We are NOT Irish

Since we are NOT Irish, I won’t comment here on Saint Patrick’s Day except to say that I believe, if your ancestors came from England and/or Scotland, then this holiday is not for you… (or us I mean).

That said, I don’t really have a cohesive entry for you today, but I was going several days with nothing in here and wanted to touch base.

~ ~ ~

I have recently written emails to people on TV and to one food store. I know this doesn’t change things, but sometimes I need to get things off my chest and this seems the most benign way to do it.

I used to shop at a food store called Stop & Shop. They are almost the highest priced food store around here, except for Whole Foods, of course. After I became incapable of slogging through a food store any longer, and before Paul took over the job for me, I signed up with their PeaPod service where you shop online and their truck comes and delivers your groceries. I loved that service. In fact, they picked out my items better than I used to pick them out. I always got the best cuts of meats, etc., but I figured it was because the best cuts were the most expensive ones. Alas, I was spending too much money doing this. I had this service for about 2 years. Each week I would give the driver, who was so nice and hefted the bags up our stairs, in all weather, into the kitchen with no complaints, a $5 bill for a tip. That added up. Also, they charged a delivery charge on my credit card, so that would add up. PLUS, the food at S&S was at the high end of all the stores around here.

Anyway, the email comes in because I stopped this service over a year ago and Paul does the shopping at Market Basket, which is the lowest priced food store around here.

Lately I’ve been getting promotional emails from PeaPod saying they miss me and I can get free delivery for 2 months if I order from them again.

I just deleted that first email. Then came another one. They really must miss me! So I figured I’d take this opportunity to write back and tell them why I abandoned them – that their prices were way too high – that I am now saving over $100 a week by shopping at Market Basket… etc. I said that I did love their service but for a person on a fixed (small) income, I needed to make the change.

I heard back from them in a robo-email saying since they are so busy someone would get back to me later. I’m still waiting to hear their response.

~ ~ ~ ~

Next up, I am watching the televised trial of Jodi Arias who murdered her boyfriend back in 2008. I missed a lot of the trial before I started watching it in the last few weeks. Now I am hooked on it. But the TV station that is airing it, HLN, drives me crazy with it’s programming practices. All the ads they have make me nuts. You get 2 minutes of program and then 5 minutes or more of ads. I haven’t actually timed these but it feels more like 2 minutes of program and 15 minutes of ads. Every time you just get into a part of the trial… they take a “Quick Break – You Won’t Miss a Moment…” and off they go. I hate to watch ads on TV so I immediately go to another channel. Then by the time I get back to the trial… they are off onto another break! It’s very discombobulating.

So I wrote an email to that station complaining about this.

I have heard exactly nothing back from them yet. I told them that every time an ad comes up I switch to another channel and that I will never watch one of their ads… there are just too many of them. I was thinking of telling them that I am noting down what all the companies are in the ads and that I will also not ever buy anything advertised on their shows either, but I didn’t go that far.

~ ~ ~

The last thing I did in this genre was while watching Nancy Grace on CNN/HLN about the same murder trial. I have a love/hate relationship with that woman. She is such an advocate for the victim and that’s what I love about her. But now and then she goes overboard – probably to get ratings…

When the defense in this trial brought up a witness who is a psychologist for the purpose of showing that this defendant killed her boyfriend by shooting him in the head once and stabbing him 29 times and slit his throat from ear to ear almost decapitating him, had done this in “self-defense” because she was in a “transient global amnesia” event – well, Nancy Grace just went ballistic. She apparently had never heard of this condition before and she went out of her way to laugh about it, roll her eyes around about it, and just make fun of it. I happen to know about TGA (transient global amnesia) first-hand because 1) I typed medical reports including Neurology for many years, and it was not that uncommon… and 2) my father-in-law had it twice, once in Florida in the heat while washing his Airstream trailer – he lost about 2 hours of memory that never came back, and once up here in the winter when he was outside without a coat on and he lost memory for about 1 hour and never got it back. So I know this is a real condition and it can come on from different things, like being overheated, over-cold, stress… and etc.

So I wrote an email to Nancy Grace telling her all of the above, that I don’t think she should make light of this condition and that it is real, but ALSO that I don’t believe this defendant had it, that she has “tailored her testimony to fit the symptoms of TGA after meeting with her psychologist 12 times in 3 years before the trial.” I said that I thought they concocted this defense strategy up and she just says what goes along with that condition… I can tell when people aren’t being real or truthful most times.

So anyway, nothing came of the email about the darn ads… there are still just as many of them and they are still driving me nuts, however, I had to laugh at Nancy Grace because last night, after I could not get to sleep for a long time, I came down and turned on TV and put her show on. She was recapping the trial notes for the week and there was a segment where she was saying that she thinks that Jodi Arias was “tailoring her testimony to fit what the psychologist said about TGA.” I kid you not. I had never heard her give this opinion before, and there it was, MY OPINION out of her mouth.

OK. OK. So I realize her show was probably taped before I wrote to her, but still….

That’s it. I am a nutty broad with too much time on my hands here. Paul had to go up to the food store because we forgot tomatoes the other day on our list, and we can’t get through a week without tomatoes, so I added a few more things I wanted… and off he went. Did I luck out with him, or what?


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8 Responses to We are NOT Irish

  1. Anna says:

    Many many thanks for your lovely comments which lifted my spirits when sorely needed. Shopping sounds hideously expensive – I cannot imagine SAVING %100 on food for two! Hugs xxx


  2. l'empress says:

    I still use Stop & Shop, the best “fresh” stuff in the area unless you want to go the Whole Foods route. I would happily continue with Peapod, except that I have people in my house who fill my pantry, fridge, and freezer with stuff I don’t need.

    However… about St. Patrick’s Day, I don’t celebrate it. The Knights of St. Patrick got a little too obsessed with their importance and basically said that I’m not invited to their party. However, the joke’s on me: this St.Pat’s Day welcomed my first great-nephew. David is Korean-Israeli and not a bit Irish!


  3. mz. em says:

    I’ve done my share of letter writing as well. Even if I don’t get a response back, I feel good getting my opinion out there.

    I miss my DVR and could bypass commercials altogether. Man those were the days.

    You keep writing those letters on behalf of all of us.


  4. TopsyTurvy says:

    Well, DH IS Irish so I guess we could have celebrated – if we even really thought of it. LOL! St Pat’s isn’t exactly the biggest day of the year for us – even though the town we use to live in has one of the largest St Pat’s celebrations outside of Ireland.

    Put me in the camp of those who like a quiet house most of the time. The only exception is while sleeping at night – and that’s because I need a white noise generator on or I have problems sleeping when anyone is walking around during the night.

    BTW, your info about TGA was really interesting!


  5. Reenie says:

    I haven’t had commercial TV for a few years. It was too expensive and the ads were insanely over-abundant and there were few shows that interested me.

    What Irish you don’t have, I make up for. :)) Mine is a very Irish family. xoxo


  6. T.S. says:

    Sounds like a new career path for you, a consumer advocate with a letter writing campaign…Food is pricey, isn’t it?


  7. Bex says:

    Thank you Sandy, dear, for always commenting in here. You are a true friend in every sense of the word.

    I like a quiet house more and more these days, and I turn the sound “off” on the TV a lot… or if I’ve got a book going, off totally, even for music. Can’t read with any sounds going on. Paul has his own variety of music playing on the CD player in the basement while he works on traps and equipment, which I can hear pretty well upstairs… this house is far from soundproof between floors. I think he’s got Jackson Browne on there now… yeah… “stay…just a little bit longer…” is playing now…oh I love that song! and Jackson!


  8. sandy freel says:

    Nice of Paul to shop for you and also this saves money.
    I now understand why I am glad I dont have tv…I dont enjoy ads one after another either.
    I am happy with how it is at my house”quiet” for the most part and If I need news I come to the computer with no ads to butt in 🙂
    I am glad you have the tv cause you cant get out ..me I still can and do.
    As for all the letters…I hope you get some back that give you hope 🙂
    Good journal today..you have been missed


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