Doings in the Kitchen

A quickie today. I’m spent and can’t think straight. Had a meltdown when my laptop had a brain freeze, and I faced life without my laptop and it wasn’t pretty. It’s working again, but it was draining.

Paul had no ice cream, so after he got me some cream and Almond Milk at the store, I made him a new flavor this morning – Pistachio. And here she is:


I know, I know. It’s not really pretty. I could have staged it better, but I was hot and blah-blah-blah… so I didn’t. I got it into the container and then into the freezer. That was my accomplishment. We each had a tiny taste to be sure it passed the taste test. Yup. Oh yeah…it did!

I had ordered and received “pistachio essence” in 3 tiny bottles which is how the ice cream tastes like pistachio. I bought 2 bags of raw pistachio halves (pictured above) and I used, oh, about 1-1/2 cups of those, all smashed up into pieces. I am going to have a small dish of this stuff tonight, AFTER our lobster dinner.


1 Cup Cream (heavy or whipping)

2 Cups Almond Milk

1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract

2 Tsp. Pistachio Essence (a bit less would do fine)

Pinch of salt

3/4 Cups Sugar or Sweetener of choice

1-1/2 cups broken up Pistachio Nuts

Mix all but the nuts in a large measuring cup. Make sure all sugar is dissolved. Pour into spinning ice cream maker tub (that has been frozen in freezer). Let go for about 15 minutes and then add the nuts slowly. Let spin for another 5 minutes or so.

So Good.

I think there is a way to make this ice cream even if you don’t have a machine. Do all of the above except for the nuts. Put it into a stand mixer and put on the whisking wire beater. Beat it as if you were whipping cream, for a few minutes until it has about doubled in size. Then transfer to a container and put in freezer.

I did this with one recipe and it seemed to work.

+ + + + + + + + +

About that lobster dinner, Paul had 12 lobsters that were too weak to survive much more time in the crate, so he brought them home and cooked them up for me this morning. Am I spoiled, or what?

We have a big dish of cooked and shelled lobster meat in the fridge. Lots for leftovers, too. So tonight is lobster and pistachio ice cream.

Otherwise, I am watching but not really paying attention to the baseball game here. The Sox are ahead 4-3, at least they were the last time I saw the score…. OH WAIT! Shoot. It’s tied up at 4-4 now. Darn-it-all! My Red Sox have not been doing their best lately, and it’s been getting on my nerves.

Ta ra for now. Behave…


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4 Responses to Doings in the Kitchen

  1. Bex says:

    Ahhhhhh, let me think on that TS……



    I don’t think so. But nice try!

    ON THE OTHER HAND, Read this: Lobster Ice Cream!


  2. T.S. says:

    I just had a thought. Lobster ice cream?


  3. mz. em says:

    Oh my, lobsters and pistachio ice cream. Sounds very good to me.


  4. sandy freel says:

    Now that I have my freezer I must try this …the best 5 bucks I ever spent at a yard sale.
    My My I have used it and ate and licked the bowl clean too


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