For Tom, and/or anyone else who wants to know…


I have gotten into the habit of always typing my entries directly into the JS Entry Box, not on a notepad or a word document or anything. So when I hit a wrong key, I lose everything. Which is just what I did just now. I lost a whole long entry here and not sure I have the fortitude to recall it again. A lot of it was copied, however, from the Comments section of TS’s blog entry called “Alternatives.”

So to sum up what I haven’t the brain power to recreate here again, Tom (alias Talking Stick) asked me somehwere if I would write more about my experience with the “Seth” books, and when I read his recent entry entitled “Alternatives,” that prompted me to comment which got a little long and involved, so I figured I’d just put it here as an entry of my own:

As one who “discovered” her angels at a very down point in her life, a deep depression many years ago (maybe 26 years ago), I can assure you that they are there with and for you all the time now. It’s just that you don’t recognize or know they are there. All you need to do is open up a dialog with them.

What I did was start asking them their names. Out loud. Any time of the day or night, whenever it occured to me. And then, months after I began this quest, I heard from my main head angel, “Olive,” while I was in the shower one morning. I had just uttered “What is your name?” for the umpteenth time in the shower and a sign flashed in front of my closed eyelids saying O LIVE – two words it seemed, but I saw it as clear as day, O LIVE — I thought it was a message for me to just live my life and stop fiddling around with angels, but then, within minutes, it dawned on me that it was “Olive” giving me her name finally.

Since then I have learned the names of other angels of mine (we all have them around us, my second in command angel is called “Agnes”). I read books about angels and I meditated about them. I asked and asked questions, and I would get answers given to me in various ways.

This was when I found the “Seth” books quite by accident while in a bookstore in Salem. It was a New Age bookstore and the owner came over to me out of the blue and pulled off the shelf the “Seth Speaks” book (an old tattered paperback copy) and looked at me with an “angelic” expression, and handed me the book and said I might like to read this one. In fact, she ended up giving me the book for nothing after I bought something else in the store.

In another old (antiquarian) bookstore, this time in Marblehead, years later, the owner, Cate who has, with her partner Nash, moved this bookstore over to Alfriston, England which is called Much Ado Books, came to me while I was perusing books up in the stacks and pulled out another Seth book for me and said I might like it… and SHE GAVE THAT ONE TO ME ALSO FOR NOTHING!

That’s how I came to read about Seth. And Tom, I think you should get yourself a copy and sit down and read the Seth Speaks book cover to cover because it seems you are searching for the answers that I believe are in that book.



Check out this page on the Much Ado Book shop that used to be in Marblehead but is now in Sussex, England – oh how I’d love to visit them there!

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6 Responses to For Tom, and/or anyone else who wants to know…

  1. threelink27 says:

    ok,it is very good.


  2. Reenie says:

    I would think that we’d all want to desperately believe in Angels. I don’t know if it’s an Angel, but there’s something about my journey that I always feel someone is beside me. It’s so interesting. Because I’ve always thought that, I’ve never actually articulated it. I’ve just always felt a presence.

    I’m with Eric – JS is being a little tricky lately. TS has vanished and I can’t be having that! :))


  3. Anna says:

    I’m not sure about this but I will check it out next time I’m in Alfriston xx


  4. mz. em says:

    Well you have piqued my attention about “Seth Speaks.”

    I love cozy little bookstores. I checked your friends link out. Oh how I would like to shop there.


  5. Eric Mayer says:

    Fascinating. I’ve never thought seriously about us having angles but then again, although I find it hard to believe specifically in spiritual things I definitely believe science doesn’t have (and cannot ever find) all the answers, so who knows.

    I’ll have to alter my method of tracking my journalscape blogs apparently since the .rss feed isn’t working. Your journal (and others) isn’t appearing in either my reader or the journalscape list.


  6. Sandy Freel says:

    I think I read that book years ago when I first was in group with you on webtv..Interesting and some where I might still have it in my books.


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