The Bringer of Jollity

I know I told you the story about the ice cream maker I got for Paul one year but was too afraid to actually give it to him that year, for his birthday or even for Christmas, because I thought he’d put a pout on his face and say we didn’t need it…yada-yada-yada. It’s no fun giving a person you love a gift and having them turn their nose up at it, so I put it away in my closet where it sat for about a year.

Then, last Christmas, I didn’t have too many things for Paul to give as gifts as we don’t really “celebrate” it much here, so I decided to brave it, wrap up the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker and give it to him, and just take the consequences.

Click image above for more info on this little beauty

I wish I could say that the machine above was the exact one I have here, but it isn’t. Mine is white. I love the aqua and have no idea why I didn’t buy the aqua because that is one of Paul’s favorite colors. So if you look at the one above, mine is just like that, only white. (Boring white)

When he opened up this gift, he rolled his eyes up, as predicted, and laughed. But it was a nice, loving laugh and not a deriding nasty laugh, so I felt safe.

I promised him I would take control of it and make him his ice cream and that he wouldn’t have to learn how to do it himself. He’s not good at gadgets, especially ones that are electrical.

But if he had wanted to learn how to use this little baby, it wouldn’t have taken him long because it’s just about the easiest thing on this planet to use, and to use successfully.

Since last Christmas I have made ice cream every week. Now I know ice cream is a delicacy, and I don’t actually eat it myself most of the time. I only have a small scoop once per batch, just to see how it came out, and Paul eats the rest of it, a little each night with a homemade cookie, for his dessert. He works very hard at lobstering every day and burns off calories super fast. He has always loved ice cream, but never did he ever realize how yummy ice cream could be until I started making home made ice cream. Let’s just say he approves…

The little booklet of recipes that comes with this machine has a recipe for vanilla ice cream that I have used every single time, even though I’ve made other kinds. I just add things to the vanilla recipe, that’s all.

So far I’ve made fresh strawberry ice cream, oreo cookie ice cream (this is to DIE for if you like oreo cookies), coffee ice cream (this is Paul’s all-time favorite and this from a guy who has never had a cup of coffee in his life), and I have made a fruity type ice cream with rum flavoring (kind of like “frozen pudding” ice cream) using those chopped up multicolored fruits that go in a fruitcake.

Paul doesn’t really like “things” in his ice cream, so I’ve never made that fruity one again. I have learned to whizz up the strawberries into really tiny pieces, too, because if you leave the pieces too big, they get frozen and are hard to bite into at first. So it’s more of a fresh strawberry puree I add to the strawberry ice cream.

Today I just whipped up a new batch that I guess I’ll call vanilla-rum ice cream. I was making the usual vanilla flavor and for a change, instead of the regular milk, I used Almond Milk, so I was looking for some almond extract to add just for the fun of it and didn’t find any, but I found the rum and so added that, along with the vanilla.

When it was spinning around in the tub, I stuck a spoon in and tasted a tiny bit, and Oh. My. Gawd. Yes! Vanilla-Rum it is. Very very good.

Paul will be happy tonight. This will go well with my last batch of molasses spice cookies he’s been working on, too.

So that’s it really.

There are more flavors I want to try, like peppermint stick using crushed up peppermint candies, and I want to find a way to make butter almond as that used to be his favorite flavor when he was buying it at the store (Breyer’s would come out with a butter almond flavor usually once or twice during a summer). I can’t believe you actually use “butter” in the ice cream, so I’m off now to look that one up.

Cheers for keeping the big guy happy,


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12 Responses to The Bringer of Jollity

  1. Bex says:

    I don’t understand it either, but it says “Fat Free” so I’m going with it.

    Now I have to tell you – once I made a batch with 1% milk – 2 cups of it – and just a small amount of heavy cream (maybe 1/2 cup) when 1 cup was called for.

    I didn’t think it would “fluff up” like it’s supposed to do in the machine since it was mostly milk, so I put the whole thing into my KitchenAid Mixer and whipped it like whipped cream.

    Wow. It doubled in size. I put it back into the ice cream maker and ran it for the 20 minutes, and it was fabulous. It froze just right and Paul never even noticed a difference.

    Also, Nina, try using Almond Milk instead of regular milk, and maybe use half & half instead of the cream…


  2. nina says:

    I do not understand the concept of fat free half and half!

    I, too, have this ice cream maker and I make a huge mistake with it — I want to make it all healthy and fat free and honey instead of sugar and lots of fruit and what happens, of course, is that it isn’t as good as the true ice cream that one could make with it. Ed doesn’t use as much physical muscle as Paul (on most days) and so I haven’t the same excuse to provide him with 100% ice CREAM… Come summertime, I’ll reevaluate. I do think that the home made stuff is ten times as good as what we buy in the store. I don’t know why that is, but it’s true.


  3. Bex says:

    I really like Almond Milk, TT. It worked great in the ice cream, however, I have to say I also used a small container of heavy cream with the Almond Milk. It came out perfectly creamy and was the best texture I’ve ever made actually. My next attempt will be to use the Almond Milk and the FAT FREE Half and Half… that will be the big test… I’ll keep you abreast of the results!


  4. TopsyTurvy says:

    I’ve looked at Almond Milk and found myself wondering what it would be like to make ice cream with it. How was the texture, Bex? Was it ice creamy or was it more sherbert-slushy-sorbet like?


  5. Reenie says:

    This post is the cherry on top – a perfect delight, like you. xoxo


  6. Neva Williams says:

    I’ve had my eye on that particular ice-cream maker for some time now, and I will take your post as a big recommendation of it. I’m glad you brought this up. Thanks Bex.


  7. Bonnie says:

    Oh how I would love a dish right now. It’s 92 degrees out and I had to go out and get my glasses.


  8. mz. em says:

    Oh my this entry sounds so tasty. Paul is lucky to have you.


  9. sandy freel says:

    I may just have to get one…but the downside is …I would eat and eat till all gone.
    I love any kind of ice cream


  10. Eric Mayer says:

    Homemade ice cream every week! What a good idea. Well, at least if someone else is taking the trouble to make it. Our favorite here is coffee, but we also drink too much coffee. Mary and I have somewhat divergent tastes though. I like all kinds of stuff in the ice cream, all the modern flavors where they more or less throw candy bars in, but Mary doesn’t go for that, so we sometimes keep his and hers ice creams in the freezer!


  11. Bex says:

    Harriet, actually I have entertained the thought of using Paul’s strawberry preserves in the ice cream but have never tried it yet. That would add more sugar and I don’t know what else, so I’d have to cut down on the sugar. I buy a small bag of frozen strawberries and have several in the freezer. When they are thawed out overnight, I run them thru a tiny food processor I have on the counter and they are perfect. The juice with them and all. They are not sweetened but the sugar you add does the trick. I am using less and less sugar in Paul’s and he still thinks it fabulous. But I do like the fresh (frozen) berries. I also have frozen blueberries so should think about blueberry ice cream real soon…

    I remember Borden’s…


  12. l'empress says:

    My dad, who sold ice cream for Borden’s for at least thirty years, told us that they had tried fresh strawberries for their strawberry ice cream, but the public didn’t like it as much as the strawberry preserves. You figured that out on your own.


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