If it’s April, it must be time to PLAY BALL!

Listening to talk radio last night and I heard this:

My wife came in the other day and told me her car’s blinker indicator was going faster than normally, and I told her that is because a blinker light has stopped working. “Oh,” she said, “what should I do?”

I told her to go down to the automotive store at the corner and ask the man there to refill her blinker fluid – that she was probably low on blinker fluid.

She bundled herself back into her car and off she went to the automotive store and asked the man there for some blinker fluid…

I have to say that whenever I tell a good joke, it never goes over very well. This one just had me laughing out loud in the middle of the night… even the talk show host was cracked up over this one. Good one!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Other than that, I don’t have an April Fool’s Day joke for you. Except that our Boston Red Sox are playing their first ballgame of the season today, against those dreaded New York Yankees, in New York. I wish we would open the season up here in Boston but that’s life. After two abysmal baseball seasons in a row, I can only hope and pray that enough new players/managers etc. have been obtained now so we have a new and improved team. It’s been bleak lately watching baseball…

UPDATE: The game just ended. Wow.

Red Sox beat the Yankees 8-2

First game of the season. Wow.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Happy April, everyone. I will turn 65 this month – isn’t that thrilling? I get to be on Medicare soon! I don’t know if I can control the excitement I am feeling about this milestone.



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8 Responses to If it’s April, it must be time to PLAY BALL!

  1. Michael says:

    I’ll go out on a limb and predict that the Sox will be better than last year. Unfortunately, they’re in the toughest (by far) division in baseball. Any of the five teams could win it. Good luck!


  2. mz. em says:

    Go Soxs! Watching the game on-line I couldn’t believe the Sox’s good fortune.


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Go RED SOX! 😀 (I just hope that win isn’t the April Fool joke!)

    Bex, the picture that’s up on your blog main page that looks like a painting, what is that?


  4. Rhubarb says:

    My dad used to make jokes like that. He was a plumber and electrician, and I was his helper. He’d send me to get tools and equipment. One day he sent me for a “portable bystander”–I must have been halfway to the truck before I got the joke.

    It’s great getting old. You have balance and perspective in your life that you never had as a young person. And the Medicare benefits are truly a blessing.


  5. Eric Mayer says:

    Yeah, once we get into our sixties here in the USA turning 65 and qualifying for Medicare is like the best Christmas ever.

    The start of baseball season is a big deal to me, although the Yankees this year are riddled with injuries so it might be a strange season.


  6. sandy freel says:

    Yes…go for a cake …maybe one everyday till the birthday rolls in …hehe.
    Enjoy your games…nice photos today.


  7. Bex says:

    You make me laugh Maggie… I should be throwing myself a party, huh? That would call for a cake…hmmm… an idea that’s worth exploring!


  8. Maggie says:

    65 is thrilling Bex! Great to hear your going to be on Medicare as well, almost worth getting old for?


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