So, now that I’m free of the yoke around my neck – the self-imposed yoke I might add, of having to post a daily photo here, so can’t complain too much – I am back here with an entry – just because! No pressure. Don’t need an original photo. Nothing.

~ ~ ~ ~

WARNING: POLITICAL RANT FOLLOWS – skip over it if you wish…

I have to laugh that a good portion of Congress went “home” yesterday before the big looming date when the country goes into a tailspin with the Sequester and slams into the ground, predictably wiping out any living being in its path… heh… they went home on Thursday night. Well heck, their work week is Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday anyway. Are any of them in town (D.C. I mean) on a Monday or a Friday normally? So, basically, with this in mind, shouldn’t they be considered “part-time” federal employees? Who make $174,000 per annum – for a part-time job… 3 days a week…

At 11:35 a.m., the President is set to speak about the Sequester situation… hey, at least HE is still at his job in D.C. That’s more than I can say for the rest of the clowns…

End of Rant.

~ ~ ~ ~

Just had to get that out.

~ ~ ~ ~

I made cookies today. I made Oatmeal Coconut Chewies – and as usual when I make cookies, especially when I make a new kind of cookie (these are for Paul, just for the record – he eats most of them), I have to eat the first cookie when it’s cooled off enough to eat.

And I have eaten that one cookie. Here are mine:

02 MAR 20130004

Oh yes.

And they are a big YES! cookie…and will go into my saved recipe file.

Now, I want to add that I spiffed up the recipe just a wee bit. I added about another cup (almost) of the coconut. I wanted them to TASTE like there was coconut in them, and with just the one lonely cup the recipe calls for, I wasn’t sure they would. NOW THEY DO! Also, I added white baking chips (they call them “white chocolate chips” but I am not sure they are, indeed, chocolate but rather “vanilla” chips). I added about a good cup of these or a bit more. One other change was that I used one cup of SUGAR IN THE RAW rather than white granulated sugar. I just like the flavor of that better than the white stuff.

Otherwise, the recipe was the same as on the web site.

I can still taste the test-cookie I just consumed. Yum.

That’s all folks.

(And Reenie, I had the feeling I’d lure you into my Comments yesterday with the WalMart rant! Thanks! I did it for you! Sorry you have so little choice in stores where you live. We here have an overabundance of choices, but then I don’t have a mountain to call home either… just a “hill” in the city…)

The End.

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11 Responses to Breathe……..

  1. Bex says:

    Sil – Wow, Thanks for that link of Andy Beck colouring the Lakeland Fells. Paul and I watched it together and wow, it’s amazing and wonderful. Over 1500 images to colour with watercolours… and he had to do the walk, photograph the exact spots… etc. Would sure love a copy of his book of them when he’s done!


  2. ~ Sil in Corea says:

    I ran across this (shared by a friend on Facebook) and thought of you immediately.
    Hope it works for you, a man who’s painting the Lakeland fells, following Wainwright’s guide book.

    Those cookies look fantastic and I agree with the changes you made!


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Right now I’m reading a book that is supposed to take place in Buffalo NY at the time of the Exposition (1907 or so?). It’s all about the politics and intrigues surrounding the first power generating stations at Niagara Falls. Really interesting!


  4. Bex says:

    Rhu, no that was NOT my photo in my blog about the cookies… I snitched it from the recipe site. Sorry. But mine look very similar only with the white chips in them. I will take a picture…just for you…

    and you can have one visually and it won’t be fattening…

    Reenie – you are too funny. Me? Your politics source? That’s so funny. I try not to listen to too much of it actually. It’s not fun anymore, and I have 2 stacks of books now next to my chair that need to be read.

    This was just added the other day…what a gem:

    Paul came home the other day and looked at the 2nd stack piled up (10 of them) and said “What’s this? Your winter reading pile?” – and I said well, that 2nd pile is mainly reference material, it’s a lot of books I’ve culled from my shelves around the house, all dealing with my current subject du jour, which is Virginia Woolf. I’m really into her and the Bloomsbury group right now. A couple/few are new to me but most I already had. He was OK with that explanation.


  5. Reenie says:

    She’s baaaaaa-ack!

    If it wasn’t for your rants, I’d have no clue about what’s going on. I know that sounds pitiful and disgraceful and lazy and like I don’t care. When I moved to the mountain 7 years ago, I designated my home a no-news place. It wasn’t premeditated. It just happened because I didn’t want to pay for Cable TV or newspaper delivery. Over time it’s probably added a mistakened elitist aura to my persona… but it started out as a budgetary cut. So, Bex, you have become a major source of National & Global information. *laughing* *wink-wink*

    Coconut is a favorite of mine. I would’ve increased the amount too. Yum! There seems to be no gray area with coconut – people either love it or hate it?


  6. Rhubarb says:

    I loved your photo blogs (good thing you chose the shortest month of the year!) and I hear your sigh of relief now that it’s done. You surely did a beautiful job with it, and I hope some day you consider posting a picture or two again…wait! that was your cookie picture…but it’s nice to have the requirement done with.

    Love the substitutions you made. I don’t dare make cookies, I love them too much myself and don’t have your self control. Now, if it were baking cakes, I could look at them all day and not be the least tempted.


  7. TopsyTurvy says:

    Those cookies look good – and I’m right there with you with your changes!


  8. l'empress says:

    Re your rant: what other job do you know of that lets you go on vacation within weeks after you started? We would be fired if we did that, and so should they.

    I have another possible solution, which I still have to put into words that don’t reek of torture and bodily harm.


  9. mz. em says:

    Hey, I see you still got a photo in there. The cookies sound delish. As to your rant, I’m not too fond of the big box stores and that goes for K-Mart too. I’ve purchased a few things but only when I have had to and I’ve had them take the item out of the box too.


  10. T.S. says:

    I hear ya’ about forcing entries to conform with a plan.


  11. Sandy Freel says:

    Oh yum…love when you do food blogs…sure would be nice to have one of those right now with my cuppa.


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