And the winner was….

Absolutely no question in my mind – Obama was the clear winner.

I read that before the debate, Romney had told his family he was feeling sick to his stomach and that he wanted to be able to “eat solid food again after this campaign is over.”

He actually looked sweaty, clammy, paler than usual, and like he was about to throw up thru most of the debate.

He agreed with just about every single issue Obama talked about. He was a “yes” man tonight. Not a leader.

Obama was great. I know, I’m biased, but that’s because I believe the President is a great man and an even better President. He did not waver once in the whole 90 minutes and never made weird faces, like the MittWitt did several times or more.

Oh yes, I am feeling much better. Now if the spin doctors would just shut their faces and we could have this election, I could sleep at night maybe.

Of course, Paul telling me tonight that he would “not be voting for Romney” was the biggest gift I could have been given. Except for Obama winning, of course.

So what did you all think? Did you even watch? Or listen?


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5 Responses to And the winner was….

  1. mz. em says:

    right Mitt did not look well. I was surprised by his being a yes man. I thought the President handled himself well. And yes, “Captains and the Kings” is an excellent book to read.


  2. Smartiplants says:

    I personally was disgusted with last night’s debate and would give real money to throw out both candidates and start off fresh with better choices.


  3. karen cheesbro dicicco says:

    Bex, Have you ever read “Captains and Kings,” by Taylor Caldwell?

    I think it is a story that everyone should read. I did not watch any of the debates as I have enough stress in my life but thanks for the updates.


  4. Bex says:

    Nina: I completely agree with you. I listened to a local call-in talk radio show ALL night long (I can never sleep anymore) and although a lot of the callers gave the win to Obama (it was so lopsided – Romney was the “yes” man the whole way through) they (the repubs) said they will still vote for him. Some marine called up about 4:30 a.m. and said that no man in uniform would vote for Obama because he is effeminate and a “pansy” – honest to god. The host of the show, who happens to lean right, was in shock and could not believe he said this. The next guy was a military type also and he basically echoed those sentiments, that the President was a weakling and couldn’t hold his own in a fight.

    Men! Who invented that species anyway? Although now it is a lot of the older white women-for-Romney I am more afraid of.

    They are BOTH dangerous, Nina, yours and mine and I just wish this election would happen already and put us out of our misery!


  5. Nina Camic says:

    Yay Paul for noting the dangerousness of MR.

    Here’s what I thought: MR deliberately did not distance himself much from Obama in foreign policy. Most Americans at this point don’t seem to care about foreign policy. In this way, he can make it all about the economy and how he and only he can magically bring the silver spoon to every man woman and child living here. If an “on the fence” person was afraid of MR’s wild foreign war inclinations, they were reassured tonight that he was just like Obama.

    So I think he was coached 100% to say what he said and I think he isn’t even paying much attention to what he’s saying anymore. He just wants your vote.

    Dangerous man. But less so than his Wisconsin sidekick.

    You and I will certainly be tense two weeks from tomorrow.


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