Eating on Camera and Other News from Boston

Watching the Red Sox play a “morning game” today. I know, it’s afternoon now, but the game began around 11 a.m. because the Boston Maraton was run today in Boston, and the Game today is “at home” so when that happens, the Sox play at 11 so they will not be competing with the huge crowds lined up to see the Marathon. When the Game is over, the crowds should be dissipated.

As seen below, Fenway Park sits right smack in the middle of the great City of Boston:



Unbelievably, there have been two explosions at the finish line of the Boston Marathon in Copley Square. It is official that “two bombs have gone off” along the sidewalk areas, injuring many, many people. There is also being reported an explosion at the J. F. Kennedy Library, as well about an hour ago.

God only knows how many more there might be in the city!

Ambulances are piling into the city and filling up and going away. People have been streaming in over the finish line, or not even getting to the finish line at all, but seeing and hearing the bombs go off, turning around and running the other way.

There is a 3-mile “no fly zone” around the explosion sites.

There have been 3 deaths and now up to 176 injured, many critically. The father of little Martin Richard, killed by one of the bombs, was from Salem – our home. Many people here grew up with Bill Richard as he went to school here in town.

Martin Richard taken a year ago.

It’s chaos in the City of Boston right now, and a lot of the people in that city could use our prayers right about now.

~ ~ ~ ~

On our local TV station, NESN, the two anchors who call the game are former Red Soxer Jerry Remy and announcer/caller Don Orsillo. Don is not a player but just calls the games. Jerry is the “color commentary” part of the duo. They are sometimes quite funny, sometimes quite annoying, but usually interesting one way or another.

Just now, and it’s about 12:15 p.m., Don is getting ready to eat his lunch. He gets the Fenway frank (hot dog) all prepared for devouring and then the camera points at him and Jerry… and sits there…watching him while he only wants to take that first delicious bite of his Fenway frank! He won’t do it on camera, though…. I can understand that. Who wants all of baseballdom watching you eat a hotdog – presumably with all the fixins? Not I. and not Don, apparently. So he just sits there and calls the game, holding his steaming aromatic Fenway frank on his desk, just out of sight, waiting for that darn cameraman to go back to the game… so he can BITE!

So funny they are. Like Abbot and Costello sometimes.

(left) Don Orsillo and (right) Jerry Remy

BALLGAME UPDATE: Just for the record here… it’s 2:10 p.m. and the Sox just won the game! On Patriot’s Day, on Boston Marathon Day, and on Jackie Robinson Day at Fenway Park. One of our newest players, Mike Napoli, hit it almost outta the park, but up against the Green Monster wall, with Dustin Pedroia on 1st base, so Dustin ran around to Home Base from 1st and won the game, 3-2, for Boston against Tampa Bay. That’s 2 wins in a row this weekend… bringing us to an 8-4 season so far, 2nd in the American League behind the Oakland A’s. ~ ~ GO SOX!

~ ~ ~

I just got off the “chat line” with a technician from Comcast Xfinity, our cable provider. We have a main cable box in the living room but smaller satellite boxes on our “other” TVs in the house. The one on the TV in the breakfast/supper room went on the blink yesterday. We only noticed it at suppertime when we usually turn on the TV news, but it just had black & white static and said “no signal.”

We tried everything we could think of but no soap. So I went online and chatted with “Jerico” (yeah, right) and he couldn’t fix it so a guy is coming out on Wednesday. That took me an hour and I was moving stuff and re-connecting stuff and hurting my back and now I’m all achy and hurting.

So Paul comes upstairs with another box like the non-working one that he got off his little TV in the basement and asked if I wanted him to try that one. When I told him the guy was coming, he said “why can’t I just take the box back at the Comcast place?” and I said that it was all set up!! Grrr.

Now he is in there trying to exchange the other little box for the broken one and I heard a small expletive out of his mouth which means he’s probably breaking it. He is not technically inclined…

… to put it mildly.

Go Sox,

Bex & Crew

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10 Responses to Eating on Camera and Other News from Boston

  1. T.S. says:

    Not much of a fan of pro sports except for pro surfing, but when young the Sox were one of my favorites.


  2. TopsyTurvy says:

    The library said it wasn’t a bombing, last I heard.

    It’s all very sad and sick. I hope they find who was involved very quickly. I really would like to know what their motivation was, although it seem to say a lot that this was done in Boston, on Patriot’s Day, which was also Tax Day.


  3. Bex says:

    The terrorist attacks on Boston today are horrific. As of now, about 5 hours after the events, there are 3 dead, one was an 8-year old boy! And there are up to 176+ wounded in hospitals, some critical. The hard, cruel, real world has come here to Boston. People here are in shock. It was an otherwise lovely day, with the Sox winning and nice weather for the Marathon, and then death and destruction. Now we have a city of fear. Three bombings, two near the finish line and one at the J.F. Kennedy Library with an ensuing fire there. This is all so sick and bad.


  4. Sandy Freel says:

    My man dont know repair either.
    Good blog today…just read about bombs…so sorry to read this …prayers for all


  5. mz. em says:

    Go Soxs! I hope they keep going with the wins.

    Thankfully my man is mechanically inclined.

    Horrible about what is happening in Boston.


  6. l'empress says:

    I miss hearing Mel Allen describe the Yankees (before we had tv). Later, Red Barber, who used call the Brooklyn Dodgers, moved to the Yankees. The last New York baseball announcer who was that good was the late Bob Murphy. Vin Scully, who moved to L.A. when the Dodgers did, is the last of the good ones.

    (And I absolutely hated listening to Curt Gowdy.)


  7. Bex says:

    As much as I hate thunder & lightning storms, I would have been outta there too if that were me, Eric.


  8. Eric Mayer says:

    I miss listening to Phil Rizzuto and Bill White calling Yankee games. The Scooter hated thunderstorms. He’d fret when dark clouds formed. One time when lightning appeared he said, “I’m outta here, White” and left poor Bill sitting there in the broadcast booth next to an empty chair. Much earlier when I was a teen I enjoyed listeningg to Richie Ashburn and By Saam do Phillies games on radio.


  9. Bex says:

    I hear ya, Rhu. Same here. Although I don’t know a whole lot more really.


  10. Rhubarb says:

    I would love to be the person my dog thought I was, and that I hope to be some day. Someone who can be loved unconditionally, as my dog loved me, because I have lived up to my highest potential.

    Alas, I fall short. My prayer is to help me be the person I’ve always wanted to be, and I’m still working on it, still a work in progress.

    P.S. I am married to a man who hardly knows a bumper from a battery. It drives me nuts when our mechanic talks to him, but not me!


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