Whitby – I yearn for you my Whitby

Whitby, North Yorkshire, England. This old fishing town in the northeast of England, is my personal favorite spot on earth. Not that I have been over all the earth to even know about all the rest of the beautiful spots, because I’m sure there are lots more spots on earth that are very very nice, indeed. But of all the spots on earth I’ve been to, Whitby is my own favorite one. I yearn to be back there, I fear I never will see her again.

This is just a little peek into something about Whitby including some bit of news that is disturbing to me right now — the landslip that is occuring on the cliff where St. Mary’s Church sits, very close to the famous and historical Whitby Abbey. The earth there is falling down. Here’s a little clip showing what’s happening in my beloved Whitby Town:

This pains me so much, to see parts of this town falling away. A row of homes had to be demolished down the cliff from the landslip, too — such sadness, especially for the people who called them homes or “homes-from-home.”

Here is a little peek into Whitby in a better light, taken a couple of years ago.

I am thankful for the modern technology and YouTube which allows me to visit this wonderful town from so many miles away, any time I wish to go there.

If only I could order up some Whitby Fish ‘N Chips and have it delivered here to Crow Cottage… that would be almost heaven.

So that’s my nostalgic trip down memory lane… to Whitby, England.

I’ll leave you with one more of my favorite things in all the world – (the late) Jacqueline du Pre playing cello – there is nothing to compare her talent to, in my opinion. She’s just the best there is.

Carry on…



Our late collie-dog, Whitby, named after my favorite town in the world – another Whitby I miss exceedingly much these days…


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9 Responses to Whitby – I yearn for you my Whitby

  1. mz. em says:

    I loved the adventure in visiting Whitby. It is so beautiful. Sorry to see the land giving way. We have that problem here on the Coast in our county. Du Pure is a lovely cellist. At times I sat with my eyes closed and I was transported to another realm.


  2. Nina Camic says:

    A wheelchair wont do the job?
    If not, then yes, there are the dreams and memories. Best thing about remembering favorite places is that only the most beautiful details come to mind.
    Happy Easter to all of you in Crow Cottage!


  3. Bex says:

    That’s OK Eric…Thanks for trying, but sometimes I’m not unhappy about going down memory lane about things or places I love. Memory is a good thing, and I’m just happy I still have mine!


  4. Eric Mayer says:

    Well, I tried to cheer you up!


  5. sandy freel says:

    Sad the land is moving …
    I do hope you get to return there just once more before your ashes do.


  6. Bex says:

    It wasn’t until AFTER we first visited Whitby that I broke down and read Dracula from front to back. I enjoyed the book so much more knowing the landscape of Whitby than if I’d never gone there. So Dracula has actually enhanced my love of this town!!


  7. Eric Mayer says:

    Perhaps the worst thing about aging is that we realize there are certain things we just won’t do again, or at all. I’ve come to several somber realizations.

    It might make you feel better if your tried to think of Whitby as the place where Dracula landed.


  8. Bex says:

    Ah, Reens, if only you were right. I fear not, though. Unless some miracle of nature comes to visit upon this old body of mine and makes that trip possible again. But you are such an optimist that maybe I should take a cue from you and try to believe, as well. Someday…


  9. Reenie says:

    Ahhhh, I think as we gingerly emerge from the chill of winter, nostalgia chaotically barges into our lives with fondness and melancholy, and trips us up with thoughts of realized and unfulfilled dreams. Bex, I’ve always felt that your dream to return to England will come true. My dreams are pretty much dashed, so I’ve grabbed a-hold of yours and await the day when you swoon and write about your return to Whitby. I so purely sense this is true. The cello is my favorite instrument – its tones are full of yearning, which is appropriate for this passage in our lives. xoxo


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