Daily Photo Shoot – Day 3

The photo-shoot subject for today, 03 February 2013, is:

My Books that live on the 1st Floor Level Only

(Future photo-shoots will be devoted to books stored on the other two floor levels here, in the basement and upstairs, but I thought this was plenty for one day’s shoot.)

As always, click on photos for larger versions.

Books behind my chair Books sharing space with DVDs in the long bookcase we had made especially for this spot (showing only half of it here)

The other half of the bookshelf with books and DVDs vying for space in it. A few books sitting underneath an original piece of art by Emily

A couple of book sets sitting next to teddy bear made by Sandy from Iowa with a little bee hive candle that smells oh, so good A few big books that couldn't find a seat down below...

Books piled up beside my reading chair and standing on side table.

The messy inside of the armoire where overflow books go to live sometimes...(all the time!) Kitchen cookbooks (partial collection here)

Some books live in the dining room in the shelves Paul built to use for china... oh well... Note photo of Paul getting his Eagle Scout Award...my hero! The other china cabinet/shelves being used for books and other things. We need more storage space here!  Note the picture of Paul's Mum as a girl & photo to left of that of Paul driving thru the watersplash in Yorkshire Dales

The rest of the kitchen cookbooks and of course my darling boy and girl, assistant photographers, Kip & Em Close-up of those beautiful faces....

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And then there was the small event of the burnt toast. Paul came out to show me what he’d done, and at first I thought I’d screwed up his latest loaf of bread in the breadmachine, but apparently he said that he’d sliced it too thin and then left it in the toaster oven a little too long and it got a little singed in there… so he had to cut out the burnt portion, thus…

Holy Toast, batman!

You might also notice there is another classic movie on TV this morning in the form of A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE with Marlon Brando and the fabulous Vivien Leigh.

The classic movie for today, A Streetcar Named Desire, Vivien Leigh and Marlon Brando on the screen...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s Sunday, and it’s SuperBowl Sunday, to boot. I was never a football fan, and I don’t claim to be one now, however, for some unknown reason, the last few weeks I have been irresistably drawn to watching a few football games, namely the New England Patriots, but since they didn’t make it this year to the final TWO, the Big Kahuna of all Football Games, I plan to at least watch some of the big event tonight, starting at around 6:30 p.m. EST. Also we’ve got another episode of Downton Abbey to catch at 9 o’clock, and in between we’ll put in one of our British DVDs which we must watch or we’ll turn into pumpkins.

I made Cream of Potato soup last night for supper. I debated about whether or not I should do a recipe blog entry with that recipe or not. I will if you want it. It came out really good. It wasn’t just your average potato soup, either, in fact, after much debate whilst eating it last night, Paul and I came to the conclusion that “soup” was not really the right word for this dish, it was more like a potato chowder or, as he offered, a “gruel” but he said that was not meant an offensive name but I didn’t agree. I always think of “gruel” as being made of some grain foods, not vegetables, but maybe more investigation on this point is needed. Another day for the recipe I think.


Bex & Books & Dogs & Holy Toast… Amen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Click Here to join us on our day out in

Yorkshire/Whitby, England,

with our friends, Don & Jean Burluraux.

…or click HERE for a list of Don’s other amazing

Walks In Yorkshire

“The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog…

He will kiss the hand that has no food to offer; he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounter with the roughness of the world…

When all other friends desert, he remains.”

~ George V. Vest ~

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12 Responses to Daily Photo Shoot – Day 3

  1. Smartiplants says:

    Now you have gone and done it! I am straining my eyeballs to read the titles on your bookshelves because I am one of those that likes to see what other people read! LOL! Nice collection! Tell your husband thank you for showing us his burnt toast!


  2. Bex says:

    Yes, please do, TS. I have seen a few pics of your home on Flickr but not lately. Would love a tour…small or large… also, would love an outdoor tour too. You wrote so lovingly about your environs…


  3. TS says:

    Another book worm here. Such a nice collection, and the house so warm and comfy looking. Maybe one day I’ll get up some photos of my little place, after remodel phase #4…


  4. Reenie says:

    I love books. It’s kind of a cliche, but I don’t let go of them easily – the relationship is intimate and I can’t bear to let go. I have moved a lot over the years so have trimmed by A LOT many of my books. *sigh* Bex, you are blessed with such a beautiful and cozy life. xoxo


  5. Bex says:

    Rhu, I have to admit I agree with you. I like all the wood. Some people don’t like so much wood but we do. Almost everything is wood here. But the best part of all in our home IS indeed our puppers. I can’t even fathom living without them.

    Last night while the Super Bowl was on, we flipped the channel over to the Puppy Super Bowl. I had seen that last year and it was so Super-Cute. Has anyone seen that before? All puppies on an indoor football field playing with each other and lots of toys, in a faux football game. So cute. AND all the puppies are up for adoption!


  6. Rhubarb says:

    One of the nicest things about your house is all the lovely natural wood. So warm and inviting.

    Then there is the lure of all those great books….

    But the best by far? The puppers!

    (holy toast…groan…)


  7. Sandy Freel says:

    I like a wee brown to my bread..not burned but a dark brown.
    You have such a nice way you are showing off your books and dvd’s/cd’s…I have a lot of books also ..lot :-).
    So enjoying your photos…just almost like being there …just miss getting to hug the fuzzies for real


  8. Bex says:

    Harriet: The last thing Paul will do is part with “his” food and give it to a dog! Of course, I do it all the time. I don’t burn my toast, but he does occasionally, so, therefore, dogs will never get burnt toast. But I might make them some peanut butter dog biscuits soon and maybe I’ll burn them a little in the oven on purpose!

    Eric: Yes, Family at War was fabulous. Email me if you’d like to borrow it… oh wait, you need a PAL (Region 2) DVD player for it. If you have one of those, I’d be happy to loan it to you. It is very long but extremely well done. One of our favourites. We also have “When the Boat Comes In” – a similar epic drama of that time period which was quite good, but Family At War was better.


  9. Eric Mayer says:

    Snooping around other people’s bookshelves is always good fun. I see you have “A Family at War.” I watched a lot of that long ago when the local PBS station showed it, but either they never showed the whole thing or else moved the episodes to some hideously late hour as they were wont to do.


  10. l'empress says:

    We lost a lot of books with Storm Irene. My daughter lost more with Superstorm Sandy. I suppose they had to go, but… I’m trying not to accumulate stuff any more; Nature has spoken twice.

    Do you feed burnt toast to the dogs. My mom always did, said it was good for him because carbon absorbs impurities.


  11. Bex says:

    Ha! Hi Em… Been there, done that. Moved boxes of books. But we’ve been here for almost 27 years and I’d say that a goodly portion of our books now were acquired during that interval. I could never move with them again. I am planted here, with roots going down to China. No moving us away from here. I should start a lending library, though…


  12. mz. em says:

    Before I gleened my books, I would say I had about as many books as you have on your first floor. I had the big dream of having my own library but that went by the wayside the older I became. Also the dear men who helped me move the various times I did, complained mightily since I would overfill the boxes. I figured since I could pick up the boxes they should be able too.


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