Daily Photo Shoot – Day 15

The subject for the Daily Photo Shoot for Friday, 15 February 2013 is:

Vestiges of the Snow Storm

One last look (I hope) of the snow around our place. A lot of it has melted with the unseasonably warm temperatures we’ve had lately.


14FEB20130030 14FEB20130024

14FEB20130019 14FEB20130021




So that’s it for the snow story. We are having quite a nice day here today. Paul actually got out on the water yesterday and hauled in about 33 traps to bring home. He even found a trap that had been “rocked-down,” as they call a trap that is stuck down, for about 5 years! He has recovered some tangled up messes of traps from his beachcombing efforts around the shoreline. There were even reports in a town south of here where they found lobsters just being washed up on the shore in droves, all dead though. I sure hope the people who thought they’d struck gold knew enough to not eat a dead lobster!



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5 Responses to Daily Photo Shoot – Day 15

  1. Reenie says:

    The snow staircase is pure art – beautiful!


  2. mz. em says:

    Love the snow pictures since I don’t have to be in it.


  3. Eric Mayer says:

    That top photo with the gorgeous flowers is quite a contrast.

    Man, pulling up lobster traps in February is not my idea of a good time!


  4. Rhubarb says:

    Brrrr! Great pictures!


  5. sandy freel says:

    Glad all your snow is starting to leave..let hope you dont have anymore huge snows…just small ones


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