Daily Photo Shoot – Day 12

The subject for the Daily Photo Shoot for today, 12 February 2013 is:

Wild Turkeys on Parade

I had just settled down in my chair with my first cup of coffee, my laptop turned on and still waiting for it to fire up, my blanket over my lap, when Paul called to me very quietly after he’d just let the dogs go out front and said “Rebec! Come here quick — see this…”

Parade of Turkeys

I’m making these photos a bit larger so you can see them better. A parade of wild turkeys was walking down the street.

We haven’t seen them here in ages. I’d thought they had all been killed some way or another, but there they were today…moseying on past our house.

Parade of Turkeys

Paul instructed the dogs, who had originally woof-woofed at them when they were walking around inside our yard, over on the other side of that fence, to be quiet and let them alone. They obeyed him and just stood out there watching, silently, like the good puppers they can be sometimes.

Parade of Turkeys

I opened the door and, since I have my camera at-the-ready these last 12 days, just so I can catch a good moment on film (so to speak), I snapped these shots.

Parade of Turkeys

We’ve had these wild turkeys roaming around the neighborhood for quite a few years now, many years, in fact, and at one point it seemed they had all been killed either by humans with blankety-blank-guns or by cars out on the main thoroughfare. I have, in fact, seen one of them injured or killed while driving by on that main road, and two of the victim’s relatives (turkeys) were just down the road from where he lay, hovering there, wanting to help but not able to. There was a car that had stopped and was attending to the bird, so I didn’t stop.

After that, I noticed that the number of turkeys in this little band had diminished down to none at all for a time, but there must have been at least two left somewhere because the following year they were back, with their babies in tow, walking around the streets of the neighborhood.

Parade of Turkeys

So that’s today’s Photo Shoot. Turkeys on parade.

Say, isn’t this some kind of a holiday? February 12th? Wasn’t it Abraham Lincoln’s birthday? Now that they’ve lumped Washington and Lincoln into one holiday, Presidents’ Day, it’s hard to remember when the actual birthdays were. But I seem to remember that the 12th was Lincoln and I think the 22nd of February was Washinton’s birthday.

So Happy Birthday Abe.

Also, Today’s Classic Movie of the Day was “Suspicion” with Joan Fontaine and Cary Grant (1943).

Classic Movie of the Day

Classic Movie of the Day

I had seen this movie before and loved it. I was totally convinced Cary was going to kill Joan in this flick with that glass of warm milk he brought her before bed…


Bex and the Wild Things

Here’s a short video taken on the morning of the Blizzard in Marblehead (our home town) down at The Fort, where Paul moors his boat normally and where he used to sell his lobsters, and below the tide crashing up on the causeway going from the main town to the Neck.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Some of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard are:

Kasey Chambers & Shane Nicholson singing “One More Year”

and “The Quiet Life”:

and also “The Making of “Wreck & Ruin” (this is a very good informative video of this couple:)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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10 Responses to Daily Photo Shoot – Day 12

  1. Bex says:

    TT: P. used to sell his lobsters on the steps leading down to the water at Fort Sewall where the waves were crashing up – but he moved his location down the street to The Landing, about a half mile away, where there are more tourists and foot traffic. That is also where he moors his boat in the winter months on his cousin’s mooring – his cousin owns a boatyard down there next to the Landing so it’s convenient for him there. Come spring he’ll go back on his mooring at the mouth of the harbor just outside The Fort but he’ll continue selling at The Landing.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    Glad to see your turkeys are alive and well! They look great!

    The swells at Marblehead didn’t look like much fun. You said ‘where Paul use to sell his lobsters’. Won’t he be selling them there anymore or is it just a winter hiatus?


  3. WendyNC says:

    Those turkey pictures are great. Thanks so much for sharing them.


  4. Sandy Freel says:

    OH MY GOODNESS.I went and looked at the water you spoke of ….THOSE ARE HUGE!!!!!…thank goodness Paul boats were safe


  5. Rhubarb says:

    The best kind of turkey shoot! Thanks for sharing.


  6. l'empress says:

    It could have been our house. Turkeys all the time. But cutest when it’s a mama and a string of babies. Funniest, when it’s a young male practicing “strutting.”


  7. Reenie says:

    What a delightful post! I adore the first shot with the dogs at the fence eyeballing the parade. How adorable!


  8. Bex says:

    Actually, Sandy, the dogs did bark at them at first, when they were on top of the snow on our yard – they are good guard dogs and do not like strangers on their “property,” but once they were out on the street, and once Paul had admonished them to “Be Quiet!!!”, then they were silent for the whole trooping of the turkeys.


  9. sandy freel says:

    OH MY GOODNESS…what a grand view you had and bless the fuzzies for not hurrying them off…thanks for the photos


  10. t.s. says:

    Nice turkey shooting!


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