Notice to Advertisers on HLN TV

To all advertisers on the TV channel HLN (Headline News), I hereby give you notice that due to the constant interruption, every minute or even less, of the ongoing trial that is being shown on TV right now (Arias Trial), I for one will never buy any of the products advertised on this station.

We get a minute or less of show and then 8 commercial ads in a row. After another minute or two of show, more breaks and more commercial ads, most times the same ones we just saw. I am so sick of this practice, and I have written to your station on a few occasions about this so far, that once this trial is over and there has been a verdict, I will NEVER watch your station ever again!

Thank you and please consider making some drastic changes in your programming – give the viewers longer periods of actual show and less periods of annoying ads. When I watch a recap of this trial on TruTV, there are much longer periods of the show but HLN not so… very very annoying.

And I’ll just bet I am not alone in these thoughts.

That’s my sentiment, and shame on you for thinking so little of your viewers to do this to them/us.


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9 Responses to Notice to Advertisers on HLN TV

  1. FLA Jewel says:

    I could not agree more w/your post about the incessant commercials. The last straw was yesterday when they cut into the victims impact statements. 7 mins of ads to every 3 minutes of testimony. I wrote HLN basically the same thing – they have Ho’ed this trial out so bad I will NEVER turn to that channel again.


  2. Bex says:

    NOPE, TT, the only trial coverage “you will see every moment” is HLN – they have recaps on TruTV which may be a subsidiary of HLN (which itself is a subsidiary of CNN BTW), and CNN does have a tiny blip of coverage now and then but HLN has the whole trial… it’s just that it is recorded as it goes along, and they “Pause” the film to do commercials and then “press GO” to resume again. It goes well into the evening since they’ve had to Pause so often!


  3. TopsyTurvy says:

    Bex, if I remember Headline News correctly that’s the entire point of the channel, everything is supposed to be in “sound bites”, aka short bursts.

    You might check MSNBC or CNN if you want to see more of the trial.


  4. karen cheesbro dicicco says:

    I only watch live news programs and all the rest is on computer or I record from my cable TV with the DVR.

    We also have ON DEMAND and it is great.

    I hate commercials. They are not good like the ones I remember as a kid growing up and they just never stop. Pique The Pink! Bex.


  5. ~ Sil in Corea says:

    Ads can be annoying or great chances to practice critical chatting at the screen. 😉 I will confess that I used to do this with my children when they were little, and we enjoyed “talking back” to the sales people. I suspect that they developed a little armor to protect them from commercials.


  6. Reenie says:

    During my stay in Nashville I’ve been hooked up to Cable with commercial TV and have been APPALLED with the amount of ads. It’s insane and annoying and validates my reasons for not paying for cable on the mountain. At home I only stream through Roku. There are a few shows I can’t stream, but I’m over it now that I’ve had to endure endless ads.


  7. Bex says:

    Anna – I’m glad to comment and support you (I also have a blog at Diaryland) and I did notice that your comments link has disappeared. Have you ever considered moving over to some other place for your blog, other than Diaryland? Like here at Journalscape? I love this place and it’s very simple to use – you can change your look very easily here, and doing an entry is easy peasy… you can have up to 50 links on your page and you can have a few “other” pages, too… anyway, if you ever want to open up a little blog here and need any help whatsoever, let me know…I would love to assist.

    Just go to JournalScape, here and open up a new blog.
    ((big hugs))


  8. Anna says:

    I wanted to thank you for your support which makes a huge difference to me. My comments box has vanished and I can’t at the moment sort it out. There is a notes link but don’t know if non diarylanders can use it. xxxxx


  9. sandy freel says:

    One more reason why I don’t have a tv hooked up 🙂
    I hate commercials…
    Good luck getting thru to them


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