Daily Photo Shoot – Day 2

It takes me a while to wake up in the mornings, and here it is a Saturday morning and what’s showing on my Old Movies channel today?


A movie called — oh no, I forget the name of it… oh wait…

I took a picture showing the info on the movie! “King’s Row” starring Ronald Reagan and Bob Cummings, made in 1942, with Ann Sherican also. A good little flick. I missed some of it when Paul came in to talk to me about something. I love old movies.

(Ignore the date stamp on some of my photos. I tried enabling that on my camera but I didn’t “reset” the date properly and it’s showing 2002! I’ll have to figure out how to edit the date.)



Note above the TV the print we have of Whitby Harbour by Moonlight. We got that print in Whitby (North Yorkshire, UK) during one of our trips there, I think it may have been 1998) and it wasn’t expensive but we loved it so much. We brought it home and it sat rolled up for a long time until we got around to taking it up to the Framing Store up the street (they offered a discount on framing), and we had it professionally framed then. The frame cost a lot more than the print cost us, but it’s got non-glare glass over it and I get to gaze lovingly into the moonlit beauty of Whitby Harbour all the time while I’m in this room.

It’s my favourite place in the world. You can just barely see, thru the fog in the picture, the remains of Whitby Abbey on the cliff in the upper right. I always imagine I can hear the jingle jangle sounds of the big boats rocking with the gentle waves in the harbour…

And to round off this photo shoot for today, and not having to move out of my chair, here’s the rest of the contingent:



Kip in his favourite position. Flat on his back…I think it feels good on his spine to lie out flat like that.

So that’s it for the 2nd February 2013 photo shoot from Crow Cottage. Not earth shattering photos but it is what it is.


Bex & Co.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Click Here to join us on our day out in

Yorkshire/Whitby, England,

with our friends, Don & Jean Burluraux.

…or click HERE for a list of Don’s other amazing

Walks In Yorkshire

“The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog…

He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer; he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounter with the roughness of the world…

When all other friends desert, he remains.”

~ George V. Vest ~

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10 Responses to Daily Photo Shoot – Day 2

  1. sue says:

    An animal–on the furniture!!!

    Well, my boy cat is making sure my printer doesn’t fly away, and my girl cat is is busy keeping a sweater from flying off the double papasan.


  2. Smartiplants says:

    Kip just makes me want to laugh! My pomeranian does that too but it’s a lot cuter when a big dog does it! Love the photos. Nice place!


  3. TS says:

    Looks like some cozy digs you’ve got there!


  4. ~ Sil in Corea says:

    Gosh, Bex, never noticed the dog-fluffy carpet. In fact, I was thinking how tidy and cozy your room looks. That Whitby Harbour print is very beautiful. The bright moon and mist make the scene come alive almost magically.
    Heheh! Kip’s feet make me chuckle. I think you’re right about his back feeling better. He’s so relaxed! {{Hugs}} from Asia, ~ Sil


  5. Nina Camic says:

    Funny how a few photos can prompt such great insights into your life. O love every one of your pics. More!


  6. TopsyTurvy says:

    LOL! Our pup loves to sleep the same way!


  7. mz. em says:

    Love the photos especially the one of Kip.


  8. sandy freel says:

    HAHA…my favorite was seeing kip with feet in the air…the others was ok but this was 1st.prize


  9. Bex says:

    My faves too, Reens. I really should have vacuumed that carpet before I took photos, though! Gah! Dog furs abound here…


  10. Reenie says:

    Of course the last two shots are my favorites. How funny. The poses certainly reflect the comfort and safety and trust of Crow Cottage.


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