Proof in Photos & Food for Thought




As you can see, that loaf of “potato bread” that I spoke about yesterday came out pretty darn good. No, it’s not dark like the 10-grain bread, but the seeds and oats that I added made it a lot more substantial than it would have been otherwise. Paul was very pleased with it, and it’s good to know that doctoring up a bread mix can and does work. I don’t really know why, either, because I did not alter the amount of liquid in it, however, I did alter one other thing – it calls for 10 ounces of water on the package, which is what I usually use, but for this loaf, as I was trying to beef it up a bit, I used 5 oz. of warm water and 5 oz. of 1% milk.

It came out a fine big loaf!


And the other experiment from yesterday, the pound cake, is here:



Ah, yes, the pound (or 16 ounce) cake.

We had a piece during our British TV evening (which is every evening after supper here), and it was, indeed, very tasty. I told Paul it would also be good with strawberry jam or preserves on top – now that I write that, I’m really craving a piece of that cake for a late breakfast! I just made the one small loaf, and we must ration out the slices so it will last a few more days at least! I could eat that whole chunk myself right now if allowed to!!!!

And then, once I finished taking photos of the food, in walked this gentle man, whom I call my hero – for obvious reasons:

My Hero.

A modern day hero doesn’t have to wear a suit of armour and ride a white horse… oh no. This is the new look of a 21st century hero – in my book, anyway – without being asked, taking the second load of laundry down to the basement after finishing up the first load already before I even got up!

My hero – I salute YOU!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I happened on an interview this morning with Naomi Baron who is Executive Director, Center for Teaching, Research and Learning Department of Language and Foreign Studies at American University.

At first glance, I almost clicked on through this interview which was on CSPAN2 on TV this morning, but something held me there… She looked to me like a housewife type of woman from the 1950s. I never would have pegged her for the incredible woman she is – not that housewives aren’t incredible because they are but, well, you know what I mean, don’t you?

Her Wikipedia page is here.

“Her areas of research and interest include computer-mediated communication, writing and technology, language in social context, language acquisition and the history of English. She is also interested in language use in the computer age, instant messaging, text messaging, mobile phone practices, cross-cultural research on mobile phones, Human multitasking behavior, and Facebook online social interaction usage by American college students.”

I listened to the rest of this show, only the last 15 minutes of the 38 minute interview, but I was so impressed with what she had to say, I wanted to share it with you. I plan to go back now to the beginning of this interview and watch it all.

This interview on CSPAN2 was not “embeddable” so this is the link to it. She talks about her take on the IT age and its effects on people, and her own solutions to some of these effects.

If you get a chance to just sit and listen in your busy day sometime, do – you won’t regret it.


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4 Responses to Proof in Photos & Food for Thought

  1. TopsyTurvy says:

    I too am lucky to have a hero of a husband. DH does both the laundry AND he bakes the bread. ;D Doesn’t take away at all, though, that you have a treasure in dear Paul.


  2. l'empress says:

    I was always afraid of messing up a bread recipe until I actually tried it. (Thanks to Julia Child for demonstrations and encouragement — in black and white, of course.)

    Best example of bread baking: My cousin, The Bread Man, in Gilbert, Arizona. Remembering our Gramma, he’s still baking…into his nineties.


  3. Rhubarb says:

    Bread is remarkably forgiving about extra dry ingredients. The one absolute must is to have the right amount of liquid at the right temp for the yeast. I’ve switched juice for water, but acidic juice like orange juice negatively affects the yeast growth. Other juices, like apple, are fine, though the yeast can go crazy with the extra sugar. Poof!

    Your bread looks fabulous. I love potato bread, though it loves me too much. ::sigh::


  4. Sandy Freel says:

    OH YUM on both of them..
    Paul always looks so put together…tidy and well groomed even while doing his housework 🙂
    You have one in a millon guy for a life time mate..lucky you .
    Will look at the site you left us after I shovel again.


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