Daily Photo Shoot – Day 23

The subject for the Daily Photo Shoot for Saturday, 23 February 2013 is twofold:

1. A Happy Birthday Shout-Out to my best friend, Sandy-from-Iowa.

Sandy at Hutton le Hole

Sandy Bex Paul Jean, Cottage at RosedaleAbbey

The two photos above were taken during our last trip to England in 2002 when Sandy came with us for two glorious weeks in the land of our hearts and souls. Top, Sandy is standing in front of a thatched cottage that was moved and reassembled again and put into the Ryedale Folk Museum in Hutton le Hole, North Yorkshire.

The bottom photo was taken by our friend Don Burluraux (who lives in Skelton, N. Yorkshire) of us at the picnic table outside our self-catering cottage in Rosedale Abbey, N. Yorkshire. From left to right, sitting, Sandy, Bex, Paul, and standing is Jean Burluraux, Don’s wife. We were off for a full day of tooting all around North Yorkshire with Don and Jean, and what a day we had.

So Happy Birthday to you, Sandy! You know how much you mean to me…

~ ~ ~ ~

2. A Small Tale of Three Chargers (or is it Four?)

Before we went to England for the first time in 1986 on our honeymoon, I didn’t even know what a “charger” was except that it might be something you plugged a gadget into to recharge its batteries! But I found out the year we were visiting Yorkshire and stopped into a little gift shop in Reeth in the Yorkshire Dales.

Reeth has always been a destination for us on all our trips to the UK. Lovely little village, a kind of meeting place for all sorts of folks. We stayed two nights in a B&B in Reeth on our honeymoon, and I can remember it like it was yesterday. The B&B owner, when we came in and introduced ourselves as “newlyweds,” ran upstairs and was gone for a few minutes and came back down and showed us the only room she had available. It had twin beds and she’d gone up and pushed them together, putting the little bedside table that had been separating them over in the corner, and she hoped that it would be OK for us! She was so sweet and funny! We assured her that twin beds were fine and not to worry!!!

Anyway, we stayed there that night and the following night and got to really get to know Reeth and ended up in a little pottery/gift shop on the edge of the village. The money made from the sale of all the items in this shop went to charitable places, for instance the New Roof Fund for the local church. I found these three “chargers” way at the back of the shop, sitting in a corner, not really displayed or anything, and they were a little darkened and not cleaned up at all.

Daily Photo Shoot 20 FEB 20130014

Daily Photo Shoot 20 FEB 20130015

Aren’t they super? Of course, I cleaned them all up once I got them home.

When we were purchasing them, the lady at the counter asked if we wanted to know who donated them, and we said “Yes, of course!” She told us and even wrote down the lady’s name and address so I could drop her a note once we got home. Her name was Muriel H. and she lived in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. I wanted to take a picture of the chargers once I got them home and put up on the wall so she’d know they went to a good home. And so I did. She was thrilled to hear from us and wrote back a very interesting and newsy type of snail-mail letter. We kept in touch over the years following that, but alas I think she has died and I never heard back from her after a while.

And the rest of this small tale is that shortly after we got home from that trip to England, I was shopping at a “flea market” here in Salem one Sunday and found this:

Daily Photo Shoot 20 FEB 20130017

This charger has to be almost 2 feet across, maybe a little less. I bought it I think for $40 and took it home and cleaned it all up. It’s lived in various spots in the house but now acts as a fireplace “screen” of sorts. I used to have it hanging over the fireplace in the dining room before I put up a large wood-framed mirror there.


Large charger over fireplace


Smaller chargers on stair wall


So you see, they move around. The dining room has made a few major transformations over the years. We wallpapered it early on and loved it but finally got tired of the busy-ness of wallpaper and took it all off and painted it two shades of brown, like so:


…and we had the old oak wood floor in that room sanded and restained and finished…


We had torn apart the old staircase leading upstairs:


stairs0003 stairs0002


…to finally end up with a new paint job, a new/old floor/ and new stairs:


Here was our beautiful girl collie dog, Whitby, overseeing Paul’s stair project:


So that was a long story rather than a short tale, wasn’t it? Sorry! I get carried away with the photos… It is fun to see progress photos when you do major renovations, though.

So that’s the story of the chargers. I love them and will always enjoy remembering the story of where they came from, etc. I miss Reeth, too. It’s been almost 11 years since we were last there in Yorkshire, and except for some miracle happening with my body, I can’t see us getting back there in this lifetime. But we have our memories, and our photos!

The End.

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7 Responses to Daily Photo Shoot – Day 23

  1. Bex says:

    Nina – 100% is that my body won’t be able to make that trip. It’s all about the body. I can’t even stand up long enough to make dinner anymore so I need a stool. I don’t “do” doctors (I may be forced into that once I turn 65 and am on Medicare, I don’t know) so I also don’t/won’t do a wheelchair. And seeing England in a wheelchair would not be an option for me. I like to walk on the moors, browse in book shops – nope, a wheelchair would never work for me. I hobble around. I do not want to live my life in doctors’ offices and if I were to get checked, that’s where I’d be for the rest of my life. That’s not for me.

    I do realize also that it would be much more expensive these days to visit the UK, but that would never keep me back. Just yesterday I was looking at homes for sale in North Yorkshire and found some we could afford if we only could sell this house, but that’s not going to happen. Moving a whole house (with all my books???) would not be possible for me or even Paul, and what about the dogs? I refuse to put a dog of mine on an airplane. So there’s that about moving.

    But travel is 100% the physical thing. Does that answer your querie?


  2. Nina Camic says:

    I know another guy who takes many days of contemplation when doing a home project!

    Can I ask you something — your not going to England, is it 70% health, 20% finances and 10% other? perhaps that’s too personal a question, so feel free to ignore it, but I’m curious. Not that you would be well served necessarily to go again, but you always write as if this were something you would love, if only… So I’m curious as to what is your “if only.”

    I can reveal the following about me, for example: I would like to go and do some kid work in Tanzania. What’s holding me back? 70% is the expense, 30% is the fear that I’ll get sick there. So, I’m just interested (if you don’t mind this sort of Q) what your percentages are with respect to England.


  3. mz. em says:

    Oh I love your travel stories and to see your treasures. Such fun.


  4. Bex says:

    TT: It took Paul FOREVER to do those stairs. He contemplated them, and thought about them, and looked at them, and studied them — sometimes sitting on a chair in front of them for hours at a time, planning all the steps he should take to accomplish the job. He had no idea how to do them when he started. We went online and printed out some diagrams on how stairs go together… in the end they are just what we wanted but it took a good 9 months to get it all done. I still would like to run a carpet-runner up the stairs but instead just put down small treads…

    Here’s a good photo showing how things go if it helps TT:


  5. TopsyTurvy says:

    Love the chargers along the stairway with the wallpaper. So pretty!

    We need to have Paul come over and help us with our stairs when we start working on them. 😉 We’re going to need to do something very similar to what you did. I hope it turns out almost as nice!


  6. Rhubarb says:

    It’s kind of sad, isn’t it, having to realize that due to health/finances we’ll probably never re-visit the places we loved so much, that remain fresh in our memories. Good thing you have great photos! and thank goodness for the Internet to be able to stay in touch.

    Dogs are good “sidewalk superintendents”, aren’t they?


  7. sandy freel says:

    HUGE THANK YOU for the good birthday wishes…I loved my trip and will never forget how kind you was to show me stuff that you had already seen a few times before.
    It was chilly most days while there but that is ok..I had a warm jacket.

    Love your brass hanging plates…lucky you to hear from the owner for so many years.


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