Rescued from the brink

Look at that cute little footstool above. It’s not ours but a photo of one like ours. Click on it and go to the Ebay page where this is for sale…

And here is another photo of one that didn’t live the privileged life that the one above lived:

This little wooden footstool was made by the Cushman Colonial Creations company out of Vermont, I don’t know when.

Well, the relevance of this is that we have a little Cushman footstool living at Crow Cottage now but it was not always so.



This guy has just finished having a bath and a good rubbing of Boos wood cream. Doesn’t he look smashing?

This is where he lives now, on the countertop holding fruit:


Normally, I wouldn’t even mention a thing like a wooden footstool, but this guy is special to me. He has belonged to Paul’s folks for probably his whole life, although I do not know how old he actually is. They are both in their 90’s and more than likely they bought him early on in their marriage, so maybe 60-70 years ago. Not sure, but I’ll have to see.

The reason I am so in love with this footstool (now dubbed the “fruit-stool”) is because 2 days ago, when I went down to the street to add two more bags to our trash barrels, there, sitting on top of our trash barrel, was this little guy – thrown out to be smushed up by the trash truck.

I could not believe it! That darn Paul. He is desperately trying to de-clutter our house and he is deathly afraid of ever becoming a “hoarder” – I don’t know why except that I am a bit of a saver-of-things and he feels a little crowded in here with all my stuff. But as for himself, he has always been one to just throw stuff out the minute he is done with it. Sometimes stuff that he has needed later, too!

Well, this footstool, that has been in his family for years and years, was one of the items that he recently cleared out of his folks’ apartment. They have both recently moved from their independent living apartment over to a skilled nursing area at the same complex where they can be taken care of by professionals ’round the clock. They are in two separate rooms, too, but at least they are on the same floor level so they can visit each other if they wish. But Paul has until the end of this month, which is only 5 days away, to get all their belongings out of there. Granted, it’s only a one bedroom apartment, but they had downsized from a large house in Maine to this apartment about 10 years ago, and still were hanging on to some stuff they didn’t need everyday. So it’s been quite a job for him and his sister.

Paul and his folks one Christmas in their apartment up on the 4th floor:


And I found little “fruit-stool” here out in the trash! Well, as you can see, I rescued him, brought him in and bathed him in warm soapy water and then gave him a good rub-down with my Boos wood cream.

Isn’t he lovely now?


Using him as a foostool wasn’t going to work for us so I looked and looked around to see where he would best fit in, and lo and behold I found the perfect job for him…holding our weekly supply of fresh fruits!


These are the labels on his underbelly, and although I haven’t actually read the whole of them yet, I plan to do that soon. It does say “Second” on the underside, as well, and Paul says that is why he tossed it out! The nerve!



I’m glad I found it out there. This little guy will live here with us for as long as he wants to stay.



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14 Responses to Rescued from the brink

  1. Bex says:

    Yes Nina… but staying “away” from the storm is hard to do when it will be all around us! Paul will probably be off work for two days or three. This storm is supposed to go from Sunday p.m. thru Wednesday! So here we go. I will update here when or if I can.


  2. Nina Camic says:

    Speaking of weather (!) you and especially Paul stay safe and away from the storm, you hear??


  3. sandy from iowa says:

    I also remember how chilly it was and we had to shop for a head covering for me…my ears was chilled like icecream bars.
    You would think living in Iowa i would be use to it:-)


  4. sandy from iowa says:

    THANKS FOR PHOTOS ..I still have everything I got that day and other days..That was a dream trip and never will be forgotten.
    I wish I could find such great boot sales around here.
    Remember also..I didnt know the money very well and would hold out all my coins and let them pick them out for what i got..they could have taken me for a cleanning but they was such kind folks and never would have done that.
    Thanks again for photos


  5. Bex says:

    Thanks Sandy for stopping by! I know you and your “finds” and you are very well-learned about what things are valuable and what aren’t.

    Remember when we went to Yorkshire together and we found that car boot sale the first day? That was so much fun.

    Sandy (center) mulling over a possible purchase at the car boot sale in Thirsk, N. Yorkshire, England, 2002, and Paul to her right in blue sweatshirt.

    L-R: Sandy,Bex,Paul & Jean B. standing at our self-catering cottage in Rosedale, North Yorkshire, England, 2002


  6. sandy from iowa says:

    Nice old stool..looks great after the oil being put on it.
    I go curbing every sunday nite when weather is nice…folks put trash and treasures on curb and sometimes they are really nice and I haul back home clean it up and resell it or keep


  7. Nina Camic says:

    When you first described it, I imagined it was bigger. At the wee size, it’s totally adorable as a fruit stool. Was it that people had little feet? Did they really use it as a foot stool??

    It’s a gem. I’m NOT a keeper of stuff, but I would have kept that one. Though my sympathies are with Paul: all my life I’ve been trying to throw out stuff that my family insists we keep. It’s a losing battle.


  8. Reenie says:

    So precious – the stool and the story.


  9. Rhubarb says:

    Totally clever use for the little footstool. I wouldn’t have thought of it–you are so creative!


  10. Bex says:

    Sare – NO WAY?????!!!!! That is too funny! Bizarre too. Glad you got it. Paul says that the minute I die, the stool is going out in the trash – again!!!



  11. Sare says:

    Oh My Gosh Rebecca!!! And I have the exact same stool that came from way back in David’s Family too!! How bizarre! I LOVE that little footstool!!


  12. Bex says:

    Joan! Our trash usually gets picked here, too, and I was just lucky on Wednesday that I got out there first thing after I got up to see it. Normally there are strange cars driving through the neighborhood on trash days looking for good stuff.

    And if you click on the top picture, I think, it will show you this exact “vintage cricket footstool” for sale on Ebay for $75!!!!


  13. Joan says:

    *swat on the head


  14. Joan says:

    OMG!! Paul needs a seat on the head!!!that stool is adorable! Our trash gets “picked” by people in our town all of the time and I can tell you that someone would have grabbed that immediately!


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