News Flash! News Alert! Extry-Extry! Read All About It!

Look what came home!

Old row boat

The old rowboat, or dinghy if you will. Just two days ago this little guy was at the bottom of the harbor/ocean, glug-glug-a-glug. Drowned. A goner. Sleeping with the fishes.

But now…

Old rowboat

… here it is at home again. Safe and not-quite-so-sound but in one piece, sort of. As you can see, it needs some surgery/repairs done but we think, in time, it will be functional again.

However, it is not to be the main dinghy again. Paul is having a new fiberglass dinghy built by his cousin, who runs a boatyard and builds boats, and that one will move up into the lead role as Head Dinghy when it’s built. At that time, this dinghy will become First Spare Dinghy and the one he is using now, the one he got on CraigsList, will become Second Spare Dinghy.

Never before, in the history of this lobster operation, have there been two spare dinghys (or is it “dinghies”?). So we are feeling rich in dinghys at the moment.

Nothing much new to report other than this. I’m waiting for the President to come out for his news conference – oh here he is now… see you all later.



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8 Responses to News Flash! News Alert! Extry-Extry! Read All About It!

  1. Bex says:

    No, Mike, he’s not quite there yet, you are right. But once the New dinghy is built and put into the water, the Second Spare Dinghy is brought home to rest and stored in the yard near the First Spare Dinghy, then and only then will we be dinghy-replete. We should be good-to-go from there on out as far as dinghies are concerned.


  2. Michael says:

    I guess it’s possible to have too many dinghies, but it doesn’t sound like Paul’s there yet.


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Well, if anyone should be dinghy-rich, I’m thinking it should be a fisherman. Glad you found her! 😀


  4. Betty Lou says:

    Happy for Paul !


  5. sandy from iowa says:

    So glad he found it…this way he knows it is back home and not sunk in water forever.


  6. t.s. says:

    The unthinkable, I mean, the unsinkable, has happened! Awesome.


  7. Bex says:

    Heh, yes Eric,it’s a little dinged up. Chopped up is more accurate. It’s all a matter of flotation (or is it floatation? I really need to learn to spell. Oh, apparently it’s either/or…)

    Paul discovered that the most recently purchased dinghy has flotation inside the seat built right in. So that means if it goes belly-up, it will not sink. Unlike the dinghy pictured here which has no flotation built into it. This is something that Paul wants to rectify and something he is asking his cousin Ralph to include in the design of his new fiberglass dinghy. It was luckly that Paul spotted this dinghy on the bottom of the harbor just by accident while coming in the other day. It had to be 15 feet down under the surface.


  8. Ericmayer says:

    So the poor dinghy is kind of dinged up.


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