Surprise! Old Man Winter Strikes Again

8 March 2013 blizzard - Kip has spotted Joel and Bob going for a walk...woof woof!

Kip spots Joel & Bob going for walkies!

Kip notices Joel going for a walkies with Bob - blizzard of 8 March 2013

Need I say more?

Kip snow-sitting & Em befuddled blizzard of 8 March 2013

Kip & Em are two happy dogs, but Em isn’t sure how to walk in the deep snow!

On our TV earlier this morning:

House falls into the sea blizzard of 8 March 2013

House falls into the sea blizzard of 8 March 2013

The house above that went into the sea, on Plum Island, Newburyport, MA, is still perched there as I write. It was condemned 2 years ago so no one was living in it, thankfully, but the owners are very sad to see it go.

The risks of living right on the edge!

More snow - blizzard of 8 March 2013Front garden buried - again - with snow - blizzard of 8 March2013Front garden snowed in - blizzard of 8 March 2013

Panorama of the front garden at Crow Cottage

Good Grief Charlie Brown! This is getting Ree-Dic-Uh-Lus!


Bex & the Snow-Doggers

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6 Responses to Surprise! Old Man Winter Strikes Again

  1. Reenie says:

    Good heavens! Though snow is snow is snow with all its beautiful inconveniences… there’s something about it (especially your pics) that give me a cozy feeling.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    Our 2 feet of snow is down to about a foot and a half, now. Though we keep adding an inch or 4 every few days, those inches melt off quicker than underneath. We actually appear to have more snow still on the ground than you do!

    I remember having a picnic on the beach of Plum Island when I was about 13. I actually got swept away by the river current but was able to angle back in to the beach before I got to the ocean. I was exhausted and dragged myself back to our picnic site. No one even noticed what happened. Not my grandmother. Not my uncle. Not my aunt. I never said a word.

    I wonder what they would have thought if I hadn’t made it back?


  3. T.S. says:

    Winter just has a hard time letting go.


  4. Rhubarb says:

    Those are some pretty dramatic pictures. Didn’t mention it before, but I really like the picture of Paul at work. March is a fickle month….


  5. Eric Mayer says:

    Ouch. We got only an inch and even that looks bad out there this time of year. However, most of March can still serve up a snowstorm. At least the snow won’t lie for months.


  6. Sandy Freel says:

    MY MY ..I think you have winter back and going full steam ahead.
    Sad about house..I hope it was covered in some way so they dont loss all the money it was worth even with no one living there.
    Thank god NO one was hurt.
    Fuzzies look happy 🙂


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