“I is what I is…” or Thanks but no thanks, Paula,

My thoughts on some news items of the day.

1. The Paula Deen Debacle.

Way before this latest racially-related episode and the resultant parting of the ways between Ms. Deen and her sources of millions of dollars, I had this same opinion about her. Not much. I would watch her cooking show now and then and marvel at the bad choices she would make when adding ingredients to the dishes. She would giggle and laugh and look positively disgusting when adding pounds of butter and sugar and fats of all kinds… she would lick spoons slowly, the camera would do close-ups of this, and it would turn me right off. Then I saw her as a guest on some morning shows in her cooking capacity, and she seemed positively inebriated. She was throwing food at the hosts, dropping things on the floor, she was loud and obnoxious, and didn’t have any decorum whatsoever. It was gross to watch.

So I’ve never liked her, even before she got into deep doo-doo recently.

Then, about a year or so ago, I learned that she had been diagnosed with adult onset diabetes mellitus. This had occurred a few years prior to the public learning of this. In no way had she tried to clean up her act or cooking. She just kept on with the bad choices, urging her viewers to load up on all those unhealthy foods, all the while knowing she had diabetes and probably was on a special diet herself to save her own life.

That one thing turned me completely off her. I had no use for her style of “entertainment.” It just reminded me of a drunk with a bottle, slurping it around, spilling it all over the place, slurring her words, etc…

When this latest incident occurred and she admitted to using the “N” word (which I can’t even bring myself to utter, even in my mind), I wasn’t really surprised.

She cries all over the media now, real tears but only for herself. Only for all the multimillion dollars she will be losing as her endorsements dry up after realizing what a piece of work she really is.

Enough said. She should just go away quietly, please, into the night and let us be done with her and her ilk.

+ + + + + + + +

I was going to comment on a few other topics here today, but I’ve lost my steam after the above. So let’s leave it here.

I know I’ll probably get screamed at by Paula Deen fans out there. That’s OK. I just wanted to put in my 2 cents about the subject.

Go Away Paula Deen! Just go away….


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11 Responses to “I is what I is…” or Thanks but no thanks, Paula,

  1. mz. em says:

    Everyone has expressed my opinion so I will leave it at that. A thoughtful entry.


  2. novie says:

    I agree with 100% of what you said. I can feel no sympathy for her as I watch her career tank. She would willingly hurt others to get a laugh.


  3. Bex says:

    Remember when Mark Fuhrman was in court in the OJ case and they asked him if he ever used that N word, and he said “no” and they found a tape of him using it and played it for the world to hear? I always liked Mark Fuhrman, but his whole career was ended that day and he had to move his family out of state. He is now a talking head for Fox News (which I don’t usually watch but if I surf by and see him on the screen, I will stop and listen). He has contributed a lot to some other cases including the Martha Moxley case here in Mass. and got her murderer put away for life. But that slip-up of his (granted that basically showed he was a bigot) was his undoing, so I don’t see why Ms. Deen should get off the hook for it. It’s not acceptable anymore to use it, and I wish we could make it not acceptable to even “think” it! Maybe an electrode in our brains that would “zap” us every time we thought a bigoted thought?


  4. Michael says:

    I’m not sure how fairly Paula Deen has been treated through all this, but every time I muster up a shred of sympathy for her, she opens her mouth and I get disgusted all over again. I do think the world is better off without her on TV propagating an unhealthy lifestyle, racism notwithstanding.


  5. nilky says:

    I don’t usually watch TV, but every time I have caught her show I have been disgusted.
    Not just a racist, she appears to have no sense about her whatsoever, other than her than “add another stick of butter….”


  6. Bex says:

    I’ve never been a fan of her sons, I have to say, they are so boring, but I can understand them “going to bat for her” 1) because she IS their mom, but 2) because without HER in the brand, I can’t see their shows doing well at all. They are both rather bland. But I had to laugh that when they started their own cooking shows, it was for food that was “not their mama’s cooking” so they were in direct opposition to her high fat cooking as opposed to their “healthier” style… I figured maybe there was some animosity in the family because of that, but no, guess not. And if they aren’t boring enough, that tugboat captain she married is the ultimate in boring!


  7. Bonnie says:

    I’m not sure when I exactly quit watching her so don’t remember why. But when she came out of the closet as a diabetic I was really ticked. Now like you ‘go away quietly please’. Oh and her sons going to bat for her, are they trying to kill their reputation too?


  8. sandy freel says:

    AMEN to your words!!!!!!!well said .


  9. Bex says:

    Now that you mention it, Rhu, you are so right. “Fascination with people who make fools of themselves and act badly…” that just about describes all the U.S. TV shows these days. The worse the participants act, the more the viewers love it. It’s a sickness but the fact that it IS a moneymaker, as Eric said, is the reason it continues and thrives.


  10. Eric Mayer says:

    There’s tons of money to be made by telling people that it is fine to be stupid, to be bigoted, to eat grossly unhealthy food, to hate, whatever it is people want to do and know they shouldn’t.

    Funny isn’t it how this stuff about her bigotry is coming out at the same time the right wing tools on the Supreme court told us bigotry really wasn’t much of a problem in this country anymore, not enough of a problem to legislate against.


  11. Rhubarb says:

    Bex, I agree with you, 100% Why the public (well, quite a few of them) have such a fascination with people who make fools of themselves and act bad, is beyond me.

    And why on earth would any product have her as a sponsor? …walks away, mumbling to herself…


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