Daily Photo Shoot – Day 8

The photo-shoot subject for today, 08 February 2013, is:

Before The Storm

The weatherman on MSNBC said “The time is up for people in Connecticut and Rhode Island…”

That means the snowstorm of the year is making its way up to Massachusetts… and to us.

This storm has apparently been named “NEMO.”

Live Streaming Weather Updates of this Storm Here.

So, Nemo is fast approaching. In fact, right now it’s already begun. I took these earlier but it’s gotten a bit heavier now…the snow I mean.

Before the storm Before the storm Before the storm

Before the storm

And this is how we are spending today:

Morning nappies

This was the Classic Movie showing this morning when I got up:

Berkeley Square - Leslie Howard

Berkeley Square with Leslie Howard from 1933. An oldie for sure. Love those oldies.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So now it’s time to wait it out. If we have power, I will be in touch here again in the morning. If not, you will know why.

I’m having a hard time clearing my head of anything not related to being buried by this snowstorm. I dreamed about it too, in the small hours of the morning when I finally fell asleep.

Paul is accompanying his Dad to a doctor’s appointment with his sister. I really wish the office had rescheduled this visit as it’s just a check-up, but they didn’t. He’s due home around noon and then it’s time to hunker down and see what develops.

See you on the other side of Nemo!

Here is a picture of my Kippie boy before he moved here, and Kippie giving his old Mum a kiss (awww!):

Young Kip Mr. Cutie Pie



Bex & Co.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Some of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard are:

Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson singing “One More Year”


and “The Quiet Life”:

and also “The Making of “Wreck & Ruin” (this is a very good informative video of this couple:)

~ ~ ~ ~

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14 Responses to Daily Photo Shoot – Day 8

  1. Nina Camic says:

    You’re over the worst of it. Portland Me is predicted to come in at 2 ft. Boston just a tad short of that. Get some rest, so that you can bake yummy things for your guy and your pups!


  2. Bex says:


    I’ve been awake/up all night. Couldn’t sleep because of the wind. We never lost power here. Amazing in itself. I ended up in my chair under a blanket watching TV coverage (CNN mostly) of the storm for most of the night. Paul got the storm doors unstuck a time or two to make sure we could get out this morning.

    It hasn’t stopped as of 7:36 a.m. Still snowing and blowing.

    Yes, Paul is a lot more comfort than my Mom was… although she was one tough lady in her day.


  3. Nina Camic says:

    You sound prepared! I think Paul is a better comforter (than any mommy could be)! Write soon to let us know if you’re okay. I’m reading the numbers about power outages in MA: significant, but not overwhelming. Hoping you’re spared…


  4. t.s. says:

    Hang tight! Hope it all goes well with Nemo.


  5. TopsyTurvy says:

    I’m not sure how bad the storm will be for you but for us it wasn’t a big wind event. Yes, the snow was blowing vertically but the wind wasn’t so disasterous as to be pulling down any trees. All it did was pile the snow high, as in a little over a foot of snow ended up being as high as the top of the hood of my car thanks to drifting.

    Don’t even get me started with The Weather Channel having the gall to think it’s the US gov’t and can name storms. Grrrrr!! I swear people are going to get the wrong idea and start thinking that hurricanes are less dangerous because now regular snowstorms get names too.


  6. Bex says:

    Well, only one TV station named this storm “Nemo” apparently, and the other stations are calling it the “Blizzard of 2013” – and they say Nemo is not any kind of an official name…just what one TV station people wanted to call it. Silly. But the storm isn’t silly. I’ve turned our heat up a bit higher and am warming up dinner in case we lose power – the wind is wild outside…trees are bending way over and flailing the branches around in wild abandon… I want my Mommy!!!!!


  7. l'empress says:

    Am I the last person in the world who hears “nemo” and thinks “no one”? High school Latin is about as relevant as this storm, which seems to be SOMEone.


  8. Sandy Freel says:

    going to the ER I would do when hell freezes over….with the weather as it is.. hell might just freeze over 🙂
    So glad to read his boats are moved to safer place


  9. Bex says:

    I’ve taken out two of those small English Pork Pie Company pork pies for supper tonight. That way, if we lose power, we can still eat them at room temperature which is how the English like to eat them I think anyway. I like them heated up.

    The wind is really picking up here. It is 1:14 p.m. and our snowstorm is really and truly started now.


  10. Joan says:

    Here in PA, it’s raining heavily and the snow should start tonight around 10:00 tonight. I wouldn’t mind being snowed in with you and the pups because I know you have lots of good food up there! My cupboards are bare!!!


  11. Eric Mayer says:

    Let’s hope Nemo doesn’t live up to his billing. (20,000 leagues of snow?) We’re only on the edge of the mess with several inches of snow predicted. It’s the wind and consequences from that I don’t like so I hope you get through okay.


  12. Bex says:

    Yes, Sil, “Bollocks!” (Paul’s lobster boat) is moored in the middle part of the harbor on his cousin Ralph’s mooring near Ralph’s boatyard. His skiff is on a “rack” near the town landing’s float and Paul thinks it should be OK. I hope so. At least now he has two back-up skiffs if he needs them.

    Just FYI, here is a photo of The Landing and the floats in Marblehead where Paul puts his skiff and his lobster boat is moored near here in the winter. You can see the lobster boat and lobsterman on the float with his traps ready to either go out or be brought in, and the boatyard is on the right in the photo:

    Thanks Sandy… going to the ER I would do when hell freezes over, so let’s hope that doesn’t happen this weekend!


  13. ~ Sil in Corea says:

    Snuggle down and stay warm. I hope Bollocks is up in the inner harbor. This should be quite a blow!


  14. sandy freel says:

    Stay safe..dont do anything that might take you to ER….JUST stay put 🙂
    Love kip baby photo


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