It’s a Pizza Pie


This is one of those non-entries. Kip asked if he could stop in to say hi to our readers, so here he is, above, being his cute self (a few years ago…).

I’ve ordered pizzas to be delivered for supper. Paul has started selling lobsters down at the harbor every Friday from 4 to 6 p.m. lately, so when he mentioned it to me, he was worried he’d be late back for supper so he said “why don’t we just make Friday nights pizza night and you can order it to be delivered… then it won’t matter when I walk in the door…

Well, fine with me, so pizzas will be here in about 90 minutes with no work on my part.

I was all set to make us each a plate of salad fixins and tuna salad in the middle, but I spent some good amount of time today out in that kitchen of mine making P. a new batch of ginger molasses spice cookies, and that just about did me in. I also did all the clean-up, which I don’t usually get to, so that put the icing on the cake – I’m taking dinner off.

Watching tennis (French Open) off and on on TV but nothing is holding me there. I am sick of seeing SerenaW always always always on the tube playing tennis because I am not a fan, but I’d like to see more of some of the younger women working their way up.

That’s it from here. We have the A/C running non-stop because we are in a heat wave now and it’s not my cuppa… I like to be cool, man…..

Cheers for Pizza Night,

Bex & Co.

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9 Responses to It’s a Pizza Pie

  1. Bex says:

    Ava, Hello!! Long time no see/hear! As I said in my email to you just now, why not try JournalScape. A lot of my readers here are in it and I think I can say we all love it. It’s no nonsense… like WordPress got so complicated… I was there for a while but it was too much. This is simple and sweet. You can change your layout and colors, etc.

    Any questions, just ask…

    So glad to see you again Ava…


  2. avajsouth says:

    Xanga is supposed to close don so right now I am looking for a home Meanwhile I am on Facebook


  3. T.S. says:

    Sometimes non-entries are the best!


  4. Bex says:

    A pizza pie is, indeed, the best invention, I agree, Nina. I used to always make ours here at home from scratch (not the dough – I used Boboli pizza pie crusts) and they were the best. But I am much lazier now and don’t like standing in the kitchen for long, so delivery is cool.

    Paul was so tired last night after working out in the high heat from 4:45 a.m. til 6 p.m., he ate 2 pieces of his and was replete.

    So we have lots left over for another night… maybe with a side salad next time.


  5. Nina Camic says:

    APizza is the best invention, right after washing machines and the Internet!


  6. mz. em says:

    Here, here for Paul.I will be over tonight for dinner.have fun you two.


  7. Rhubarb says:

    “When the moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie…” oh, yeah, from way back when I was a sprout…

    It’s really thoughtful of Paul to suggest a pizza night so his schedule didn’t negatively impact dinner time. What a guy!

    And…I agree with you 100% about being heat intolerant. Stay cool!


  8. Sandy Freel says:

    Nice to have a break from cooking supper…Nice he goes along with it also 🙂


  9. Reenie says:

    I always think of this song when I hear the words Pizza Pie. *swoon* These days most people (including myself) just say, “Let’s order a pizza.” I’m gonna start saying pizza pie from now on! xoxo


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