Pet Peeve Tuesday – Bare Arms Begone!

Maybe I’ll start a regular journal entry:


Check out this article about Dressing The Part or Not. I have left a comment there.

And “Meet the Undressed… where the author says:

“You wonder whether the news executives tarting up their female journalists aren’t the Ron Burgundys stuck in the age of disco. Perhaps they’re the dated ones, not giving women the liberty to be serious…” and “Half naked may be the babe rule for entertainment shows, but must that dress code extend to women of substance on news programs? So it would seem.”

This is one of my most infuriating Pet Peeves:

Women who wear sleeveless attire in the wintertime – in cold climates like this:

This is mostly aimed at TV women, and they are driving me right up the wall with all the bare skin showing on TV these days. No, I am not a prude, but I am cold in the wintertime – SOME of us have to conserve on our heating bills and we keep our homes cooler than a TV studio obviously does – which must be up in the 90’s for all these bimbettes to be relegated to wearing BARE ARMS all winter long!

I blame the men who are controlling them. There must be a dress code now on TV sets that all women must be blonde and if not naturally, then fake blondes. And all women must wear as little cloth over their skin as possible.

The sleeveless look is infuriating to me. It makes my arms feel cold just looking at them. I turn any woman off who is on TV with bare arms in the winter. Period.

So you network or cable execs who think this is luring in viewers, it is NOT luring in THIS viewer – I am turning you off and out of my life whenever I see bare arms on a female in the wintertime.

Now, if I lived in Florida or California, I would almost expect this attire on some women, but not EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM! Are they SHEEP? Don’t any of them have an original brain in their heads? I think not. Follow the leader… the guy who pays your salary… Pathetic!

Oh, now I’m in shock — I’ve got MSNBC on the TV, and there is a woman commenting who has an appropriate style pretty purple jacket covering up her shoulders and arms, and her hair looks like her natural dark brown color with NO STRIPES….. I’ll keep her on for a bit as it’s such a nice change from the blonde bare-armed bimbettes (BBB’s), and you KNOW who you are…

Cheers and Jeers,


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12 Responses to Pet Peeve Tuesday – Bare Arms Begone!

  1. Bex says:

    TT: Regarding warm clothing in winter – we saw on our local news, after the big snowstorm last night, a story of a teenaged young lady who was shoveling out people’s driveways and she had a tank top on with no sleeves at all, like you’d wear in summer, no neck coverage at all, and a bibbed overalls kind of thing for pants. She was out in the freezing cold with her neck, shoulders and arms completely bare – shoveling snow. The news reporter interviewed her asking her “are you nuts?” and she just laughed and said she was actually quite warm! If her mother was watching the news, she must have been gobsmacked. What is wrong with people?


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    From your keyboard to my SD’s ears or eyes! This kid drives me crazy. We’ve got 2 feet of snow on the ground and most of the time it’s below freezing. What does she wear? TANK TOPS!! I’m not kidding, the 2 inch wide strap, arm-bearing kind of tank tops!!!

    At least now most of the time she has a long sleeve shirt on top (but open) – because I insisted!

    I’ve had a couple of rows with DH over this. He doesn’t see anything wrong with dressing like this – if she’s supposedly wearing an open long-sleeve shirt with it.

    I’m sorry but I DO see something wrong with it. Sweaters and long sleeve shirts are the proper clothing for this kind of weather, with necklines that go up to the throat.


  3. mz. em says:

    The news I watch is the Today in the morning and they are located in New York City. They have sleeveless girls and it puts my undies in a bind to watch them. And have you noticed the heighth of their heel on their shoes? It’s a wonder they can still breathe let alone not fall down.

    But now I am going to watch Nightly News with Brian Williams. It seems to me that all the women dress appropriately there but I will have to check and see.

    Thank you Bex for my ponderance for the day.


  4. Reenie says:

    TS: You funny.


  5. T.S. says:

    In California they have to wear sleeves to cover the tattoos.


  6. Joan says:

    I hear you!!! I live in PA and I’m always complaining about the skinny weather girls with their bear arms in the winter! Just like you, looking at them makes me COLD!!!


  7. Reenie says:

    Like Eric, my news (if any) is found on the Internet, and I only read it – For some reason I don’t like to watch news videos on my computer screen. But because I have relatives who watch Fox News 24/7, (arghhhhhhh) I’ve had my fill of sleeveless blondes. I suspect Fox isn’t the only one to deliver the news this way.


    I’m going to remember this line and use it someday. It’s simply delicious:

    “Oh I’ll have your tongue for a snack”

    So are you… delicious, that is. xoxo


  8. Eric Mayer says:

    I get my news off the Internet and just as well. I thought it was only Fox “news” that insisted on blond bobble-heads.


  9. l'empress says:

    Mercedes McCambridge (remember her?) remarked that the actors don’t kiss any more, they “mangie.”

    There are several blond middle-aged women in Connecticut who have been reporting the news for about twenty years. They are all popular. It is the men in charge, of course, who hire someone for themselves to gawk at. Or worse.


  10. Sandy Freel says:

    it is all about sex now….no wonder our kids nowdays are so mixed up..sad.


  11. Bex says:

    Another thing that gives me the shivers is when the young people in movies/TV kiss and just about devour the other person for lunch with the open mouth position of the act of kissing. Blech! Am I just “old” now? I think it’s so disgooooooosting! A closed-lip kiss is SO much more romantic than the “Oh I’ll have your tongue for a snack” style…


  12. Sandy Freel says:

    You are so right…I think it is all based on “SEX” now and how well they can show off those parts.
    I dont have tv…now I think I am glad..I pick what i want to read here on computer and dont have to look at the bare


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