The Eleventh of December (for lack of a better title)

Now that I’ve got this pretty Christmas decor in my blog, I cannot come up with fodder for an entry, so I’ll just wing it.

It’s been raining a lot here, so it’s been dark and depressing. I’ve had some very disturbing dreams lately, in the few hours around dawn that I usually get to sleep after lying awake, tossing and turning, for the entire night/morning before that time. For some reason, when I see the digital clock hit 4 a.m., my body relaxes, or my mind, and I drift off into a dream. Last night I had such a vivid dream about old friends and a kitty-cat who were in trouble, that I woke up all in a sweat and had to get out of bed and go into the bathroom just to shake out of it.

A lot of times my dreams take control of my operating system and I can’t shake them out. Some dreams are very involved and all day I will remember bits of them, but the strangest thing is that at the end of the day, when the dream/story has all but disappeared from my present memory, when I climb back into my bed at night, the minute my head hits the pillow and I close my eyes, there I am again, IN THE DREAM from the night before. It’s like I’ve just opened the door into the dream by being back in the bed where it was produced. It’s like the dream has been living there in my bed all day, just waiting for me to join it again.

I also can wake up out of a dream, shake it out a bit by walking around, and be totally awake but then go back to sleep and right back into the same dream where I left off. How can this be?

For these reasons, which have been my sleep patterns for most of my life, I have come to the belief system that dreams are just as much a reality life plane as our waking life plane is. They are another dimension of our lives. A parallel universe, if you will (Rod Serling is coming into my mind’s view right now).

* * * * * * * *

In the life department here, it’s been the same old/same old for us. Paul hasn’t gotten out lobstering a lot lately due to all the wet windy weather. However, he did get out today finally, and he’s glad of it. Oh how he hates to be cooped up her with me all day! He does have his own work to do in his basement workshop where he does all his trap and gear work. He never is really without a project down there, but sometimes he will just go up to his desk and sort through his bills, and/or his parents’ bills (he does their finances for them now), and then will retire over to his bed, put the light on and read his stash of reading material that piles up on his bedside table. It’s all British material, mostly Yorkshire stuff. Like the magazines that we subscribe to: Dalesman, Cumbria, The Countryman, Scotland, and Britain magazines. Oh, and his favourite, Down Your Way. That last one is a nostalgia magazine with the articles written by the readers about their lives in years gone by. Yorkshire people telling true and very interesting stories of growing up in Yorkshire (our favourite place on earth, if you hadn’t figured that out yet!).

I’ve got all my Christmas preparations (which isn’t all that much this year) done. Just a few gifts for Paul left to wrap. All my far-away friends’ gifts have been sent, and most received by now. A quiet holiday will be had by us here. As usual.

I have started two projects. Well, I have one going and one is coming. Actually I started the second one, which is to make crochet or knitted cafe curtins for over the kitchen sink. I started to crochet them out of string but it was way too hard on my hands and was taking me forever, AND I didn’t have a pattern I was following but was just making it up as I went along. Not a recipe for success.

So I shelved that and ordered some white yarn and downloaded a pattern for cafe curtains – to be knitted this time. Kind of lacy looking. These are the curtains (I’ll need two):

Straight on view of the pattern:

And the other project I can’t talk about here because the person I’m making it for might read this. I won’t get it done for about another year anyway. It’s very slow-going and my hands can only do so much handwork at a time.

Better end here. I almost lost this whole entry.

Ta ra friends. Until next time…



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16 Responses to The Eleventh of December (for lack of a better title)

  1. Bex says:

    I wouldn’t say no to some property in Ireland, if anybody’s got some they want to give away…


  2. Reenie says:

    Alas, I rarely remember dreams. I�m told we all dream every night so I must, but I never have any recall. Perhaps they�re not significant enough? If dreaming is an extension of real life� well, there you have it. *smiling*

    The curtains are marvelous!

    Two summers ago I went on a tear about maybe buying property in Ireland. It�s highly unlikely now, but a girl can dream, can�t she? Which brings me full circle.


  3. Bex says:

    I like the idea of matching dish towels because there are some pretty dish towels out there now. For now I put two dark red placemats (using the clip-on curtain rings to hold them) in front of the windows. They only take up about half of the window surface but they block the neighbors from watching me cook – I always feel like I’m in a fishbowl while cooking there at night with the lights on.


  4. mz. em says:

    I like those cafe curtains. Good luck with them. When I had a kitchen with windows, I always made my own curtains with matching dish cloths. You are such an inspiration.


  5. Bex says:

    Actually TT it’s a very rare day when I doze off in the afternoons, hardly ever. But now and then when I do, it feels lovely. I am up at 7 each day (more or less) and my biggest problem is probably lack of exercise because I can’t move much without extreme pain. Also, I hate staying up late and go to bed around 9 at the latest at night, so that makes for a long night. But like I said, this has been my sleep pattern for all my life, and I used to run 7 miles a day back when I was a normal human being, so I can’t blame that. I did used to stay up much later when I was younger, but I just want to curl up under my duvet early these days. I don’t like the idea of taking prescription meds, either.


  6. TopsyTurvy says:

    Well, if being around XH when he was having realistic dreams and finally went to a sleep clinic is any help at all, it sounds like you’re sleeping so little that you’re not getting enough dream-state REM sleep. Because of that when you do get into REM sleep you have very vivid dreams

    Honestly, I would suggest foregoing your afternoon naps – or limiting them to no more than about 15 minutes – as that could be what’s keeping you awake at night. (If I sleep extra during the day I always end up paying for it by not being able to go to sleep until 3AM or later.)

    When XH had his sleeping problems they prescribed clorazepam for him. It did help, though he had problems with waking up in the morning. (Could be they just needed to lower the dosage.)

    BTW, LOVE the curtains!


  7. Bex says:

    Thanks Beanie! Deep breathing…I’ll give it a try.

    That really is spooky about your dream…


  8. Beanie says:

    I agree with you about dreams. There is a lot more to them than most people think. I have several times had dreams that then came true; the most powerful one was dreaming that I was married with two kids, and living in a house with some godawful wallpaper. More than ten years later when I was house hunting, (and was married with two kids) I walked into that exact house, with that exact wallpaper, and I knew the entire floor plan without ever having been there! It was freaky!
    As far as sleeping, I learned in LaMaze class that their deep breathing exercises will put me to sleep within 10 minutes. It might be worth researching and trying..


  9. sandy from iowa says:

    love the top of your blog…the fuzzies trying out being reindeers.
    Love the windows..they will look great knitted.
    I too have odd dreams that are so real…at times i wish I was living the dream rather than just having it


  10. Bex says:

    We used to get Evergreen and got hundreds of copies of those but Paul seems to like the “Down Your Way” better now. Similar being old-time stories. We had to weed out some of them, it was getting too expensive. Never knew there was one for Northumbria (is it called that?) either… we’ve been there and loved it so will look into it, Eric. THANKS!


  11. Eric Mayer says:

    Mary suggests the magazines Northumbria and for nostalgia Evergreen.

    I actually had the unusual, for me experience, of leaving and re-entering the same dream a few times one early morning last week. What wasn’t unusual was that it hung around me all day. That often happens. I can’t seem to emerge from the atmosphere of the dream for hours after I am awake.

    I think you are right about dreams being part of our reality as much as our waking experiences. Everything we experience while awake actually takes place in our minds, no different from what we experience in dreams. Not do we, while awake, experience directly, in its raw from, whatever Unknowable is out there. Waking our minds process the unknowable one way, dreaming it processes it a different way.


  12. Bex says:

    That’s funny, L’Empress. I usually increase my screen size to 125% and that might make it easier to read. I can’t remember what font I’m using…

    Rhu, I tried the melatonin tablets but they did nothing for my sleep, or lack thereof. So I quit taking them. I do take 2 Advil PM’s each night but not sure they do anything either. I did hear of a new product, like Ny-Quil, called ZZZ-Quil for people who can’t sleep. Might try that soon.

    I just cannot sleep, except in the middle to late afternoon in my recliner chair when the sun is setting and the house is all quiet-like…zzzzz


  13. Rhubarb says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the curtains. Some of the yarns that are available nowadays hold up well in sunlight and washing machines. I think that window looks lovely, as does your blog with all its Christmas decorations.

    I take melatonin to help me sleep when I’m all wound up about something and my mind is going a million miles an hour and won’t let go of whatever it is. Thing is, the melatonin gives me very vivid and really unusual dreams, so I don’t take it often. Not bad dreams, exactly, but highly engaging and realistic, even a bit scary or stressful. Liked your comments about dreams–the dream world may be as real, in a psychological sennse, as the waking world.


  14. l'empress says:

    I have this thing about sans serif fonts; I read errors all the time. So I noticed that you ordered some white yam and was all ready to send you a wonderful recipe…and realized that it was white yarn and I was on a different page entirely.

    At least I don’t dream in fonts, or I’d never get any rest.


  15. Bex says:

    I was just explaining to Paul the other day that I have had dreams occuring in two homes I’ve lived in, one in Salem when I was single and one where I grew up in Marblehead. My dreams have never taken place in any of the other 10 or 11 places I’ve lived. Only those two places. And I have new stories that occur in those two places all the time, different stories but with the same characters in them, especially my old (deceased) pets. They are in my dreams a lot. Some are good dreams and some are not. But they are always vivid and real to me.


  16. t.s. says:

    The account of your dream life fascinates me. I also feel like another set of characters comes marching out of me when I sleep and come back when I’m awake. They are independent of me and live a more real life than me. At least, it often seems that way…


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