they call for. Scrambled with chives. Boiled for breakfast. Harder in the boil for a salad. Fried over anything. How could any one ingredient offer so much for so little?!


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    Put me in with the ‘I’ll take an egg any way I can get it’ group. I like them poached, fried, I make a mean omlette, and I enjoy fluffy scrambled eggs too. Oh, and Eggs Benedict and Egg McMuffins are favorites, too.


  3. l'empress says:

    Sounds like another case of someone with too much time on his/her hands. Really! There is not one word about those of us who like eggs all ways. The only way I won’t eat them is burned.

    I can, incidentally, make a perfect hard-cooked egg as well as a perfect four-minute egg. I have also stirred a beaten egg into hot chicken broth, which was very good way back when I had morning sickness.


  4. mz. em says:

    This was very interesting reading. Me, I like my eggs any way I can get them. When I was working, I would scramble the eggs in the microwave. It was so much quicker but on the weekends I would cook them up the usual way. I think they taste better that way.


  5. Neva Williams says:

    lol! I like all of the above methods … I wonder if that means I’m indecisive, failure to commit, or maybe just open to more things in life. 🙂

    That is interest though, that they’d come to these conclusions.


  6. Betty Lou says:

    Thanks, Bex…. sounds good……I’ll try it your way…..


  7. Bex says:

    Betty Lou – What I do is put a tiny bit (half-pat) of butter all over a shallow bowl/dish – like I’m greasing it for baking, and then I crack one egg into the dish. I use a fork and whisk it all up as if to make scrambled egg. I put a paper towel over it and a plastic cover made for microwaves that has holes all throughout it so it won’t dirty up the sides of the microwave… and I cook it on high for 30 to 45 secondsl. If it’s only 30 seconds, it’s not quite done, but if I let it go 60 seconds it’s too done. I like it just barely done. I think that the dish needs to be fairly shallow and not deep. YOu don’t want a deep center of egg, I use a cereal bowl that is quit shallow.

    What makes it fluffy is the whisking it with the fork beforehand. Or sometimes I just break an egg into the dish and cook it like that, maybe for a whole minute and then I have sunnyside up. Which I like too.


  8. Betty Lou says:

    When you microwave eggs, how many seconds do you cook them? Covered? Uncovered? I have tried to microwave eggs, and I always have to set the time twice because they are never completely cooked in the center the first time. And I agree with Sandy about liking eggs any way they are cooked….and that was an odd study.


  9. Rhubarb says:

    I tell you, people will study just about anything, no matter how trivial, these days. I wonder what the choice of topics says about the creators of the studies….

    By the way, I’m with you. I take a little leftover rice or whatever, mix the eggs in with it, and microwave. Yum! I guess you could call them scrambled.


  10. Joan says:

    I grew up eating my eggs from an egg cup. My grandmother was Welsh born and she taught us to eat our eggs that way. We also always had a cup of tea before school in the mornings!

    If I’m making the eggs, I like them hard boiled or scrambled. I f I’m eating breakfast at a diner, I love omelettes with cheese and asparagus!


  11. Bex says:

    Same here, Sandy. I do like eggs although don’t eat them a lot. But the only way I haven’t really eaten them is cooked in the shell so it’s still runny and sitting it in a little egg-cup and cracking the top open and eating right out of the shell. They do that a lot in Britain I’ve noticed (like the picture in that article online) but I’d get some of the shell in my spoon and in my mouth and not sure that would be a good way to start off the day!


  12. sandy from iowa says:

    I like my eggs any way they can be cooked…odd study it was :-))


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