Doubleheader Day

It’s never good to have to cancel a ballgame, but last Friday, with the City of Boston and surrounding cities and towns in a virtual lockdown, the Friday night ballgame had to be postponed. But today it will be played following the current game that has just started – Boston is ahead of the Kansas City Royals with a score of 2-1, but it’s still early in the game. (Update — We Lost…wha-wha! – and then we went on to lose the 2nd game of the day!). We won the game yesterday here in Boston, but it was the pre-game activities at Fenway that were very special.

After what this area had been through with the terrorist bombings and then the man-hunt and final capture of the one remaining terrorist, we all needed something to feel good about. Neil Diamond showed up and surprised the crowd at Fenway in the 7th inning, when “Sweet Caroline” is always played at that time in each home game. He popped out onto the field and led the entire Fenway crowd in that song.

But the best part about the pre-game program was a film that they had put together showing all the events that had happened involving the Boston Marathon bombings and subsequent man-hunt etc., showing all the heroes, victims, all of it. It was up on big screens around the ballpark and the music they played to go along with the film was one of my favorite, if not my VERY favorite, song ever… Leonard Cohen’s HALLELUJAH. It was a good long version of it, not sure who sang it either… but it was so good. AND, after going 8 innings and losing that game to that point, our Daniel Nava hit a 3-run homer to go ahead 4-3 and we ended up winning yesterday’s game.

This year has proven to be so much better than the last two years for the Sox. Lots of hope and lots of cheering them on is happening here in Boston… Go Sox!

With prayers for the Bombing Victims who died:

Krystle, Martin, Lu, and Sean

as well as for all the injured who are not out of the woods yet.

Cheers for the home team to be victorious this year (maybe),


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2 Responses to Doubleheader Day

  1. mz. em says:

    Lots of good things after a week of hell.


  2. sandy freel says:

    Very nice they put this together…thanks for sharing it since I would not have known about it .


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