Plutocrat in his own words

If you have ever heard of or have seen Glenn Beck who used to be on FOX TV but I believe now has been relegated to radio only, watch this brief video of MittWitt:

This man, this PLUTOCRAT, may well become the leader of our country very soon if we don’t open our eyes and minds to what is happening here. This is very scary indeed.

If you’ve never listened to a sampling of this nut, here’s one for you:

No cheers for the Plutocracy that we are becoming,


P.S. More eye-opening data:

2 0 1 2

Re-Elect Obama / Biden

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4 Responses to Plutocrat in his own words

  1. Lord help us if the GOP wins! If that happens, I may apply for Korean citizenship.

    I voted absentee ballot. I sure hope they don’t “lose” it at the Maine Elections Division of the “Bureau of Corporations, Elections, and Commissions.” That’s one scary combination of agencies!


  2. t.s. says:

    If he’s elected, it will be four more years of painful comedy.


  3. Ericmayer says:

    How can so many Americans be on the verge of voting for this miserable excuse for a human being. That’s what makes me despair. What is the matter with so many people?


  4. l'empress says:

    Mitt, who evidently suffers from Romnesia, reminds me of a description of someone else. I don’t remember who it was, just that it fits here:

    A legend in his own mind.


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