Daily Photo Shoot – Day 17

Not surprisingly, the subject for the Daily Photo Shoot for Sunday, 17 February 2013 is:

Blizzard Reprise, and a Gotcha Moment

Just as the front garden was looking like this the other day:


here we are again in the midst of what looks for all the world like another Snow Blizzard!

Daily Photo Shoot 17 FEB 20130007

I realize there are other areas of the country who have this kind of snow all winter long (Hi Nina and Sandy!), and even WE here in the Northeast used to be among those Nanooks of the North, but we’ve become spoiled these last few years with warm-ish winters and a decidedly welcome lack of snow, at least for those of us who have to actual move the heavy white stuff.

Daily Photo Shoot 17 FEB 20130001

Daily Photo Shoot 17 FEB 20130005

It’s all coming back again! At least Paul gets to stay home and work here. Something for which I am grateful. Home Sweet Home… that’s my motto. I’d rather have us all here together than not.

OK. So that’t the snowy picture of our world today.

Now, there was an interesting comment in yesterday’s blog entry that I wanted to address here. It was Sue who said:

“How about a couple of shots of the “village” under the beds?

My under-bed hosts all sorts of shoes, as well as the usual giant dust bunnies.”

Well, here you go, Sue! A photo I just took under the bed, and also under the table over in the corner where, much to my surprise, there was also nothing but air!

Daily Photo Shoot 17 FEB 20130022 Daily Photo Shoot 17 FEB 20130020

Daily Photo Shoot 17 FEB 20130023

Now I have to say, this is a new situation here. Like probably everyone else (except for Paul’s Mom who thinks it’s very bad luck to have ANYthing stored under the bed) we always had things under there, namely a twin sized mattress that we used to use on our pull-out sofabed in the case of guests coming to stay overnight. But we got rid of that mattress. The metal pan under the bed is just where Kippie sleeps. It looks awful, I know, but he likes it. He actually sleeps part of the night on the bed but he likes a hard cool surface, being wrapped, as he is, in all that insulating fur! He gets hot easily and he likes the coolness of the metal pan (which came out of a large sized dog crate/carrier that we use for puppies.

So there you go. The deep dark secrets under the bed! Nothing but air and Kip’s bed. I’ll bet you would never have predicted that, Sue!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I’m having myself a Kasey Chambers Fest this morning. Paul was in the basement working on lobster gear and he had Leonard Cohen droning on and on down there, which wafts up into the house quite easily… so I put in my “Rattlin’ Bones” album as well as her “Wreck & Ruin” album which, by the way, I have fallen totally in love with lately also. It has some really great songs on it that I listened to for most of the night last night with my headphones in bed. No sleep but lots and lots of Kasey & Shane… gotta love those two!


Bex & Co.

Daily Photo Shoot 17 FEB 20130012

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6 Responses to Daily Photo Shoot – Day 17

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    No telling what the weather brings lately. Although for tomorrow night they’re threatening freezing rain.


  2. mz. em says:

    Kasey and Shane are the best. I even listen to them while meditating.


  3. Bex says:

    Don’t worry, Sandy, there are plenty of those dust bunnies elsewhere in this house.

    Rhu, will check out the book, thanks. Although I get plenty of stories direct from my lobsterman…always open to some new ones.


  4. Nina Camic says:

    We typically have great snow all winter long. But not so this year (or last year). A one day rain in the middle of the month can take away the pretty white cover, leaving nothing but hard ice (because the thaw will never last more than a day). I’ll take snow over ice anytime!

    Our spaces under beds/tables etc are also empty. It comes from being raised as a kid to keep all my toys under the bed. Never liked it. Plus, it becomes hard to clean…

    Good luck with your weather patterns! You should be getting spring buds soon!


  5. sandy freel says:

    GOOD LORD…There is not one dust bunny under there…my house is one large dust bunny :-).
    Wow…snow again..we are to get some wed.


  6. Rhubarb says:

    Just finished “Judith: a Quoddy Tale” by John Cobb. All about Maine and lobstermen, loss and redemption. Wonderful descriptions of New England shore and the lives and work of lobstermen. And some of the tales they tell. You might enjoy it.

    Your photos are great!


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